Why Black Lives Matter Protesters Won’t Interrupt The GOP

In the past several months we’ve seen members of the loosely organized “Black Lives Matter” movement interrupt Liberals like Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. Many have posed the question, Why Black Lives Matter Protesters Won’t Interrupt The GOP? To me the answer is simple and obvious. Like so many things racial in America the answer is hidden in plain sight. The reason that these movements have targeted the mostly Liberal Campaigns is because the GOP has never pretended to give a damn about black life. It would be a WASTE of time and resources to interrupt a political part that has never pretended to care.

Meanwhile, Liberals have pretended to give a damn about black life in order to get our Votes.

Liberal Care though … It’s fake.

It’s the same Silent Liberal that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about so long ago, the “Silent Moderate” – 50 years later and not much has changed.

“A Time comes when Silence is Betrayal” –

While talking about Vietnam, Dr. King spoke to the heart of the matter. People who are ‘good’ stand up against ‘evil’ – period.

Opposing the policy of the nation, which is to continually use Police to harm, and exploit the black community is a time that’s overdue. The main political party that should be standing up and speaking out more, remains silent. No other issue should be brought up. Instead of discussing Ben Ghazi and Emails, Hilary should be firing back at the media for not discussing Police Brutality of the Black Community.

Rather than talking about how Ben Carson and Trump are idiots, Bernie Sanders should be leading with a conversation on real change in the Police Departments of America.

It’s beyond time where Police continue to act as Plantation Patrol, seeking to keep the Negroes under control. This old way of policing has been with us for centuries and it’s long over due that white people who claim to care, actually act like it.

Interrupting GOP debates would simply be a waste of time.

Over time, the GOP Party has come to represent just about everything evil about America. They support all efforts to keep War alive in the world, rather than work towards a real time of peace. They are the ones who keep the gap between the wealthy and the poor alive; who work hard to make the divide larger. They are the party who opposes any support to pull black people out of poverty; or to improve the conditions of mostly black (Urban) neighborhoods.

None of this is good.

So why would Black Lives Matter waste their valuable time talking to people who never attempt to understand?

Does it not make more sense to confront the ones who, at the very least, claim to?

What the Black Lives Matter protesters are doing is simply telling these candidates to PROVE their love for black people. PROVE that you care and that you are concerned with how America treats black life. Show us that you actually give a damn about our hopes and our dreams, as much as you do your own….

Dr. King talks about the “Manipulation of the Poor” – and it would do us all well to truly contemplate on what this means…

black lives matter protesters are Peaceful

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I support what they are doing, and see nothing wrong with it.

Perhaps more people should take a moment to think about why they’re doing it in the first place.

Perhaps more liberals should act like black life matters; rather than USE our lives to make more money for themselves……..

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