Bree Newsome Takes Confederate Flag Down

Just What are Confederate Flag Defenders actually defending?

Just What are Confederate Flag Defenders actually defending?

It’s a great question and I for one and thankful that a real conversation about it is happening. Clearly it’s an issue America doesn’t see eye to eye. If that were the case, there would be no debate, and no conversation taking place. We would all simply agree not to honor what the Confederate Flag stands for. Instead for more than 150 years, several Americans in the South, and all across the “United States of America” that confederate states fought a war to secede from; have defended the flying of the confederate flag on state capital buildings and anywhere someone chooses to display this symbol. So what are these confederate flag defenders actually defending?

Excellent piece from The Young Turks on this topic; If I can quote Cenk, “FUCK THE CONFEDERACY” – but feel free to share your thoughts on this one, below.

Ongoing Commentary on American’s Original Sin: Racism @ –

What are your thoughts on Confederate Flag Defenders?

Why are people really defending a ‘heritage of hate’ for?

How does that heal the wounds of the past by continuing to Celebrate the people and legacy of those Inflicted the wounds?

I would really love to have an honest conversation with someone who has enough sense to understand why celebrating this symbol speaks Volumes about the nation we’re in. What other nation celebrates the traitors? What other nation allows the people who didn’t want to be part of our “future” to continue to play such a BIG role in it?

Perhaps America should have allowed the people of the South to leave America.

There are plenty of other place son the globe where they could go.

Instead of sitting back and allowing the ongoing and unchallenged Narrative of telling black people to leave.

Were you following the “#GoHomeDeray” conversation over on Twitter? — well more accurately it’s a troll fest.

Many of those tweets are EXTREME – so be warned going in; I only want to shed light on the more sane tweets in this thread

Should you venture into the ‘live tweets’ – many of the Racist trolls have taken the tag back – you can see on full display how Sooo many non-black people feel about black people. Most view him as a ‘race baiter’ rather than the shooter in Charleston – who’s expressed intent was to Start a race war.

If that’s not race baiting, I don’t know what is.

That sounds to me like baiting people into hate – when all of us know better. So many tried to ‘spin’ that conversation as, the community in Charleston has unity and love between the races already; and much of what we’ve seen in response to what happened paints a picture that this just may be true. Yet, if that’s the case, why paint DeRay as the Race baiter for simply coming to talk to the people of the community? Why hate on him for suggesting that this Symbol of Hate be taken down? Why not look at how this flag inspired the HATE of this Sicko; who murdered 9 people simply because they were black?

Why do we continue to see the DEFENDING of WRONG …?


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