The Coldest Game Ever Played

The coldest game ever played on us is the ‘known history’ of the United States.

Please understand something; there is so much that most of us just do not know.

If it weren’t for youTube – there is so much even I would not know.

For example, while I’m talking about the coldest game ever played – how much do you really know about So called Native Americans?

Are you familiar with Seminole Indians? – Not just the ones in Tallahassee where so many college kids go to become adults. I’m talking about, these Seminole Indians here.

Much of what is in this video, isn’t even the ‘full story’ of what actually happened. In fact that’s usually what goes on in the Coldest game Ever played. We are told bits and pieces of truth, but it’s always mixed with lies. This is literally the history of America. It is the coldest game ever played – it’s the Game of Propaganda – it’s the game of manipulating the masses to ensure that a ‘few’ are living the good life.

Meanwhile Millions of black people continue to suffer to this day – because of the coldest game ever played – No emotions; no heart; no feeling.

No care for those at the bottom; no desire to explain what actually occured – even while telling us part of the story. While speaking with one of our main contributors to SoPoCo, I was learning more and more about the Seminole Indians.

Some truths in this video – when the Spaniards showed up there were already Millions of people here – in the Americas.

These people were of African descent.

Read: We’re Not Friends, Jon Snow and the Wildlings (how people must put differences aside to fight a common enemy)


(Seminole Indian Alice Osceola and her son)

What I know of the past is that historians have found civilizations all over the ‘ancient’ earth. It would appear, that Africans explored and settled all over the earth as we have found ‘evidence’ just about everywhere on this globe.

The story most of us are told, in the coldest game ever played often differs from the Complete truth.  Often we are told white people ‘discovered’ the Americas, and the presence of those already here, is glossed over – not discussed in our Institutions;  When we are told that people were here, but not told that they were African.

Our history in this nation has been very Complex. So much has been hidden from the masses; it’s all part of the manipulation. If people do not KNOW the truth – how can they doubt what is given to them As truth?

When we are in a situation such as this, it’s up to us to research truth. We have to look for truth.

In the coldest game ever played, you are told over and over that the research has already been done for you!

You are told, that the truth is presented to you through the Universities, High Schools and Elementaries; through the Television Media; through the Newspaper outlets.

These days you’re told by most of these outlets NOT to trust the blogs.

You’re told NOT to believe everything you find on the Internet.

These, established institutions are all part of the coldest game ever played – and it’s all part of the game – to speak out Against the new forms of Access to Information – you and I have to dig deep to find out the truth – that Africans were already here. You have to dig for the truth, that African people have been under a state of Occupation for hundreds of years now. The first terrorists, were the white supremacist groups which formed, gradually over time in This nation of ours.

You see, recently – events in Charleston South Carolina exploded, ending in the deaths of 9 innocent, unarmed, loving black men And women, who welcomed a young white man into their bible study. Unknowing of his plot, to murder them all. You see, he is a product of an environment. He is a product of a system – of the coldest game ever played – a game that tells racist white people that they are not race; Even while being racist. It’s a game that tells them a Flag that, is akin to that of the Nazi Flag, is not a reminder or a symbol of a time long past – a time that we are supposed to be beyond; You see, the past is connected to the present.

Confederate Flag Logo

The story of the Seminoles, is a story that is still going on into this very day.

While the video above is not 100% accurate; it’s got a lot of great information that will help you, as you dig for the truth.

Hopefully, the coldest game ever played has not convinced YOU To stop searching.

The truth, is out there.

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Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, June 23, 2015