Unrest and Riots in Baltimore Following Freddie Gray Funeral

This just in, a state of emergency has been declared in the city of Baltimore, Maryland as Unrest and riots are being reported following the Funeral for Freddie Gray.

As usual these days, I’ve been getting a lot of news from Twitter – because waiting for the mainstream media to report anything is almost always going to be missing what’s actually happening on the ground.

and Twitter is absolutely firing off right now as we speak.








… good ole’ Twitter – Unfiltered thoughts and comments from people who are following what’s happening – and as you can see; all points of view are expressed. From black people who are tired of seeing black people riot and burn down stores in “Their communities” – to people pointing out that Perhaps if black people were not being shot and killed All The Time – this would not be happening. You’ll even find racists, chiming in, and calling black people all sorts of names, because Opportunities like these are ‘examples’ for them to use, of why black people do not Deserve to be treated like human beings.

Social Media is actually closer to the pulse of where America is; on all of these topics – and some of us are tuned in; some of us are still walking around with our heads up our asses, pretending to live in a world which – usually does not exist.  The World we live in happens to be denying decency to black people; and at the same time, black people are not always ‘acting decent’.

But, should black people act decent?

I for one do not condone rioting, but happen to understand why it happens. I don’t think people should choose the things they are choosing to do; but when you understand the conditions people have been put in – that Pressure Cooker – you can understand when the Pot boils over. It is ugly every single time; and it’s as ugly as when a black man or woman is killed by the Very people who are ‘supposed’ to be protecting them.

Then again, the question is raised, Every single time they Fail to protect black people – ARE they actually interested in protecting black people?

OR .. .are they out to Exterminate black people?

Should black people act decent, when the very country they live in, and have fought so hard to be a part of – Continues to treat them the way this country does?

Perhaps America should be more surprised that these kinds of Riots are not happening on a more regular basis.

Especially since absolutely nothing is done to address Education in Minority neighborhoods. Perhaps if black people were being Educated better – they’d find better ways to Tackle the system?  Perhaps more black people would practice Group Economics if it were taught more openly and more frequently in black communities. I never even heard of the term until I was in my 30’s…. but people like Malcom X and even Dr. Martin Luther King were talking about Group Economics, way back in the 60’s.

However, our “media” condenses the soundbites …


Social Media allows the people to Respond to corporate Media; WHAT IF Freddie Gray was treated with decency and respect?

Why isn’t our Media talking about how Police treat the ‘possible criminals’ they have in custody; who often are found Not Guilty after their initial arrests? Why aren’t we discussing how Police often treat a person accused of a crime AS IF they are guilty; before they even go to trial. This means that, when a person they arrest is calling for medical attention, the Police who are supposed to be protecting AND serving, decide to play judge and jury. They decide, that the Criminal doesn’t Deserve to be treated for injuries – and often allow prisoners to go unattended.

The conditions that prisoners face, is NEVER discussed by most media outlets.

They’ll tell you that a Riot is taking place in Baltimore – but will spend no time during the year Discussing any of the real reasons for ‘why’ it happens. This leads to people like this guy; asking ‘what happened to our country?’

This is not the first time Riots and civil Unrest has erupted in America.  Anyone who thinks this won’t happen again, is fooling themselves. As so many people speak of; including Dr. Claud Anderson, black people don’t Own or control anything in this country. Some of that is because black people are Deciding to continue supporting the white power structure, as Dr. Anderson eloquently states it; (You can hear much more of this in the article What About Social Security? Should African Americans Wait on SSI Benefits

I like to say that it’s a two fold battle that black people find themselves in. One one end, there is the hope that white people will be more active in fighting against a system that gives them a benefit; while disadvantaging minorities throughout this nation, in so many ways, and on so many levels. The other side of the battle, is to help better educate black people about the country they are living in. A great deal of effort went in to making sure black people were ignorant – blacks were killed for reading, for knowing too much; and so it’s important not to overlook that aspect of ‘social engineering’ – which is very real; and has had very real effects. Black people CAN overcome, but it will take a lot of different approaches – Burning down property won’t change anything.

I understand why it happens – I agree with the great late Dr. King who spoke eloquently as well; about the attack on Property over Persons; Usually at least. I’m seeing reports that…. Rocks were thrown at the Police… who then responded with Tear Gas (of course) – Lucky for the crowd they didn’t respond with more lethal force; afterall … I’m sure this is on TV.


Speaking of TV – not all of the MEDIA has been failing to report on Police Corruption, Crime and the problems facing our Inner cities of America. One of the best ever to address these issues happened to be centered in … Baltimore Maryland. You see the riots in Baltimore that are happening right now, are not something we should not have seen coming. The riots in Baltimore are similar to the Riots we’ve seen over many years, and they all happen for the same reasons. Police killing black men and women, and there being absolutely no retribution for their crimes. The long arm of the law, for far too long, has acted as an oppressive force to the black community.  So while I’ll continue to say that I”m disappointed to hear there is unrest, and that there are riots in Baltimore right now – BUT … am I surprised?

Happened to find a ‘tweet’ that really answers that question for you …

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Let’s pray for Baltimore.

Let’s pray for America.

Let’s pray for Humanity ….