Anyone Following The Eric Sheppard Story?

Any of my people’s following my the #EricSheppard story?

Got a real good video that I just came across;  —

Does the American Flag symbolize White Supremacy?

That is the very center of this protest – Eric Sheppard started a movement on the campus of Valdosta State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Outrage has broken out that a black man would dare do this!

Several others have filmed and photographed themselves also walking on the flag – suggesting that the flag is a symbol of the Oppression of black people.

One of our Latino Brothers is breaking down some information that I feel we all need to watch. As a warning – this video (above) is filled with truths that this society seeks to suppress; and not discuss; Real Terrorists have been Terrorizing people of Color for centuries now. In this video, so much truth is shared. Usually I have a lot to say but, I feel like this video says so much that I really want you to focus in on this.

It’s almost 2 hours long so if you have to take your time, and come back to this – that is fine. This conversation related to Eric Sheppard is a great way to look into the reality of how this suppressive and oppressive system works.

Just make sure you add this information into your life.

The other day, I was sharing some thoughts on Freddie Gray on my social media account. I shared my thoughts on why he ran from the police when he saw them. That reason simply boils down to his being arrested 18 times before. Clearly, he was literally afraid of the police.  On my social media I talked about how the very sight of police cars makes me nervous, even when I have not done anything wrong. You just never know what the police are going to do. When you are black in America you’ve had run-ins with the police – especially when you’re a black man. The police are terrorizing the black community – and have been for centuries now.

These are some of the points made in the video; how this ‘system’ of harming people of color has been in place for quite some time. Not much about that has changed in America.

When we go into the history of White Terrorism, we must not forget Black Wall Street – and other cities like it, where black people were highly successful before integration. Angry mobs of white people burned all of these cities to the ground. They murdered most of the people living in these towns. Most of us never even have heard of these stories – I just learned of many of them, in the past 5 years.

So much of what we face in this ‘system’ is built on Hypocrisy and Confusion.

The Paradoxes that racists white people put out, are the foundations of their racist system. A system where they create the rules as they go – where things are legal, or illegal, based mostly on the color of the skin of the person doing it. As I’ve stated before, Only White people can End Racism – and it’s going to require white people standing up to these hypocrites in their communities.  Meanwhile, blacks of the previous generation continue to show how defeated they are.

The father of Eric Sheppard pleading for his son to turn himself in, reminds me of the woman who’s now famous for beating her son on national TV; for protesting the mistreatment of black people by the Baltimore Police. Black people are so afraid of whites, because of all that has been done to them, that they are constantly going along with their own oppression.

I’ll let you watch this video – share your thoughts below

Also Check out What the United States Flag Code says – so that you can see there actually is nothing wrong with stepping on the Flag.

It’s clearly a freedom of speech issue – however black freedom is always challenged.