Tony Robinson shot Dead By Police – No Charges Filed

By now you’ve heard about Tony Robinson who was shot dead by Police officer Matt Kenny in Madison, Wisconsin.

No Charges were filed – (read about it here Officer Kenny Faces No Charges in Shooting Unarmed Teen, Possible Murder by Conspiracy?

I watched the video of the shooting the other night and felt outraged at what  I had just seen.

I was even more outraged that no charges were filed; weeks after what we witnessed in Baltimore concerning the death of Freddie Gray (while in police custody). In that case, charges were filed. It is a pretty unusual circumstance because what we are getting used to seeing are Police not being charged. This was the case with Darren Wilson who has long faded into the distant memory for most. This was the case with the police who murdered Eric Garner. This might end up being the case with the police who killed Tamir Rice – six months later, they’re still investigating.

So was it a surprise for anyone, that no charges were filled on the police for killing Tony Robinson?


To echo a related article here on SoPoco – we do have to wonder just what is going on as far as most mainstream media coverage goes. So much of the media stories is on the people protesting, on police getting away with murders; but where are real news stories that point to an Ongoing tie with the KluKluxKlan?  Where are the real news outlets talking about agendas to kill black boys? Just why are stories like these relegated to mere ‘conspiracy theories’  when so much real evidence is out there pointing to these very conclusions?

Sadly I think we already know the answers to these questions.

The system we live in is made up of many moving parts, which all work together, while often appearing not to be. These systems all work to keep us under control.

So when another unarmed black man is killed by the police, the system is already set up to control our responses to it.

Let’s take a moment to watch the video – which IS graphic – although you don’t really ‘see’ much of what is going on till it’s over.

We see Officer Matt Kenny go into this residence; We ‘hear’ movement – and then we hear gunshots as we see the police officer backing out of the residence. You hear him telling Tony Robinson to ‘stay right there’ – but you also see his feet hanging out the door. This would indicate to anyone with eyes to see, that Tony Robinson was already dying, by the time the officer yells ‘stay right there’… but is that how people SEE this?

Sadly, like so many issues this is viewed through the perspective of Race.

White people for the most part ‘take sides’ with the white police officer. They put themselves into the white man’s shoes and excuse away his actions. He has a family to come home to afterall.

No regard is given to the family of Tony Robinson, who will never see their family member, ever again.

I wish I could say that black people were United in their view of these sorts of things, but blacks are often divided.

Some black people are, much like whites. They never see anything wrong with anything the black person did.

I was one of the first people to openly say, Walter Scott never should’ve run.  That was a very stupid move, considering how police have no regard for black life. It was also stupid on the part of the officer to kill Walter Scott, and then report a ‘struggle’ and ‘fear for his life’.  Had it not been for someone recording the incident – Walter Scotts killer most likely would not have been charged either.

It is the Modus Operende of the Police and has been for centuries.

What we don’t seem to understand about the Police, is that none of this is new.

Absolutely none of it is new.

If anything, it’s all very old; So old….

In spite of overwhelming evidence that Black life is meaningless to white police officers, the majority of whites in America take their side – in every single matter.

The ‘system’ is set up to offer up so much protection for the people who are failing to protect black people …

Were the actions of Officer Kenny at any point in time, protecting Tony Robinson?

If a Suspect is inside of a house; is it ‘wise’ to go into that house alone?

If Tony Robinson was a danger, due to reports I’ve heard that he was beating people up around Wisconsin; why is the Officer going into a house without back up?

How do we know this police man did not go into the house, with his mind made up, to Shoot Tony Robinson?

How do we know there isn’t a branch of Police who work together (like a Blue-KKK) to kill black men? Perhaps they look for opportunities and strike when ever they can; knowing the Police Force will back them up; and that it’s unlikely a D.A. will file charges.

We’ll never know … at least not any time ‘soon’ – because the mainstream media isn’t telling that story.