Lots Of Outrage Over What Happened to Sansa Stark (Black Wedding)

Spoilers …. for all of you who are not watching Game of Thrones (aka #DemThrones)

Last night on Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark was raped.

Today almost everyone is outraged over what happened to Sansa Stark, at what is being called, The Black Wedding.

So far we’ve had the Red Wedding; where Rob Stark foolishly walked into a trap and brought his mother with him. He, his new wife, and even the baby were murdered along with Catelyn Stark, by Walder Frey and his clan of inbred literal backstabbers. Roose Bolton, added insult to injury, by driving in that final Dagger, and giving Tywin Lannister’s regards – as Rob fell to the floor and died. It was a gruesome event that sent shocks through the world of Game of Thrones TV Watchers, who like me, had not read the books.


Many of us were surprised when the Leading Character Ned Stark lost his head in the first season – however book readers knew that was coming too. Unfortunately for me, I kinda knew that Red Wedding was coming. After Season one I looked up a few things about the books, and learned way too much. Then of course there are those Book Nazi’s who kept spoiling the TV show for people who didn’t know what was coming in the story. I had an idea that King Joffrey would not make it. I was able to avoid most of the details though.

After he chokes to death at his wedding – I understood why people were calling it, the Purple Wedding.

The cruel King who deserved every single moment of his final ending scene, choked on wine till his face turned purple.

So the nickname fit.

It was another wedding on the show last night that garnered a nickname – but I am not sure the book readers coined it. They’re calling it, the Black Wedding.

The son of Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton was married to Sansa Stark; something that apparently has been upsetting Book readers (which they also deserve; for not showing some respect when no one knew anything like Jon Snow and went out of their way to spoil surprises for show watchers all while complaining and nitpicking over every single change) – turns out in the books a completely different character gets married to Ramsay; who’s another cruel and evil dude. What happens to that other character, ends up happening to Sansa Stark; who just has not caught a break yet!

She’s been through a whole lot in 5 seasons.

She went from having hopes and dreams about bring a Princess dashed – Her father beheaded in front of her – she was tortured and beaten by the man she was supposed to marry; who Then decided to marry someone else – only to be forced into marrying Tyrion Lannister – just a couple of days before the previously mentioned Red Wedding happened On Tywin’s order.

The girl has been through a whole lot.


So is it really any surprise to see what happened to Sansa Stark on last night’s episode to anyone who has been watching this show?

I realize it’s a surprise for book readers – but you book readers can  seriously find a cliff.

You deserve to see characters have their plotlines changed so YOU can have your ‘story’ ruined for you the way you’ve tried to ruin the story for others.

Tried, but have not succeeded…

The mere fact that almost everyone IS talking about what happened to Sansa Stark, is Why #DemThrones is such a hit show.

Game of Thrones Mirrors Life In Our Society – nevermind the occasional magic.

Instead, think about the Magic as … technology.

That way you don’t end up getting distracted from the storyline – because you saw a Dragon fly by and breathe fire.

What happened to Sansa Stark, and what’s been happening to her throughout this story, is so relatable for people in our society who experience similar lives. It’s not all roses – there is a lot of tragedy that strikes in the lives of people all the time. Several women find themselves in very bad and dangerous situations. The question remains, will she fight back?

Will someone have to come and rescue Sansa, or will she be like Queen Daenerys and emerge from the fire …

Will she rescue her self?


See The Internet Outrage Over What Happened to Sansa Stark in Episode 5, Season 5 0 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken:

I wasn’t outraged.

I expected that to happen.

After all we’ve seen on this show, almost nothing shocks me.

To be honest, I thought Petyr Baelish was going to rape Sansa as soon as he pushed her Aunt out the Moondoor.

You could tell from the kind of character she has been; that she’s not looking forward to having sex with anyone – her VIEW of sex is not like other women on this show; who get to experience sexuality in a more mutually consensual way. So you pretty much knew that this scene could go no other way.

Ramsay Bolton was not going to be like Tyrion and consider her feelings.

He’s not that kind of character, and he never has been.

The mere outrage on twitter shows me something about society though.

People in this society aren’t really paying attention.

Everything is a shock. What people are outraged and shocked over – tends to be things they should not be shocked; or outraged over at all…

Also, much of the shock is rooted in a desire to censor free expression, even when it comes to storytelling. It’s not even real outrage – it’s not real shock; It’s simply people who want to control what others think, do, and say.  Society wants all of it’s stories to reflect today’s “morals” – we do not want to see women raped on television, even if it’s part of a bigger plot to develop a character, and make the audience connect with her more. We overlook that, because we feel entitled to tell other people how We want things to be. If others do not do things the way ‘we’ (a term I use loosely) want, then we go to twitter and express our outrage.

That outrage, gets ‘media attention’ – similar to how the recent Unrest in Baltimore got national press as well.

People miss the entire point of the story – the message of the story; they forget that this story is not based in our Modern world; but it is a fantasy – it is fiction.

While we may identify with these characters, because of how the situations so many find themselves in mirror our experiences – it is still a fictional television show.

Please allow this fictional show, to tell its story – without being outraged over every thing that happens along the way.

This show has actually done a great job, of showing us how Evil is constantly getting away with doing wrong to people – who do not deserve it.

So similar to how America has mistreated and even Raped its black population.

Where is the outrage?

Who’s taking to twitter for that?

Funny… how in this society people get SO outraged over the rape of a fictional character; but ignore how the black community has been raped by white society for over 400 years.

However … unlike Sansa (so far in the story at least) … The Black Community has put that light in the tower …

but …Brienne and Pod have not come to rescue The black community yet…

(if you’re not watching #DemThrones you will not get that part 🙂 )

That being said; Outraged or not; WE all will be watching the remaining 4 shows of Season 5.

We’re all going to tune in for Season 6; 7; and possibly season 8 too.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

here’s a Preview of Episode 7 – for Game of Thrones, Season 5