No Charges in the Shooting death of Unarmed Teen Tony Robinson, Jr.

Officer Kenny Faces No Charges in Shooting Unarmed Teen, Possible Murder by Conspiracy?

No Charges for Officer Kenny:

According to CNN, May 12, 2015 the Policemen who shot Tony Robinson Jr. 7 times will not be charged in the death of the unarmed teen. Pursuant to the police report, Tony Robinson was allegedly in the midst of an altercation with another person at the time the COP(Constable On Patrol) entered the home. Of course if we allow ourselves to accept what corporate mass media conveys without analytical thought then any unlawful use of deadly force by the Police will be assumed ethical. Though many of you may presume these words as conspiracy let us not be naïve and unborn in our minds to the facts that KKK members have been linked to the Police force in the United States.

See video below, when you couple this with the fact that the media controls the national and global economy of information, it only jogs the mind to contemplate conspiracy.

What agenda is mass media trying to impress upon the people’s minds?

Is the increased exposure in Police shootings a result of raised consciousness from the people, mere coincidence or a fear tactic? If I could borrow a page from Author Jim Marrs

“Power is the most valuable commodity in government. So whoever knows the secrets controls the knowledge and therefore holds power. Many people today feel that a mere handful of persons and organizations control much of the global knowledge. This knowledge is jealously guarded by secrecy. It turns the old adage “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” right on its head. What you don’t know can hurt you! It is a growing belief that certain individuals with vast wealth and power, not generally known to the public, are the real masters in the United States and the world. “Power is a fact of life in America, but most Americans are far removed from it.

Secrecy is power’s chief tool.

Government seems distant, yet somehow domineering. We are increasingly isolated from one another-stuck in front of computer and television screens, prisoners behind windshields. Furthermore, those who sincerely believe that conspiracies don’t exist only benefit those who may be conspiring.”(Marrs, pg 6-10 Rule by Secrecy)

I quote that to say this; based on the facts of the recent events from the homicides of Trayvon Martin, Tony Robinson, Freddie Gray & Eric Garner to name a few, it seems that our people are  becoming desensitized.

Seems like every week we can guaranteed the shooting of an unarmed person only to have news outlets report it as justifiable lawful use of a firearm by Police.

District Attorney Ozanne said he understands “the very real racial disparities and inequality issues that exist in this county,” but insisted he made his decision based on the facts. Well the facts in this particular shooting prove 7 shell casings were found from 7 shots fired and the teen was unarmed how many bullets does it take to stop a man?

Call me crazy, but I feel some of these incidents are conspired as we sit and watch the body count rack up.