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Tim Conway Jr. Is Racist As Fuck for What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say

Tim Conway Jr. Is Racist As Fuck

For several years now, I’ve been hearing this segment … called a ‘gameshow’ on KFI 640 a.m. radio –  What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say.


It’s racist as fuck.

I was talking with someone about it because, I happened to catch it again – ( I don’t really listen to his show like that ) – and said to him, I think I should put something together about what makes this segment so racist; and so offensive to black people. Even if most of us don’t really like Jesse Jackson, for a myriad of reasons; this segment is entirely offensive to black people everywhere. It basically takes soundbites of Jesse Jackson talking, and has callers ‘guess’ what the hell he said in the clip.

Oddly enough, I decided to see if anyone else felt like I did – and just as recent as yesterday (at the time I’m writing this) – someone else was in a forum; talking about how they spoke to someone of color; who shared the same concerns about this segment which has been going for several years now. Tim Conway Jr. is Racist throughout – laughing uncontrollably at times along with his co-hosts; really pretending as if the clips they are playing are difficult to figure out; as if Jesse Jackson speaking english; with that heavy southern accent – is somehow worthy, of shits and giggles.

Read the Thread : KFI Tim Conway “What the Hell did Jessie Jackson Say” Racist?

Sadly even in this thread the biggest problem with racism is revealed.

So long as white people say it’s not happening – it’s not happening.

Obligatory shout out to the small handful of good white people who acknowledge racism; but always insist on being recognized for acknowledging it.

Check out this Video of Tim Conway Jr. live (on location) – from a random video on YouTube; Playing the ‘game’ – NOTICE how white the crowd is.

Notice the Other problem with racism; OTHER groups are welcome to participate in Shaming black people, for absolutely any and every reason possible; INCLUDING – how black people talk; This clip is not ‘hard’ at all – and the entire concept of making a game out of it where it’s Supposed to be hard to figure out what he’s saying; encourages non-black people to pretend ‘as if’ they cannot Understand what black people are saying.

Again, Notice how many black people are in the crowd ……..

Everyone having SUCH a wonderful time …

At the expense; of black people.

Because that’s what’s going on here ….

“Hey, let’s all pretend not to understand what this black guy is saying – and make a game show out of it – all in good fun!” ….

This segment is like a mainstay – it’s a consistent segment that never comes off as anything short of racist.

And yet, there is seemingly no outrage about this – that discussion on a forum (oddly enough) – seems to be the only discussion coming up on google about it.

Here’s another Clip; there ‘at least’ – is some conversation about how THIS is racist as fuck in the comments; someone else, thinking what I was thinking too – why is there no “What the Hell did George W. Bush Say?” ………. ?

Again; notice how excited all of the people are who call in and participate in this game…. This kind of shit encourages Racism and keeps it alive!  But white people are Noticeably Silent. I should not be the first person bringing this up; Especially when there are So many Good White people who Care; and need to be Acknowledged for not being full of hate like ‘the others’ – which must include, the white people calling into this Radio Show; Tim Conway Jr. for Having this Segment; His Co-hosts for Laughing and Giggling along (not standing up) and 100% of his bosses that put this Racist shit on the air!

…. Look at how excited she (and especially her husband) is, to get on the air and participate – notice the indoctrination of the child as well — including the making fun of Charles Ramsay, who heroically helped save the lives of missing girls; and was turned into a Meme – which really takes away from the heroism – and the truth of who this man is.

So enough from me.

Here’s all you need to hear to make up your mind for yourself; Listen to This Show, What the Hell did Jesse Jackson Say; Racist as Fuck (not sure if this link is still working)

Tim Conway Jr. is racist as fuck; and there needs to be something done about this – most likely; people are simply unaware that this is happening. I mean, according to this introduction – this is the ‘fastest growing game show’ …? – This show mind you; comes from September 11th 2014. The introduction, is racist as fuck. “You think you know what the heck he’s saying right?” ………


(update 3/29/2017 – it seems they pulled down this radio show, exposing how racist they truly are. They don’t want you listening to it, if they can. So we have added Two other shows below;)

and another …

(*Update 4/9/2017 – From these ‘full shows’ you get just how Racist Tim Conway (and his callers) are. This impacts how people think, and view black people as a whole. This show is not promoting real dialogue between white and black people. Instead it suggests that black people are Unable to be understood. The rest of the original article, continues below.)

Notice how EASY it is for these Callers to guess what the hell Jesse Jackson is saying – because, it’s not hard to understand what a black person is saying.

But, it’s funny … to this guy – and his callers.

Something else I notice; he always showers praise and compliments on his callers. I’m almost certain it’s all part of making white people feel great about being white. In fact, I’m sure of it – nothing like positive reinforcement to boost self esteem. It’s a good practice that all people should engage in actually. But, it’s one of those things that has been taken away from so many people; and instead harmful environments where people tend to talk down to one another are fostered instead.

Meanwhile, in communities where the self esteem is high; the only people who get made fun of; are the ones who are not viewed as, equals.

Be sure to also check out #WhatTheH – on Twitter for more evidence of the kinds of people who are attracted to, and love this racist shit.

I’m all for freedom of speech though – and in my opinion, I’d have no ‘real problem’ with this guy getting paid; So long as we can openly call a spade a spade. If this guy was making fun of Random people who fuck up the English language that is one thing; but the vast majority of his jokes about people screwing up English; focus on blacks – the Rev. Jesse Jackson is just his main target of his openly racist remarks; (along with his callers and fans) and has been going on for far too long …

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