Tim Conway Jr. Is Racist As Fuck for What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say

Jesse Jackson Speaking At
BATON ROUGE, LA - JULY 15: Rev. Jesse Jackson (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) Speaking at the funeral of Police Shooting victim Alton Sterling

Tim Conway Jr. Is Racist As Fuck

For several years now, I’ve been hearing this segment … called a ‘gameshow’ on KFI 640 a.m. radio –  What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say.


It’s racist as fuck.

I was talking with someone about it because, I happened to catch it again – ( I don’t really listen to his show like that ) – and said to him, I think I should put something together about what makes this segment so racist; and so offensive to black people. Even if most of us don’t really like Jesse Jackson, for a myriad of reasons; this segment is entirely offensive to black people everywhere. It basically takes soundbites of Jesse Jackson talking, and has callers ‘guess’ what the hell he said in the clip.

Oddly enough, I decided to see if anyone else felt like I did – and just as recent as yesterday (at the time I’m writing this) – someone else was in a forum; talking about how they spoke to someone of color; who shared the same concerns about this segment which has been going for several years now. Tim Conway Jr. is Racist throughout – laughing uncontrollably at times along with his co-hosts; really pretending as if the clips they are playing are difficult to figure out; as if Jesse Jackson speaking english; with that heavy southern accent – is somehow worthy, of shits and giggles.

Read the Thread : KFI Tim Conway “What the Hell did Jessie Jackson Say” Racist?

Sadly even in this thread the biggest problem with racism is revealed.

So long as white people say it’s not happening – it’s not happening.

Obligatory shout out to the small handful of good white people who acknowledge racism; but always insist on being recognized for acknowledging it.

Check out this Video of Tim Conway Jr. live (on location) – from a random video on YouTube; Playing the ‘game’ – NOTICE how white the crowd is.

Notice the Other problem with racism; OTHER groups are welcome to participate in Shaming black people, for absolutely any and every reason possible; INCLUDING – how black people talk; This clip is not ‘hard’ at all – and the entire concept of making a game out of it where it’s Supposed to be hard to figure out what he’s saying; encourages non-black people to pretend ‘as if’ they cannot Understand what black people are saying.

Again, Notice how many black people are in the crowd ……..

Everyone having SUCH a wonderful time …

At the expense; of black people.

Because that’s what’s going on here ….

“Hey, let’s all pretend not to understand what this black guy is saying – and make a game show out of it – all in good fun!” ….

This segment is like a mainstay – it’s a consistent segment that never comes off as anything short of racist.

And yet, there is seemingly no outrage about this – that discussion on a forum (oddly enough) – seems to be the only discussion coming up on google about it.

Here’s another Clip; there ‘at least’ – is some conversation about how THIS is racist as fuck in the comments; someone else, thinking what I was thinking too – why is there no “What the Hell did George W. Bush Say?” ………. ?

Again; notice how excited all of the people are who call in and participate in this game…. This kind of shit encourages Racism and keeps it alive!  But white people are Noticeably Silent. I should not be the first person bringing this up; Especially when there are So many Good White people who Care; and need to be Acknowledged for not being full of hate like ‘the others’ – which must include, the white people calling into this Radio Show; Tim Conway Jr. for Having this Segment; His Co-hosts for Laughing and Giggling along (not standing up) and 100% of his bosses that put this Racist shit on the air!

…. Look at how excited she (and especially her husband) is, to get on the air and participate – notice the indoctrination of the child as well — including the making fun of Charles Ramsay, who heroically helped save the lives of missing girls; and was turned into a Meme – which really takes away from the heroism – and the truth of who this man is.

So enough from me.

Here’s all you need to hear to make up your mind for yourself; Listen to This Show, What the Hell did Jesse Jackson Say; Racist as Fuck (not sure if this link is still working)

Tim Conway Jr. is racist as fuck; and there needs to be something done about this – most likely; people are simply unaware that this is happening. I mean, according to this introduction – this is the ‘fastest growing game show’ …? – This show mind you; comes from September 11th 2014. The introduction, is racist as fuck. “You think you know what the heck he’s saying right?” ………


(update 3/29/2017 – it seems they pulled down this radio show, exposing how racist they truly are. They don’t want you listening to it, if they can. So we have added Two other shows below;)

and another …

(*Update 4/9/2017 – From these ‘full shows’ you get just how Racist Tim Conway (and his callers) are. This impacts how people think, and view black people as a whole. This show is not promoting real dialogue between white and black people. Instead it suggests that black people are Unable to be understood. The rest of the original article, continues below.)

Notice how EASY it is for these Callers to guess what the hell Jesse Jackson is saying – because, it’s not hard to understand what a black person is saying.

But, it’s funny … to this guy – and his callers.

Something else I notice; he always showers praise and compliments on his callers. I’m almost certain it’s all part of making white people feel great about being white. In fact, I’m sure of it – nothing like positive reinforcement to boost self esteem. It’s a good practice that all people should engage in actually. But, it’s one of those things that has been taken away from so many people; and instead harmful environments where people tend to talk down to one another are fostered instead.

Meanwhile, in communities where the self esteem is high; the only people who get made fun of; are the ones who are not viewed as, equals.

Be sure to also check out #WhatTheH – on Twitter for more evidence of the kinds of people who are attracted to, and love this racist shit.

I’m all for freedom of speech though – and in my opinion, I’d have no ‘real problem’ with this guy getting paid; So long as we can openly call a spade a spade. If this guy was making fun of Random people who fuck up the English language that is one thing; but the vast majority of his jokes about people screwing up English; focus on blacks – the Rev. Jesse Jackson is just his main target of his openly racist remarks; (along with his callers and fans) and has been going on for far too long …

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  • AlexTolin

    This segment isn’t racist. I am so sick of everyone pulling the “race card”… It just so happens Conway chose a black person for his skit because he’s so hard to understand.. The point isn’t that he’s ridiculing a black person for the way he talks the point is that he’s ridiculing someone who’s very hard to understand. Stop making everything about race. If it was a white person do you think the white community would be outraged about it? Absolutely not. Would you be making this rant about how it’s offensive to white people? No. People need to stop pulling the race card… Getting real old real quick.

  • KetsugoJohn

    My god you’re an idiot! There is no racism here. Jesse Jackson has mush in his mouth and impossible to understand, plain and simple!

  • richardsh9

    Not everything is racist, except to racists.  Jackson is a famous person who is hard to understand.  Conway could have just have easily used a famous white person that was unintelligible, but didn’t.

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  • Jsin75117

    Tim Conway Jr is in no way shape or form a “Racist”. As other comments already pointed out, Jesse Jackson just happens to be VERY hard to understand when he speaks in public. He gets very excited and his voice tones fluctuate so rapidly at times that it makes it difficult to understand him. Tim Conway Jr makes it even more difficult to guess what Jesse Jackson is saying by playing the quote halfway through the sentence. Many people that call in often guess wrong, and if it were that easy to understand what the man was saying (which you believe to be true), then wouldn’t the callers always guess correctly? Think about that for a second..! It seems these days that something is only considered racist, when someone of said race decides to be offended by it, and is usually fueled with hopes of some financial gain as a result. There is a reason why you found little to nothing about this online, and that is because it is not offensive. If the quotes on the show suggested any kind of stereotypes or profiling of black people such as any specific clothing, food/restaurants , or behavior popular with African -americans, then I might be in some agreeance of your point of view. BUT THERE IS NONE OF THAT ON THE SHOW!!! All the quotes are just small tidbits of regular topics . For the record, I am white, and have many black friends, some of whom are considered part of our family and we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with them. I am very good at understanding even a very southern Africans american accent, but a lot of times I cannot for the life of me understand what the hell Jesse Jackson said. And in your rant, was it totally necessary to follow the word “racist” with “as fuck”? I mean why the constant profanity? If anyone is passing any racial judgement on to anyone it is you doing it to yourself. One last thing, Tim Conway jr. Just helped raise thousands of dollars for a mother and son (of Mexican decent) whose husband/father had passes away, so that the boy could go to Disney world for his birthday. Does this sound like something a racist person would do? This isn’t the civil war era, it’s time to move on. ..——————-END RACISM!!!———–CONWAY FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!!——

  • verbalsuicide

    My genes are from Africa and I listen to the show and have been for YEARS. Not a racist guy but it just so happens that Jackson does mumble/slur more than he sound intelligible.

    You are implying that because Jesse sounds that way that WE must sound that way by using skin color as the lowest common denominator you can find to bitch.

    Come see me in person –  bring a camera and a mic so I can tell you about black on black racism.

  • tjalbert55

    Your self-righteous attitude is sickening, and topped only by your blind ignorance of simple humaneness. I like how you qualify your objectivity by playing the ol “I have black friends …” line. Seriously? As you astutely pointed out — you’re white. When someone black is telling you what is culturally offensive, close your mouth and listen with your ears. If a women tells me what is offensive when she’s in a conference room full of men, I don’t presume to know above her what should or should not be offensive to women. Being that I’m not a woman, I have enough humanity and common sense in me to know to shut my mouth and listen. Can you see the level of arrogance and self righteousness it would take to do so? Listen I don’t know about your special group of black friends, but all the African Americans I’ve asked about it agree that’s offensive and has racial overtones. Funny thing is I asked a couple of white people and they couldn’t see a racial element to it. Huh… We sure got a long way to go as a society of human beings.

  • KingC

    Alex, it just so happens that it’s hard to understand someone when you’re not listening. Racist whites have never tried to listen to blacks, because they’d much rather laugh at black people. Racist whites think it’s comical to laugh at how black people talk. Blacks often end up making fun of how white people talk, ‘in response’ to your white racism. It’s Beyond Old; it got old 200 years ago. But unfortunately white people like you, are going around attempting to make excuses for why it should continue.

    It’s clear that people like you dislike blacks. Jesse Jackson is easy to understand. Yes he talks with a heavy southern drawl. However, you racist white people are able to understand Arabs with accents; French people with accents; and English/Scottish/Irish people with accents; You even understand WHITE people with accents – because if you didn’t, Tim Conway would have a show featuring a white person that You white folks (99% of his audience) can barely understand – since none of you are racist; but nope, some how the only person that you can’t understand ….. is a black guy. That’s SO Old; screw how you feel about black people pointing out your racist ways.

    It’s a shame his show is still on the air a year later; it explains why there is so much divisive, racial hate in the country still. We should be more educated than we appear to be as a nation. Thanks to Tim Conway Jr., and others like you, who support Racist, Divisive, Hate filled Rhethoric like this WTH Did Jesse Jackson say

  • KingC

    Impossible to Understand? This is an example of ‘I’m white and I say so’ – a classic white supremacist tactic. They believe that if they say it with enough anger, and passion, it makes them right.

  • KingC

    OMG, Thanks the Creators of the Universe that a SANE person visited our Site. hello Tjalbert55, and thank you for all of this!!!!! Nothing to add from here, other than an edorsement, that this sums up how I really feel, about so many of the comments (the self-righteous attitudes) on display, from so many people who are, clearly identifying themselves, as white. It’s like they are adding even more evidence, than the article – so I’m so thankful. So thankful. and again; thank you. SMH; we have so far to go.

  • KingC

    One of the awesome things about the internet, and our platform is that it allows us to communicate, often in ‘safe spaces’. If you want me to come and meet you in person, so that you can tell me about black on black crime, which sounds VERY MUCH like an invitation to assault someone ‘over their opinion’, then honestly, you are who this site was made for. You don’t need me, or anyone from the internet to come and see you in person. You need to go see a doctor in person.

    Something is literally wrong with a person, who cannot respect another person’s right to talk. Your desire to silence anyone who isn’t saying what you want them to say, is a sign of a person who ‘needs control’, and therefore Lacks it. You look for ways to impress yourself, and your views upon others, while tuning out the views of others.

    Because at what point, in this article do you even see anywhere that this is about people with, ‘genes from Africa’? ………….. also, why are you ‘reading into things’ to come up with your ‘own personal understanding’ of what was written? When people say that someone else is implying something, how do they know? What makes you decide that a persons words, are implying something they did not say?

    People like you learn that in English Classes. The teacher tells us all, to read books and look for what the author is ‘implying’. I used to hate that, in English class. I hate it even more now especially because we can’t even have conversations with one another, without someone deciding that someone is “implying” something that was not said!

    What was said, is that people like Tim Conway are making fun of black people. That wasn’t said because of ‘your reasons that you came up with’. It’s because historically making ‘fun’ of how blacks talk has served as entertainment to racist white people.

    Racist whites say TO one another, “Jesse Jackson cannot be intelligent, he can’t even speak English (the way WE speak it)” – It’s dismissive. It’s just an excuse NOT to listen to a black man talk. Regardless of what black man, or woman is talking, UNLESS They are speaking english, the way MOST whites speak english, whites are quick ti TUNE Them out!

    These are all facts.

    As you, and several other WHITES; even those with ‘african genes’ came to the comments and PUSHED your false view, that it’s “impossible” to understand someone; when SOMEHOW Tim Conway has the ‘Correct answers’ …. If it’s NOT possible to understand; HOW does TIM CONWAY Have the answers??

    How Sway? How?

    Meanwhile, the attempts at a conversation about these matters fall on deaf ears; and BLIND eyes; as all you wanna do, is fight on camera; and make it to Worldstar. This is probably why racist shows like his continue to be on the airwaves; Convincing racist people, that it’s okay, to practice racism; that it’s Funny; that it’s just entertainment; no matter at who’s expense.

    • Eric Digby


      • KingC

        man …..

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  • Dan Turn

    This is The best show ever, and it is very hard, get over yourself

  • John Johnson

    Just listened AGAIN tonight. Hilarious! Jackson’s speaking voice is completely unintelligible – plain and simple. ALWAYS a good laugh when Jackson utters his nonsense. Probably a self-defense tactic since he has nothing to offer.

    • KingC

      it’s sad that you (and so many others) feel that way (about being unintelligible).

  • Eric Digby

    Why does he not, do a segment on what the Hell did George Bush Say. He’d have a lot of material….ha! of course we know why he won’t do that. Of course we know why he chose Jesse Jackson.

    • KingC

      yea we all know why he chose Jesse Jackson. He knows his audience, and what they’ll ‘go along’ with. Rather than use their mediums to challenge racism, and eradicate it from our society — THEY choose to Peddle it; and keep the fire going —-

  • KingC

    sorry that it took me so long to respond to you but, I am glad you left this comment. You and other commenters, are helping to prove this ‘argument’ so beautifully. So, you want me to ‘think for a second’ (as if I never think, and haven’t thought this out)? – Then you go on to ‘categorize’ what Is racism; in an around a bout way to suggest that ‘making fun of how black people talk isn’t racism’ ….. In No way, shape or form, right?

    So, that’s because you say so? You’re clearly not interested in how black people ‘think about this’ – and feel that blacks just have not ‘thought about this’ – and so apparently only white people’s ‘thoughts’ matter.

    That is the point, so many of you keep hammering at any of us who object. The reason there isn’t much about this online, is because most people of color aren’t even listening to Tim Conway’s show in the first place. It’s on an am radio station, that typically caters to an ‘audience’, that thinks making fun of how blacks talk, isn’t racist.

    Attempting to suggest that because cuss words are used, it negates the overall message, is just an attempt to negate the overall message. When you’re arguing from the stance that, this isn’t racist, and in fact, nothing is racist — then you’ve got to find reasons to support your stance. So, if I say he’s racist ‘as fuck’, then I cannot be credible! I said the fuck word!


    Thanks for dropping by –

  • KingC

    for folks dropping by; please read our ‘article’ on Adobe Sucks, so you’ll understand this comment was not deleted; the user who left this comment was probably associated with an account on twitter that is no longer with us; however – we welcome all comments here, even short-sighted ones like these; Also we moved our comment platform so ‘some’ old comments do not have fancy pictures 🙂

  • Moe howard

    I was turned on to this show by my friend who is black. Hey if we all can laugh together, then that is one more step back to normal. how I miss those days.

    • KingC

      I’d love to hear from your friend who is black. Please ask them stop by and share their thoughts on the show with us if you don’t mind.

    • KingC

      I would also love to hear your black friend’s thoughts on this article and your comments. When I listen to this I don’t hear black people ‘laughing together’ – in no way does this come across like that. However, some people (with good reason) don’t really like Jesse Jackson as it is. I’m sure if they hold a negative opinion of him as a person they’ll enjoy anyone making fun of him. Unfortunately they may fail to see that this ‘kind of humor’ is intended to ‘also’ make fun of black people as a whole. It helps push a false narrative that ‘black people are difficult to understand’, and lends credibility to a white perspective that, they don’t need to Listen when black people talk.

  • Sally

    Tim Conway has said that Jesse Jackson called into the show once, and that he couldn’t understand himself either. That’s the point – he acknowledged he’s hard to understand. And if Jese’s not mad, and he doesn’t considered racist, why should you? Life is short…

    • KingC

      Jesse Jackson is not difficult to understand. Suggesting that he’s hard to understand, pushes a narrative that ‘blacks are hard to understand’. It’s just yet another way for white people to be racist, promote racist ideas, and hate on blacks. It’s not a shock that you and other white people would defend this kind of behavior, because that is just what white people do. Why? You’re racists – you’re afraid of being eliminated from the earth, so you constantly come up with ways to promote the idea that white is better. You even think you speak English better, and this is why this ‘segment’ is so popular. You (Tim Conway) could use tons of white people who don’t speak the ‘best’ most Proper brand of English — but he doesn’t — it wouldn’t be ‘as funny to his racist audience’ to make fun of a white person. It’s a shame the guy is still on the air, and still doing this segment every week — when did Jesse Jackson issue a statement about Tim Conway’s show??? Where is that evidence that he’s okay with this? Most likely just more lies. None of you make your people look decent, when you come to the comment section with flat out and open denials of racism and the harm it causes. It’s as if you don’t even care…..

  • reciprocity09

    I have honestly never heard another person of any race or background have similar tone, inflection and cadence when speaking in public as that of Reverand Jesse Jackson. Even other activist black ministers of faith: Al Sharpton; MLK Jr.; Malcom X had nothing resembling that which afflicts the tenor of sound coming from Jesse Jackson.

    He is uniquely difficult to understand. Go listen to Jesse Jackson TSU commencement speech where he pulls passages from MLK Jr.’s “I have a Dream Speech” and tell me he sounds like a prototypical Southern Preacher.

    Btw the idea that you can identify someone’s race simply by listening to them speak has got to be the most racist, acenine, hateful, bigoted piece of Nazi propoganda since Hitler killed the Jews. You really have to be one backwards thinking hateful bigoted racist to assume certain speech is inherantly “black”…..if your small racist mind insists that blacks and whites sound different and this symbolizes how blacks sound then go listen to Larry Elder or any of a number of white Southern evangelical preachers who have this so-called “black” dialect.

    Dialect is a manifestation of region and individual personality….this is how the science works when identifying a voice recording in a criminal court proceeding as well as common characteristics of a regional population….in this instance Jesse Jackson represents a unique end of the Southern Preacher dialect and to fuel racial hatred and animosity by insisting that Jesse Jackson “sounds black” is the definition of racist hateful intolerance.