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What Race Baiting Really Means

Race Baiting is the new term being used by, what is considered to be right-wing media outlets – for anyone that brings up Race. It’s a negative term, at least the way it’s used. Basically what they are saying is that People are forcing them to Talk about Racism and how it impacts black people in America. Most of them do not believe it’s happening, because that’s a crucial element to keeping it going.

Lately I’m hearing a lot about Race Baiting. I’m sure you are too. The reality is, they do not want to talk about it – and every time President Obama addresses it, or the attorney general Eric holder, the term is dished out. It’s used to keep people from actually listening to what is being said.

Calling people race baiters has effectively kept white people from doing anything about racism in the past 10 years.

The Trayvon Martin Case was simply one case; where racism was clearly a motivating factor in 100% of the events that unfolded on that fateful night; but its denied by the mainstream press. Thankfully I have seen several non-black news reports admitting that racism played a pivotal role in all of this, up to the decision made by the mostly white jury.

However, these newscasters were on the Liberal stations….

Liberal is also thrown around like it’s a negative term; naturally these reporters will most likely be painted as race baiters too. Just the other day Randi Rhodes was letting the world know, that white people are the only ones that an end racism – I had a “smokey the bear” moment …

When we think about a forest fire, it had a beginning.

Just as Humans are the ones that start fires; Humans started Racism – the ones who started it, need to put it out.

That’s mostly the message of Smokey the Bear. Only you can prevent forest fires, by putting the fire out before you leave; and taking other safety precautions.  Accusing the President, or the Attorney General for Race Baiting; simply keeps us all from dealing with this Huge Problem still facing African Americans in America.

In fact – Calling someone a Race Baiter is Racist…. if you really, really think about it.

The problem with Not dealing with Racism; is that this is turning into a Forrest Fire; and from time to time it gets way out of hand; however, most white people have chosen to go with the “keep the fire at bay” approach, and as long as it’s not Too bad then, there’s no need to put it all the way out. So long as only black people are the ones who have to deal with it; then it’s not a problem.

BUT when Smokey the Bear knocks on their door and says “come on man!?” … then, Smokey the Bear is Fire Baiting.

“Not my problem … why should I have to put it out … ”

“It’s not as bad as it used to be …”

Until that national story hit the air waves, and we found out that black boys cannot walk home from the store.

At what point are they All going to wake up and realize, they must put the fire out; for the fire to go out?

Perhaps that day will come.

For now, this is where we are.

Unable to fully deal with racism, without being called a racist for pointing out what needs to happen in order to end it.

I’m not sure what kind of Racist is interested in Ending Racism.

It’s as silly of a premise as calling people race baiters for pointing racism out… as if that’s a bad thing to do.

Oh what would happen if we all took that approach; and pointed it out whenever it ‘really’ pops up; not during the imaginary times when it’s convenient for those that do not want to do anything about it…

As I’ve stated before, and need to state again because of the climate we live in – where I will be told that ‘not all white people are racist’ – as if I am not aware of this, or as if I have not stated it several times before – So, just to cover myself again; not all white people are racist. It’s true. I know plenty who are good natured and aren’t going around seeking to put black people in the grave, themselves.

However, it’s moments like these, when a black kid is murdered by a racist who decided to play judge and jury – when Right from wrong is Obvious; and the stances that white people take, actually Can give More support to a System that Systematically Wrongs African Americans over and over again; OR your stances can Change That system around; and actually Work towards Creating True justice and True Equality, for all of us – as Americans.

Let’s not call people Race baiters for wanting to hold this conversation… this Needed and necessary talk; let’s applaud them for running the First Lap and getting it under way; so that we can sit down at the table and begin to discuss Real Solutions; to create change within the Entire System. (The ‘race baiting card’ is played by racists, to stop progress or ‘change’ from happening. Afterall, being conservative, literally means to be against progress; change; improvement; by, definition… we wrote this in 2013, and not much has changed in the past 4 years *update 4/10/17*)

Here are some examples of White people Speaking Out Against Racism –


and another of my favorite White people, David Simon — always was a huge fan of The Wire and how his television show speaks to the politics involved with crime, and stopping it or … most of the time not stopping it – especially in the Urban areas.


I’m a Huge fan of his current work with Treme, which speaks to the injustice currently taking place in New Orleans, in the aftermath of one of the worst … ‘natural disasters’ we have seen outside of Hurricane Sandy;  When we really start having this conversation on Racism we DO find it’s a bit overwhelming; I know – and that’s why we NEED to have this conversation so desperately; so much has happened and is happening that if we keep on waiting … MORE Will happen; and it’ll only get worse; and worse.

People who are Twisting a quote from Booker T. Washington out of context, are Racists. This quote has gotten some circulation, especially in recent weeks due to all that happened (From Paula Dean, to George Zimmerman to the Voting Rights Act – all this Modern Racism) –  Examples of the ‘race baiting conversation’ being taken to extremes can be found at the NYtimes – brother Charles Blow from 2010 – Let’s Rescue the Race Debate

It’s time to have these conversations, not the time to continue running away from them.

I think we’re almost there.

But we’ll have to continue to keep watch; and see what happens next.

Let’s talk about it – and let’s turn this all around….

(more commentary from me, coming soon)

race baiting is a 'card' whites play
photo credit: NaturallyMoi.com “Many Black People Have Awoken”

** Below: an Update: 4/10/2017 – more evidence of how the ‘race baiting card’ is used to silence protests against racism!

  • Pepsi Lives Matter Exploits Black Life For Profits – with this current ‘controversy’, people who are upset with Pepsi have been accused of, race baiting. The problems with police brutality and the ‘reasons’ for people protesting in the streets are totally ignored, so that Pepsi could promote their ‘brand’. Unfortunately because people ‘don’t want to discuss these things’ – 4 years after I wrote this, we still live in a society where people do not understand what racism truly is. Ignoring what happens to a people, while literally capitalizing on what happens to a people is appalling.
  • NCAA Confederate Flag Discussion on ESPN: Amazing Racism – there have been ‘small victories’, where black lives matter ‘groups’ have been able to take ‘some’ Confederate flags down in the South. Watch ESPN Commentators ‘discuss’ this issue that recently happened in South Carolina. We all know the confederate flag stands for White Supremacy. All of us know it celebrates a time when blacks were enslaved by whites, and could be lynched or murdered for any reason a white person desired. Yet, of course, front and center are white people willing to call anyone who says that, nothing more than a race baiting liar who is refusing to look at all the ‘good things’ the South used to do, before the Civil War, other than terrorize blacks.
  • Are Black Republicans Onto Something or On Something? – we have to discuss this phenomena as well. Black republicans also get caught up in, accusing other black people of race baiting. They, typically decide to ‘play the role’, and pretend that they are not receiving benefits for their willingness to be a token. Yet and still, time and time again, we see how most black republicans are treated.

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