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Are Black Republicans Onto Something or On Something?

Are black republicans onto something, or are they simply lost?  This is a great question that we should take time to consider, and we’ll discuss more in depth on our site.  I read an interesting article in my inbox, aimed at Black Women who align themselves with White Supremacy.

It’s no secret that cooning is out of control. Literally since Donald Trump got elected, every coon in the closet came out!  Several black and successful people in our society have historically worked against the best interests of the community. Many of our entertainers often fall into this category.  Stacey Dash was working for Fox News until she was fired, but supported Trump. Immediately following his election, 45 met with Steve Harvey, Kanye West, and Martin Luther King, III. He even gathered all of his personal political coons together on the first day of Black History month.  Basically it was a meaningless photo opp with all the blacks he could find, who helped him get elected. (Did Trump Just Learn About Fredrick Douglas?)

That was literally one of the most offensive things I’ve ever witnessed.

Often ‘cooning‘ is one of those subjects that is hotly debated within the black community. There are blacks who feel we should never refer to other blacks as coons. Unfortunately these black people tend to be coons. They don’t like being pointed out as coons, and work hard to speak against the practice. Willie D. addressed this in his song, Coon.

Which brings me to Black Republicans. Are they onto something or on something?

Check out this video for a moment – featuring black republican students from Howard University (an historically black college)

Oftentimes, Black Republicans are often accused of cooning and every aspect of this video is why.

While it’s true, that many black Americans do identify with conservative views, it’s also true that neither political party looks out for black people! Martin Luther King, Jr. refereed to white liberals (white moderates) as the biggest obstacle to equality for black people. They tend to be really nice about their racism, while telling black people to be patient. These are the white people marching with blacks, who want to control what blacks say during protests.

Their ultimate goal is still, upholding white supremacy. This is often the mistake black republicans make too.

Their entire argument is, ‘Democrats aren’t doing anything to help us, so perhaps the Republicans will!‘. These black men and women are actually going on television, saying they feel more police will make our neighborhoods safe.  The article I linked to does an excellent job of going into why these things happen. I highly encourage you to read it.

Blacks do need to form our own political party, that is run by and for black people. In truth, we should not pledge allegiance to either side. Just as the Tea Party rose within the ranks of the GOP, but are not traditional republicans. Blacks need a similar political movement to awaken in the black community. An old saying, is not that we are out numbered but we are out organized.  Black voters are typically near the low end as far as turn out is concerned. This is all the evidence that we need, to understand how black republicans put so much faith into the RNC.

They are, indeed lost and looking for solutions. They don’t really know where to go, and think another Master is the answer.

The answer however, is the same as it’s always been. The black man and woman must learn (or re-learn) to master themselves.  Blacks cannot wait for outsiders to fix what outsiders have broken. Our black republican brothers and sisters need to remember that.  The issues that exist within our communities were not born out of black people’s doings. We all must come together and help one another, not turn on one another. More importantly, we need blacks to stop asking whites to harm black people.

When blacks get up talking about how the RNC is going to help black people, ask them for evidence. Otherwise, ask them how much money they’re making to say those lies.  “Just as the slavemaster of that day used Tom, the house Negro, to keep the field Negroes in check, the same old slavemaster today has Negroes who are nothing but modern Uncle Toms, twentieth-century Uncle Toms, to keep you and me in check, to keep us in control, keep us passive and peaceful and nonviolent.” – Malcolm X

For those who this concerns: Willie D.  – Coon