Pepsi Lives Matter Barrows From BLM Inspiration

Pepsi Lives Matter Exploits Black Life For Profits

Today, Pepsi Lives Matter has dominated much of social media. Sadly, whether or not the new Pepsi commercial, featuring Kendall Jenner is exploiting black life is being debated. I’d say that I cannot believe it, but I would be lying. So much of what we have already discussed on SoPoCo explains why this is a debate.  White people are the only ones who can end racism, but they keep racism alive. White people defend the confederate flag, and defend police who murder unarmed blacks.

Now, almost all of us are convinced this, Pepsi Lives Matter commercial was put together by a marketing team made up of exclusively white people. How else does a commercial like this happen? There was clearly no one of color, in any of the decision making rooms to object! Unless, of course it was a coon who was more concerned with keeping their job.

Some reactions from this super insensitive, highly exploitative commercial from Pepsi.

This one, broke my heart.

Naturally white people, and others who support white supremacy are all over twitter telling the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. she is wrong. Black feelings are often disregarded. It does not matter how black people feel about these issues, we are wrong. This is why no black person no REAL black person was consulted on this.


Pepsi absolutely conveyed a message through this commercial that people are marching through the streets, with smiles on their faces. They literally show people dancing, playing music, and having a good time. You’ll notice plenty of white people in these ‘staged protests’, and not many people of color.

Then, Kendall Jenner pulls off her blonde wig, and has the black help, hold it for her.

She runs, to the FRONT of the protest line, and takes … a Pepsi to the police officer. The police officer drinks it, smiles, and the protesters jump, for joy.

What in the FUCK is there to be joyous about?

Pepsi lives matter more than black life apparently. Racist whites and those who support white supremacy are saying, “what is the problem?” One went as far as to tell me it’s not Pepsi’s job to make socially conscious ads, they sell Pepsi.  I absolutely agree with that statement.  The problem here is, Pepsi is using, socially conscious events, TO Sell Pepsi. It never mentions the blacks being murdered by police. Over 900 unarmed people murdered in 2016, and over 270 so far in 2017. The reasons that people are protesting police brutality, and marching were never conveyed in this commercial.  That’s the true definition of exploitation.  Take a very serious issue, and use it to sell our product.


Naturally white supremacists are saying this is no big deal. Isn’t that what we would expect though?

All in all, this ‘story’ is just more of the ongoing narrative that is Race Relations.  Whites continue to exploit blacks, while tuning out how blacks feel about being exploited. I’ll leave you with a few times we’ve addressed this ongoing narrative. You’ll notice a pattern, unless you’re blind. Color blind.