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NCAA Confederate Flag Discussion on ESPN: Amazing Racism

In 2017 the confederate flag is still being debated. Racist whites just refuse to let their symbols of hate go!

Racism on behalf of white people is amazing at times. Witness, a white man defend the ‘right’ of people to wave the Confederate flag. A black man, and a Jewish man explain why they are offended by the sight of the Confederate flag.  The obligatory white guy that the mainstream media (ESPN too) put on to convey the ‘other perspective’ did what he was paid to do.

The racism on display here, is utterly amazing. When asked, “Why isn’t it enough?” the question isn’t even given a response.

I think, that’s what we have to keep in mind when we watch television. They are, indeed, telling us ‘a vision’. (In their vision, black people need to be okay with white people’s racism! “Get over it black people, c’mon!”)

However, I think they really do find people who can relate to the ideas they are paid to convey.  The people who run these networks still want to push the vision that their ideas are right. So while every fiber of my being dislikes what he is saying, I’m glad he said it, on national television.

This is more evidence of this approach, that racist white people take to racism.

This is also why, only white people can end racism. They have to stop, racist white people from being racist. Someone has to jump in, while this racist white man is talking and defending ‘all these other reasons‘ for southern pride and tell him he’s full of shit.  Max, (being white and ‘allowed’ to play that role) does  jump in, in this clip though! We just need to see this happen more often than it does. However notice, Stephen A. knew his place, and only went as far, as he could without being fired. So, perhaps Max should have went even further, and pointed out how Stephen A. can’t really say what he ‘might’ really want to say, because this legacy of racism still haunts every level of the America we are all ‘trying’ to love.

“I Feel like we’re having two different conversations here” – Will Cain, responding to Max Kellerman

So the white man brought on the show to Defend the confederate flag, is Will Cain. I personally have never heard of him in my life, and have watched sports for most of it. Perhaps he played in one of the more predominantly white sports. Maybe he is just the typical white guy who went to college for Journalism, and finds steady employment because he has the right ‘paperwork’.

All I know is, when he mentions that he felt that there were two different conversations going on, it was his only moment of truth.

Will Cain and Max Kellerman
Will Cain clearly hired to express the views of white supremacists including the defense of flying the confederate flag. We’ve seen this tactic deployed by the media on other networks as well. (Bill O’Reilly comes to mind)

He knew there were two different conversations going on.

Because he was the culprit! While both, Stephen A. Smith, and Max lay out a case for why the confederate flag is a symbol of slavery, Will Cain decided to talk about everything else it symbolizes, instead. Like, Southern Pride. What in the fuck is Southern Pride? What are they Proud of?  Regional pride would make so much sense, if the people from that region had done anything positive in their history. But that isn’t what the history of the south is filled with. Instead, their historical past, is filled with Lynchings, Rape, Slavery and Murder.

What heritage are they talking about, that needs to be, honored?

Does Will Cain realize that he’s basically saying it does not matter how Blacks, or Jews feel about the confederate flag?

Because in a nutshell, that is what he said.

He did it in a nice way though!

First he acknowledged all the ‘feelings’ that blacks and even non-blacks (Like Max) have towards that evil symbol of hate, enslavement, and disenfranchisement.

When asked if all those reasons are ‘enough’ to STOP waving it in everyone’s face the white man, Will Cain, simply ignored the question.

He used, a common white supremacist tactic called deflection.

Rather than answer their question, he decided to ask THEM a question instead.

 (Wait…. let me get accurate; This racist white mother fucker actually said, “I understand any African American OR any HUMAN BEING, like Max here,….” before throwing all his ‘questions’ back’. Notice the distinction he made, between African Americans, and Human Beings.)

Will says, the confederate flag means ‘more’ than just slavery to people. He says it means, regional pride, and regional identity. He ignores all statements that the flag is a symbol of hate. Says, it’s ‘more than just a symbol of hate’, and blames other people for why the debate keeps on going.

That way, Will Cain never has to just admit, that the mother fucking confederate flag is racist – and is a symbol of hate. He just avoids admitting, that the only people who want to wave that flag, are racist white people who hate blacks. (and sometimes, Uncle Toms, and Coons who hate themselves)

This is what’s so amazing about racism at times.

When it’s (racism is) argued into a corner, with lights shining brightly upon it, it still has the Gaul to say ….

I’m Not Racist.

Racism is so defiant and disrespectful.  Why was this discussion happening?

Because, a group of racist white people, want to force this issue (Read more about the NCAA lifting its’ ban on South Carolina here). They decided to fly their racist symbol of hate, in the same state where Dylan Roof murdered 9 innocent black people.  This ‘small group of white terrorists’ wanted to remind all the people coming to watch Black basketball players of where they were!  That symbol is as bad as the ISIS flag, for all that it symbolizes. In spite of this flag being the reason the NCAA had stopped holding events in the state, this ‘group’ wanted to fly the flag anyway.

These people do not care about how blacks feel. They are racist.

Why would racist whites, care about how blacks feel?

Here is more from Will Cain dismissing how blacks feel on his Twitter account.

Witch Hunts. This is how white supremacists continue to justify NOT doing anything about white terrorism.  The entire idea is talked about as if it’s just a witch hunt! No racism here. Of course, anyone who thinks racism is still happening in the white community, is just incapable of complex thought.  Makes me wonder how someone this racist, is employed to discuss an industry that is largely dominated by African AmericansThat is the reason historically that racist whites have claimed explains why blacks tend to excel in sports.

Afterall, during slavery blacks were ‘bred’ to be ‘more’ athletic.

Here’s Will Cain getting racial discussing the ‘genetics’ of Lebron Jame’s kids, over Lavar Balls.

Dylan Roof also ‘proudly’ flew this hateful symbol.  The confederate flag was prominently displayed in most of his selfies.

We know how he felt, and still feels about black people.  Will Cain, continued to not answer the question of Why isn’t it enough, that it offends decent people (because of what it stands for) to stop flying the flag?  While he continues to defend the ‘rights’ of white people to just not see the problem with it.  He just continued to suggest, that since white people in Alabama and Texas have ‘decided’ it’s not a symbol of hate, that it’s not a symbol of hate. 

Because, racist whites, don’t give a shit, about how blacks feel (like this all white debate on racism). They never have.

“The Confederate battle flag, represents the fight, for, slavery. So people who are offended by the kidnapping, and raping of millions are going to be offended. I am one of those people. So for those who raise that flag, what kind of person are you?” – Max Kellerman

White people like Will Cain are evil, and I hope we’re starting to understand that.

He (like most white supremacists do) disregards how blacks feel.

Whether he truly feels that way in his heart who knows. But if he is willing to accept a paycheck, to spread these ideas of hate, then there is nothing good about the man.

He’s saying plain as day in this discussion, it does not matter what blacks feel about the flag, if white people don’t feel that way, then that is all that matters.

To me, that’s racist and evil as fuck!

Let me know if you agree below!

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