Modern Racism Paula Dean

Modern Racism: George Zimmerman, Paula Dean and The Voting Rights Act

(Modern Racism:) Can this all be happening at the same time?

Bodisativa recently said it’s a new sun cycle – we should expect nothing less.

The same week that Paula Dean gets to watch her global brand unravel, the George Zimmerman Trial begins – and the Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of the Voters Rights Act, signed by President Johnson – an act that Thousands of people gave their lives for – more evidence that the key issue of racism has never been dealt with – and it’s only getting worse.

Just this past week I discovered that CNN participated in racist propaganda journalism comparing the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr to an ‘angry black man’

There is a history behind this racial slur – and it ties into the other racial slur used by Paula Dean and her brother; and perhaps Millions of white people in the South; and the North – throughout the American Nation – a slur and an attitude towards black people that has kept the relationship between whites and blacks, unhealthy to say the least.

Referring to the Great Dr. King as an ‘angry black man’ undermines the real meaning of the Civil Rights Movement – it underestimates the impact of racial oppression on the black race.

It comes across as suggesting that these are not real issues; that instead – Dr. King was just angry – which suggests he was Emotional or Irrational.

This term infers that all ‘angry black men’ – are not Rational black men.

A Rational black man would be an intelligent black man; but an Ignorant black man – would be an N-word.

This VIEW of black people as Niggers – is behind it all; this idea that black people are not worthy of respect; this idea and way of thinking is behind George Zimmerman’s actions; as her referred to Trayvon on the 911 call as “these punks always get away” … exactly what kind of punks do we all think He was referring to?

In the Second Day of The Zimmerman Trial –  tapes were played for the judge, exposing that George Zimmerman called the Police 50 times in the past 2 years; presumably from the sample of tapes played today, most of those calls were about Black Men in his neighborhood.  While a decision is forthcoming on whether or not the Jury will be able to hear these tapes, and I personally hope they are allowed – the jury did get shown pictures of the victim in this case. Another black youth shot – and the Mainstream media seems to continue to be sympathetic towards Zimmerman, instead of the kid laying dead in the grass.

Which reminds me of a recent Episode from HBO’s Vice “Guns and Oil” – which features a story on what is happening in Chicago right now – an explosion of gun violence – that is impacting black youth; but no one is talking about this; 15 white kids are killed in Sandyhook and the President is up in arms; but black kids are being shot every single day – as a Nation when are we going to start SHOWING our love and concern for black people?

Watch a Clip from “Vice: The Morning After episide 9”

I guess when we grow up and stop seeking to STRIP black people of Equal Rights – like what’s currently going on with the Voting Rights Act –

Check out this clip from NBC

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It’s Really Going down – This means that states can make sudden changes, let’s say the night before – and the Federal Gov’t cannot stop them.
This isn’t really a good thing – especially for black people, when the current VIEW of black people – by non blacks, is as negative as it still is.

The reason things like the Voting Rights Act, and Affirmative Action (which is no longer around) were put in place – is to Police a race of people who have refused to police themselves on this issue of Racism.

Sure there is a small handful of Good white people who continue to speak out on behalf of those who do not have a voice; Including the awesome and brave reporters from Vice – but the simple fact is – Not nearly enough is being done to make a real impact; The gay rights movement and the current illegal immigrant rights movement have been distractions; that have kept us from getting these issues resolved.

Soon, the Supreme Court will rule on Same Sex Marriages – I can only imagine which way they’re going to Swing.  Clearly the attitudes towards homosexuals is far more positive than the attitudes towards African Americans.  Even though Homosexuals have USED the struggles of African Americans to get to this place; where state by state, is changing their views of Homosexuality. They’re firing people for using Homosexual Slurs; but debating whether or not people should be fired for Racial slurs. All while holding onto their Racist Views of African Americans and possibly soon – bringing back policies that shut black people further and further out of the Struggle for Equality.

Modern Racism follows the rules of the southern strategy. It’s less upfront, and mostly code words and dog whistles. It operates under plausible deniability.

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