Racist White People Caused this Tragedy

Too Many Racist White People In America

There are too many Racist white people in America. If you’re one of the white people in America who isn’t a racist, and you cannot wait to jump up and tell us, please sit your ass back down.

I’ve had enough of white people rushing to seek Congratulations for not being like the rest of their repugnant race. Fuck any of you who feel “I’m a racist” For saying white culture is repugnant. At what point will white people own up to what they come from, and call a spade, a spade?

Racist white people continue to get away with doing and saying racist things.  Whenever they act up, white society comes to their aid.  After initially declaring the problem was on both sides, the President read a prepared statement the following day. Then today, he went back to his real feelings that everyone is to blame for this problem. It isn’t, the racist white people, but everyone ….

While it was totally batshit crazy during this press conference for Donald Trump to compare Robert E. Lee to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, he kinda had a point.

Both of them were slave owners, who raped their slaves. They both set up a nation in which ideas like White people are better than blacks, and blacks are not fully human, were common place. It is largely because they created that KIND Of nation that Robert E. Lee and others from the South felt they were doing ‘the right thing’.

This “Original Sin of America” called racism – continues to plague us to this day. Because even after fighting a Civil War, white people allowed white people to fly their Confederate Flags. White people allowed white people to erect monuments to their fallen ‘heroes’ who stood for Racial Inequality, Racial Injustice, and the Idea that America belongs to White people only.

White people have collectively, done the bare minimum.


Whenever we start talking about the racism that continues to be a problem in our society today, some white person says “Hey, look at me, I’m not racist!”

Or, worse, a WHITE Moderate jumps up and says “Hey, I’m fighting for you black people and I should not be generalized along with other white people when I am on your side!” …. sit your ass down too.


Desus and Mero discuss Racist Killer’s Mom

We keep telling you motha fuckas. When you don’t tell your racist Uncle he’s a racist he might drive his car through a group of people. She’s probably a racist too though, it’s how they are radicalized, through the little innocent comments. “I didn’t know it had anything to do with White supremacists, I thought it (alt-right) had to do with Trump. But Trump isn’t a White Supremacists….” …. – Desus & Mero remarks

All jokes aside, this is excellent reporting.

The mother of this killer says she had no idea what her sons political views were. Why do white people do this? Her son dresses like Hitler, hangs out with all white people, and she lies and claims he had an ‘Aferican Amercan’ Friend. Like she struggled to even say the words. Then, icing on the cake, she came with the ‘Donald Trump is not a racist’ line, that all white people keep spouting in spite of several decades of evidence showing he’s, in fact, racist as fuck.

Racist White people always do this.

They pretend not to ‘know’ anything, when one of their own is caught red handed doing some racist shit. They always disavow any knowledge of that person being a racist. They’ll even go as far as to challenge whether or not the person is a racist, in spite of doing something racist.

This is why Heather Heyer lost her life.

This is why Deandre Harris was attacked by a mob of cowardly white men, beating a defenseless man.


George Zimmerman, attacked a defenseless Trayvon Martin.

Police officers in NY attacked a defenseless Eric Garner and choked him to death. No indictment.

White people are always picking on people who cannot defend themselves, because they know they’ve got each other’s back. So whenever white people want to stand up and declare how good they are, we need them to sit their ass back down.  You have not earned the right to gloat, or ask for recognition.  No one gives a damn about the 10% of white people who aren’t going around shouting out Heil Hitler, Heil Trump, or Heil our Heritage which isn’t Hate.

So what, none of you are making a difference.

Your culture, white culture is a problem for non-white people.

White people need to adopt NEW ideas. The OLD Ideas you have which include how none of you can do anything about it, are outdated. They need to go away. We’ve seen how you handle people’s aversion to calling Bruce Jenner by his new chosen name.

You’ve gone out of your way to make sure the KKK has the right to protest, and share their views no matter how hate filled they may be. But if black lives matter hits the streets to protest, you’re mad that you’re going to be late to work. Colin Kaepernick can’t get a mother fucking JOB because he had nerve to use his free speech to say Police shouldn’t be getting away with murder.

You white people find ways to get everything you want to get done, done.

But you can’t seem to get rid of racism from YOUR culture?

Yea, Fucking, Right.

You white people could stop this shit if you ‘wanted’ to. You allow it, you permit it, and you are all to blame for it’s ongoing existence in YOUR country.

Vice News caught all the ugly truth on Film; This cannot be debated. The Alt-Right is Very Organized. This is Organized Crime.

Good white people aren’t going around asking for a pat on the back.

They’re the 10% of white culture, putting VIDEO evidence out and actually falling out with family members over this. They take it serious enough to actually understand that this is a problem. They’re not making excuses or claiming the problem is on ‘both sides’ ….

They’re not asking for anyone to affirm them. They know what they are doing. We all know.

We have a fight on our hands, and if you’re busy fighting racist white people, you ain’t got time to ask for an award.