I don’t Think They Heard You Yeezy – Blood On The Leaves

Kanye West – Blood On the Leaves … I don’t think They Heard you Yeezy!


Uhhh … yea …

Fuck Them Other Niggas cuz I’m Down for my Niggas — I don’t think people even realized he was using that sample (the drums and some of the horns) on this one ….

While discussing some deep stuff – Blood on the Leaves, Strange Fruit Hanging From The Trees ….

Fuck Them Other Niggas cuz I’m Down for Mine … and I don’t think They Heard YEEZY on this one :: some folks do not know what it’s like to have people that you thought were down for you and turned out, they were not ……… who’s Really, Really in your Corner? Sometimes LIFE teaches you — Modern Racism, and even Slavery gets discussed often on SoPoCo … and we have, and will discuss how the environment of slavery, pitting black people Against each other, has spilled over into Today’s Generation —- and so much Division; continues to plague the community; where several are finding themselves in similar situations as the community was in, during slavery …

When Strange Fruit … hung from the trees …

Blood on the Leaves ..

uhhh … I don’t think they heard You Yeezy – See, there’s a Lot of Kanye Hate going around lately; You won’t hear that from this corner – I don’t look up to Entertainers like that … so their behavior does not shock or surprise me. They face things on a day to day basis that the average person could not really imagine … so for them to act ‘out’ – throw some cameras on the ground, or be drunk in public – hey … all part of what helps them Cope I’m sure … because No place is more Cuthroat than the Music Industry; Backstabbing is a skillset that many Must have to make it; Blood on the Leaves …

We could’ve been somebody – if we stuck together – worked together – believed in each other – had each other’s back; every man for himself leaves us all assed out; Blood on the Leaves … for real. (the Original Video) —


So … this brings me to the “N” word … that’s been discussed on these pages as well – Yeezy said it, C-Murder, Snoop Dog and Magic? … all said it … So why couldn’t Paula Dean admit to saying it while being asked about it in a deposition? ………….. what’s the big deal right?

You just gave us TWO songs that prove you call each other that word All The time ……… (the reader may say)

And the response is almost always the same – excuses made for the usage of the word; even in context (referencing to the lyrics of the songs) – the overall message missed. Blood, still on the leaves. And just from this ONE subject, the conversation can go in so many different directions. Leaving nothing done, or accomplished – blood, still on the leaves.

While we bicker over who ‘should’ be able to say the word; we ignore what the word has done to the people – and we ignore the … Strange Fruit – acting as if it’s normal.

Sing to em’ Billie …