George Zimmerman Trial coverage

Powerful Testimony In the 4th Day Of The Zimmerman Trial

The 4th Day of The Zimmerman Trial included powerful Testimony from Two women. The first was the neighbor who called 911 as the confrontation was unfolding. I watched the live stream this morning as her testimony was given, just after the conclusion of Rachel Jenteal, who was brought back to conclude her testimony from day 3.

The Defense was getting on my nerves, and seemingly the nerves of others on Facebook and several other Social Media websites. What especially disturbed me was the part where the defense wanted to infer that, ‘people in your community (the black community) refer to whites as Crackers … right?”

This line of questioning was SO Racist. No one objected.

How is he going to take the conversation of two black teens and infer that the Entire Black Community calls white people crackers? So Fucking Racist.

Here is the full Day 2 testimony of Rachel Jenteal …

It is such a shame that this is a Racial issue but, it’s a Racial issue no matter how we want to slice it.

When we consider the shooter, who he shot, and why he shot him, the answers conclude at Racism.

This ugly divisive ideology that is Seeped into American Culture and society, continues to cause us problems.

Soon I’ll be discussing how the Gay Rights Movement and the Illegal Immigrants Rights Movement are both huge distractions birthed out of a Nation that has refused to deal with how America Treated black people for over 400 years in this country.

The ‘attitude’ of most non black people towards this entire issue is to blame; It is the root cause of why Trayvon Martin lost his life. While many black people are aware that black people lose their lives every single day, often at the hands of Other black people – the fact that it happens so often is all Resting in this current case. This case really sums it all up.

Just think of how many Black Men have been shot because they were ‘dressed like’ someone else. Black men have been dying over mistaken identity for years. America has refused to deal with this issue, and its root causes. White people born into privilege have refused to help do anything about the stereotypes running rampant in our society – even though most of their privilege is a direct result of the misery black people are born into.

Our History and our Present are linked – but white people refuse to admit that they need to help address these issues; and because of their refusal, other issues have cropped up.

This has been an Interesting week in America. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was rendered ‘outdated’ … and the next day, Gay Marriage was overturned as ‘unconstitutional’ – and now the immigrants who have been causing the vast majority of unemployment and economic downturn in America are about to be granted rights as well.

Who do these decisions hurt most?

Black people.

50% unemployment in the black community is entirely due to the fact that the jobs many of them would qualify for, are going to illegal immigrants instead. Partially because we’re not policing our borders and enforcing laws; Partially because companies do not want to pay Health & Dental benefits, and if possible, prefer not to pay Minimum Wage.

While this does impact a Much Smaller % of the White Community (about 12%) – the fact that this mostly impacts the black community is the primary reason it has gotten out of hand. The white community making the choice not to care about the black community is actually starting to hurt and impact, the white community.

I recently read that Christians are now feeling like they’re under attack due to the Gay Rights Movement, successfully redefining marriage in the Country. But, that’s not all. The NBA began fining players for using homosexual slurs, started filming commercials to tell people it’s no longer okay to call people ‘gay’ as an insult. Then we had Jason Collins make his ‘announcement’ – look at all the efforts, and energy put into making people Change their Views about gay people.

But this kind of effort has never taken place to challenge people’s views on Blacks.

See, what began as a ‘white problem’ – an ideology that involves viewing black people in a negative light, their racist virus spread to other communities. The L.A. Riots are well documented for Korean Owned businesses being looted and burned down, due to how Korean business owners were treating their mostly black customers. Black people were fed up. They had enough. They burned down their stores and ran most of them out.

Because they were Shooting Black People due to their fear of black people.

These racist views spread to the Hispanic Community – who in spite of having a very crime riddled culture themselves – will often look at black people as some kind of threat.

Enter George Zimmerman.

In spite of the rain … he see’s a black kid in his white neighborhood wearing a hoodie, because it is raining, and decides this black kid must be up to something.

He plays hero, because “these punks always get away” …

He Shoots the black kid in cold blood.

Then doesn’t run away because he has a relationship with the Police. He isn’t worried about getting charged with murdering a black kid in a hoodie. He knows the Police will be able to understand that he was afraid for his life. Afterall, the black kid was big, and had a bag of skittles….

What exactly makes Him feel so comfortable after violating every protocol of Neighborhood watching, by leaving his vehicle, and killing someone?


This inside ‘joke’ that non black people have; where they have all decided to team up against the black community.

While there are always non-blacks ready to Counter-argue that ‘not all of them are this way’ – too many black men are Dying every single day because of Racism.

FUCK YOUR POINT OF VIEW for a moment…. it’s not worth us arguing over whether or not there are GOOD white people, or good Asian people, or good Hispanic people – that DO NOT look at black people as threats –

But while we’re arguing over that —- as if we black people are Totally Unaware of this fact — Black men are Dying Every Single Day because of Racism.

We don’t have TIME TO keep fucking arguing over WHO is GOOD;

We need White people to HELP STOP Racism so black people can STOP DYING from it.

IF you’re a GOOD white person; NOW is the time to SHOW US how good you are; not TELL US.

White people need to stop defending George Zimmerman, as if they were there.

Because this trial has exposed, once again, how divided we still are on Race. However … haven’t we just had an ongoing exposure of how racist this nation is by Electing a Black President? Barack Obama has caught hell for every single decision made during his 2 terms so far. Seemingly the people who hate him, are all white.

Why is that?

– even the white woman on the stand today, who gives an incredibly powerful testimony, stated that she did not want to take sides in this case. I do appreciate that. Perhaps she’s unable to do that because she is a witness. Even though she makes THE CALL that allows us to hear those awful, final moments, she does not want to jump to the conclusion that George is a bad guy.

No one wants to feel that Paula Dean is a bad person either.

I’m still bothered that Kramer lost it on stage, called black people Niggers, and almost every white person in Hollywood said, “He’s not a bad guy, he just had a bad night”.

(just happened to find this; I take no responsibility for the title – but this is what really happened. He came on the show, people laughed about it, denied being a racist, and no one called him a bad guy for it. He has not really worked much since, but he’s not hurting financially… in fact he got a role on Curb your Enthusiasm, and is still a writer in Hollywood – no real punishment for Racism towards black people.)

At what point are we going to view racists people as bad people?

Oh black people are racist too though! Isn’t that what some of you want to say to me right now??

Yea … black people get treated like absolute trash for generation, after generation, but … black people are supposed to have a positive view of white people. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Bill Maher said it best, most white people say “There is no racism anymore, except for Reverse Racism, that shit is real!”

Black people have done absolutely NOTHING to harm white people.


Trayvon Martin did absolutely NOTHING to George Zimmerman…

Other than walk home from the store at the wrong time.

We need a miracle.

We need white people to miraculously awaken to the reality that they are actually able to help; but are refusing to help, and that is causing more harm than anything else ever has.

With the kind of Denial of Racism that happens; Soon Slavery will be back – white people will deny it’s happening. Black people will start getting lynched again, hung on trees, and white people will pretend it’s not happening. How much longer can the black community afford this ‘its’ not happening’ attitude of white people?

Ok…. I don’t want white people to think I hate them.

That happens when I express views like these over the years; especially online – personally I think it’s a tactic of denying racism; and keeping everyone distracted from doing anything about racism.

I’m Glad Jenna Lauer picked up the Phone and dialed 911 – her testimony today was so powerful; stating that the fight was so close it sounded as if they were in her living room; she called the pleas for help “Desperate” – and it moved her enough to immediately dial 911. She stated that only One person was yelling, not two.

(full testimony)

But, national media likes to point out that we’re still not sure who’s voice it was…. smh

So, thank God for the 2nd Woman to testify today – the Other neighbor who also heard the scuffle, and the gunshot and came Outside to see what just happened. She mentioned seeing One person on Top of the Other. One got up and moved – the other laid there, with only their leg moving … in what clearly was the last moments of Trayvon’s life.

Her name … Selma Mora

Who gave her testimony in Spanish, using a translator, she exposed a point of view No one has had until now. She unlike Jenna Lauer who, stayed inside to avoid danger, ran outside – not knowing it was a gun shot, and saw enough to suggest that perhaps something even worse happened.

Why was George Zimmerman on TOP of Trayvon?

Did he Shoot him, and then, Choke him to death too?

Was he Taunting Him?

What the FUCK was he Doing straddling him, as Selma Mora described?

Here’s Selma Mora’s entire testimony.

Clearly Jenna Lauer did the right thing by calling when she did. I do wonder what would have happened if she knew Trayvon was black? Would that have changed her decision – which was the right thing to do?

I am saddened that I have to wonder that.

I wish I didn’t – because while this was the RIGHT thing to do – while it seems clear what happened – There are lots of white people who are still … unsure. When She made the statement that she didn’t want to take sides; I was confused at whether or not she just wanted to be unbias; or … it’s that typical decision not to call fellow non-black people racist.

I’m glad she did it – if she hadn’t – George Zimmerman would not be on trial right now. Based on the decision of the Police at the time, he was Innocent and Free to Go.

Then when we consider Selma Mora, who does NOT speak English, would her testimony be enough alone to convict Zimmerman? Let’s be honest – most likely not. The fact that this happened near the home of a white couple, and a white woman made the call, may be the only real hope for Justice to be done.

With the jury consisting of 5 white women, and 1 Hispanic woman, there is a good chance they will view a white woman as a credible source. It’s just too bad she was unwilling to state that she believed the voice yelling for help, to be the person who was Shot. Because if she would have said she felt it was Trayvon, this case would be Over today.

Many people have mixed reviews to the Testimony of Rachel Jenteal – while Yahoo News suggests the women on the jury will feel sympathetic for her, as a mother would for a daughter who’s being picked on – black people fear that the jury will not see it that way… because of how most black people have been Seen by whites in America – for so long, even today…

I hope that others reading this will Understand this Huge Point I’m making.

White people have tremendous Power in this nation, whether they decide to admit it; or not… “To whom much is given, much is expected.” The decision white people make every day, to not be involved in the Fight to end racism, hurts black people – and is going to hurt them as well.

We’re IN this Together White people … We need your help, in doing the right thing.

This Society we now share can change for the better overnight; simply by white people Making a decision to START helping black people out; to start Really fighting Racism from within THEIR own community; and then in Other communities as well (asian and hispanic) – because while most white people have been Sold a lie, that today things are better for black people; the reality is – this nation may be Quickly Slipping back into the opposite direction.

This entire trial is the biggest most obvious evidence we have. It is playing out in front of us.

And My Watch for Justice, continues….