Closing Arguments Underway: Bernie de la Rionda the Closer

Wow … as a friend of mine said on Facebook about 30 minutes ago … “The Prosecution wore His Kick-Ass shoes Today”

That really sums it up too.

Bernie de la RiondaI’ve been watching the Closing Arguments in The Zimmerman Trial (most of it at least) – all the way up to the Break; Now I’m back and all of what I’ve seen (about 2 hours worth today) has been riveting. I Feel we just saw the “If it does not fit…” moment – as prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda has taken every single bit of testimony that George Zimmerman has given – and has used it skillfully against him.

There was a fuss over whether or not George Zimmerman would testify.

He doesn’t have to. He talked, and talked, and talked so much and so often – that there is more than enough evidence to Prove 2nd Degree Murder; in spite of what Most Media Outlets are reporting. Perhaps it’s all part of the ‘Brainwashing’ That happens So often in our society – by the Media – who often are the Agents of Change – influencing decisions and ideas of those who trust them to report, the truth.

What I feel is happening today, is the Truth is being exposed.

It will be Spun by the Media however; and most will continue to say it’s unclear – if anyone is watching the Trial Live, like Myself and many of our Lead Contributors here at SoPoCo have been – it’s pretty Obvious that Trayvon Martin was stalked, and murdered by a depraved mind who has no regard for human life.

This case, like so much that goes on in our American Society prove that the Value of Black Life is not where it needs to be. Not if we want to consider ourselves a Great Nation. Yes we’ve overcome quite a bit and made awesome improvements, and changes – but we have a problem with Resting on our Laurels and acting like it’s enough – when it’s clearly not enough.

How many more black men need to die because of our Lack of Action – driven by a lack of value, for the lives of black people in America?

I know there are those in the media who also suggest this is Not a Racial case; in fact – when I stepped away from the case, I went to the bank and tuned into a Talk Radio show – where just this very thing was occurring; Spinning of Truth and Facts – a guest was asked why he felt that Race was not part of this case – and he angered me with his responses.

But, due to my understanding of how things to, I realize that he’s just doing his job.

As many well educated people will say, Racism is Institutionalized. It’s really ‘part of our system’ – and it permeates throughout the system – so that when things are happening that are obviously race-motivated, and if that race is black – there seems to be a reaction to deny that Race is involved.

The arguments have concluded – and Mr. de la Rionda did a Masterful job of using the facts of the case to show that Trayvon Martin was ‘profiled’.

Profiling is Racial.

It’s the ‘idea’ that when you or I see a black man, that the black man is up to no good.

This idea is supported by the mass media; Movies, Television Shows, and Music are all devoted to depicting black men as criminals.

The fact that this 17 year old kid was visiting his father, and walked to the store for something to drink; but never came back home all because of Ideas that Black Men Are Criminals – is not bothering the Majority in America for some very odd reason. This should be so bothersome to everyone that this happened, that there really should not have been a trial. However, there are just way too many people still, who’d rather protect the ‘idea’ that white people are no longer racist, and black people never get racially profiled – that they’re going to incredible lengths to ‘pretend’ that this Fucking Punk, George Zimmerman, really killed Trayvon Martin in ‘self defense’.

This was Obviously 2nd Degree Murder, and Manslaughter.

The defense will make their closing arguments next – My Watch For Justice, continues.

Closing Arguments – Prosecution – Warning some violent images may be shown – and the Audio does cut out from time to time

These Part 1 Closing arguments are so compelling. Who is more scared? The guy being followed or the guy in the Truck with a Gun?  He brings up how Racheal Jentel, the only person who can tell us how Trayvon was feeling, mentions that perhaps he thought he was being stalked by a sex pervert. Let’s not pretend we do not live in a world where only young girls are victims of sex perverts.  Young Boys are too. Who knows what Trayvon was thinking that night – As Bernie points out, he can’t tell us.

But when we consider what happened, all of what happened – the Truth is clear. At least it’s clear to me.

“You can’t just look at it in a vacuum”  –

This is what so many people are doing. They fast forward to the fight itself and ignore everything that ‘led up to it.’

There is always an Order of Events – things don’t ‘just happen’ – Racism didn’t ‘just happen’ – Black people saying the N Word didn’t ‘just happen’ – Racial Profiling didn’t ‘just happen’ – there have been Events that led up to what we’re all going through and experiencing now. Just as there were Events that led up to Trayvon Martin losing his life.

To blame Trayvon Martin for the loss of his life, is utterly ridiculous.

Just as ridiculous as blaming black people for using the n word, or even referring to white people as cracker  – pretending that we can just look at things, in a Vacuum.

We do this way too much as a society. Rarely do we look at anything in its full context. We are so microwave mentality minded that we want everything summed up.

We want the vacuum.

But – we get so many things wrong and create even more injustice by taking this approach.

We’re not motivated to make the right decisions; or even view situations in the proper way – because we’re not looking at the full context.

Today, Bernie de la Rionda really gave the jurors the full context. They allowed all of the testimony from all of the people called to the stand, and all the video and audio to show us a picture of a man, who took MMA classes, is not very honest, had a gun – and clearly decided to “act like the Police”.

His dad is a former Judge.

His best friend is a Police Officer.

George Zimmerman has gotten Hundreds of Thousands of dollars SENT to him by people who ‘felt sorry’ for him.

I hope we see the big picture.

He’s gotten preferential treatment because he’s Not black.

The color of his skin has actually gotten sympathy. While the color of Trayvon’s skin has garnered almost none.

IF he gets off – which so many people feel may happen; due to the History of Black people getting beat down in America, time and time again – I PRAY there are no Riots – and I PRAY things do not get crazy – IF he goes to Jail for this; I Pray we Can start to hold a discussion about how this whole thing got out of hand in the first place.

“This Defendant is Lying About What Happened” –

We have to stop lying America.

We have to stop coming to the defense of Liars.

That’s a whole ‘nother topic though.

Yet, it’s all related.

When we look at things in a vacuum we are lying about the rest of the story. We’re intentionally leaving it out, so that the story ‘sounds better’ than it really is.

The Lie that Racism is over – the lie that Race is not still impacting black people in a negative way in America – this LIE must stop.

And we can start, by putting a liar behind bars for killing an innocent kid, walking home from the store to watch a game, with his brother.

“How do you (without any real Legal Training) arrive at a decision that is Just?”

1. You Rely on the Evidence (the witness testimony)

2. You Rely on the Law (that will be read to you)

3. You Rely on your God given Common Sense

“Do you really believe there is an innocent man sitting over there…. that it really isn’t his fault, that Trayvon Martin is dead?” – Bernie de la Rionda, Closer