angela rye defends black women at work

Angela Rye Defends Black Women At Work On Tom Lemon’s Show

Angela Rye defends April Ryan, and as she points out, it’s a damn shame she even has to!  I follow Angela Rye on Instagram and caught the screen shot. I could not wait to find this clip!

Maxine’s Angels reporting for duty. #TeamMaxine #BlackWomenatWork

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So much about this clip is bothersome to anyone with a moral fiber in their body. It’s yet, another example of how white supremacist  FORCE their ideas on other people.  The white man in this video, is loud and obnoxious. He cuts off other people and throws out arguments that aren’t equal. He makes comparisons that are not comparible.

What he’s doing are learned tactics.

This is what white supremacy looks like ladies and gents.


In this conversation with Tom Lemon are Angela Rye, Symone Sanders, and noted coon, Paris Dennard. The white guy is Ben Ferguson. The conversation is happening for a reason that should not be happening. Two black women were attacked in the same damn day, just for being #BlackWomenAtWork (Which later ended up trending on Twitter.)  First, early in the morning on Fox and Friends, noted racist, and white supremacist Bill O’reilly attacked black hair, while insulting Rep. Maxine Waters.

While addressing a very serious matter that has been raised – whether or not we have an illegitimate President in the white house.

Bill decided to instead, make fun of how Maxine Waters looks.

Listen, the conversation on whether or not Russia has invaded our nation is something any real patriot SHOULD Take seriously. I don’t understand how it’s become so political. Yes, it is unfortunate, that it appears that one of the political parties is highly involved with Russia. Again, I say it ‘appears’. We don’t know, without a real investigation. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. What has come out, since The “White Suprise” moment of the last century is nothing short of emergency level shit.

I know, we’re going about it in a VERY nonchalant way.

However, global white supremacy could be making a real move. That whole, conspiracy theory of a one world government ‘may‘ be unfolding. All the while, Alex Jones (possibly a clone) is acting as their main mouthpiece to spread misdirection.  While telling all of us, that Trump is running the globalist out (again I’m talking the people who follow this stuff for a moment), the exact opposite ‘may‘ be unfolding. That’s at least how it appears.

Yet, for some odd reason … anytime it’s brought up, it becomes a huge fight.

It’s like they don’t want the discussion to even be happening!

That’s why we have this segment where Angela Rye defends April Ryan, because as you saw she was attacked by Sean Spicer. April Ryan asked a simple question and was literally talked to as if she’s not even a credible journalist. She was accused of having an agenda, and that might be accurate.

Her agenda, apparently, is to get some answers on Collusion.

So, by all means I totally can understand why Spicer and others would deny Collusion. However, ‘the way’ they go about doing it, raises suspicions.

They aren’t calming fears.  Each day the public grows in anger and outrage. The approval rating continues to drop as more lies and disrespect are spit out through these, disastrous press conferences. If there is nothing to hide, why do they keep trying to silence this black journalist for?

Sean Spicer tells April Ryan, “Don’t shake Your Head At Me”

Why is he telling her ‘how’ to react to his response? “No, We Don’t Have That!” Notice how white supremacists tell lies. Let’s not shit ourselves, or one another. We all know that white supremacists have taken the nation back right? Okay, let us proceed.

Going back to the top, as Angela Rye defends April Ryan she mentioned the ‘ongoing attacks’ by the White House. She mentioned the time Omorosa tried intimidating April Ryan, telling her that Trump had a ‘book’ of troublesome journalist. She was told, back in February that she was one of those people he had ‘an eye on’ ….

What kinda fucking Nazi Communist gestapo bullshit is that?

Angela Rye mentioned the incident where Trump confronted April Ryan asking her to set up a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus.  That was a comical moment in history. (it also happened right after the Omorosa incident). Trump was already upset that a black woman would dare ask him a question. What angered him more is that he was asked about something, he knew nothing about.

His response to ‘will you include the CBC in your conversation (about improving inner-cities)’?

His immediate response was ….Who?

Donald has never heard of the CBC before. After April Ryan filled him in, he asked her to set up the meeting as if she isn’t employed already.

April Ryan’s job is a journalist and yet, she’s doing her job. That job is to ask questions. For some reason she keeps being treated as if she isn’t, doing her job.

black women at work

More from #BlackWomenAtWork (common everyday experiences black women have, in the White work place….)

Especially this one here. “Stop Denying Reality”….

Because the media always brings on their white supremacist to present their nonsensical points, Angela Rye defends the credibility of April Ryan. Ben Ferguson’s tactics are similar to what Will Cain does while arguing for confederate flag waivers.

The initial video we shared, shows Ben Ferguson suggesting that making fun of black hair, is ‘the same’ as people making fun of Trump’s hair.  It isn’t. Everyone knows that it isn’t the same, but the argument is pushed out there anyways. Angela Rye defends Maxine Waters beautifully here along with Symone Sanders. Angela mentions that Bill just cannot handle her, so he has to take shots at her appearance. That was the truth. That is their tactic, deflection.

Unfortunately, after all the yelling and screaming I don’t think a mutual understanding was reached.

I’m not sure the white man was even interested in understanding these two eloquent black women speak on this very real issue.  Angela Rye defends black women, while being talked over and cut off. The smirk on the face of the white guy pushing his agenda, along with the lost face of a coon. History unfolds every day.  Stay Tuned in and Stay Watchful at all times.

*update – November 4th, 2017 – since writing this article Bill O’reilly has been fired from his ‘job’ as an influencer. Also we have learned about cases of ‘sexual abuse’, where Fox paid millions of dollars to accusers to remain silent. It becomes even more clear, as we look at our society that some people are more corrupt than others. We have to be careful about who we follow, and take sides with. On so many issues, including this one, history will continue to show us who was right. Read more about what race baiting actually is – a topic Angela Rye hits on in this featured discussion.