covid19 fussing frustrrated 5g

Fussing and Frustrated Through Covid19

I’ve been fussing and frustrated through the covid19 experience. There have been far too many people who are Entirely uninformed, but want to argue with those who are very informed. It’s annoying.

My Apologies if it seems like I’ve been ‘fussin’ at y’all; but … I have

………. been trying to grapple with all of it really; it’s so much;

Not only is there a global pandemic happening; far too many people I know, have had discussions with me, telling me it’s not that serious; Leading me to ‘fears’ … that one of my people might f*ck around and die .. b/c they think this sh*t is a joke.

………. if I’m being honest.

I DO get it; Trust me I do.

They’ve lied to us so much.

They lied about who killed JFK; if you saw #WhoKilledMalcolmX on netflix, those mfs lied about that too; They lie on black men and women constantly, to lock us up in jails for crimes we didn’t commit.

And, a big recent one; They lied to us about 9/11 … told us it was terrorists, who flew planes into the World Trade Centers, and the ‘fire’ burned So hot, that the rest of the building could not hold up and it collapsed.

It was 2001, and we didn’t have YouTube; or Facebook then. and I remember how the homie T-Mack had came up on a DVD; those were new then too still.

I ‘happened’ to have a portable DVD player that I used for business; Height of my MLM days there; I was setting up meetings at Starbucks, and pulling out the DVD player to “show the video” and close people on the spot with a quick phone call to the ‘upline’ Mr. Shorter …. good times.

……….. back to that DVD the homie came up on; it was called #LooseChange :: and it blew our minds. We had to show all the homies; and that’s what we did for a while; showed cats the ‘truth’ – and blew their minds too; but like I said; there was no youTube; couldn’t JUST send folks a link;

so … We made copies of that mf and passed them around.

If you saw that video you saw the ENTIRE story of how the News lied to us, the Government lied to us; this was an inside job; set up a ‘war’ in the Middle East; where our Troops are still stationed, and still fighting ‘terrorist’ … To This Day.

Damn near 20 years later.

A TON Of things have happened since then; and really as I thought about it; this is where ‘fake news” started; as more and more people got exposed to Loose Change over the next 5-10 years; as Youtube would roll out 5 years later in 2006.

… and people began to watch videos on all the other Lies we’ve been told; all the info they hiding; even UFO’s they say were fake – people find tons of real videos on there; and it kills all the arguments; ‘then’ people dug further and found they lying about history too; lied about so much; that .. I really and truly get why people are CERTAIN it’s 5g causing this; ‘or’ that there really isn’t a virus; and the people dying, were gonna die anyways b/c they weren’t healthy; or it’s all a hoax to usher in martial law; which ALL Legit sounds crazy af to me!!!

But … I get it.

They been lying to us so long, that people don’t know what to believe. so, I apologize for my fussing – as I grasp to understand why y’all don’t understand what’s going on; I think I’m starting to really get that part now.