Disclosure Project Steven Greer

There Are LIVE ET’s On Earth – Official Disclosure

Since I know how crazy this is going to sound in a society full of people who have been Told that UFO’s are not real, and neither are Aliens… let me just lead off with the Video.



YEP ………….. It’s about that time folks. For me, I’ve been very open about MY experience in seeing a UFO several years ago, around August of 2002 or 2003 – I walked my brother to his car, and was coming back up the driveway into my House, when I saw a SUPER bright light in the sky. I called my family out to see it, because at the time I thought it was Mars. I thought it looked closer than usual – but then, to my amazement, as My Family came out to see it … and as I watched, this BRIGHT light seemed to get smaller, and seemed to be moving … Up.

It Disappeared by the time my family got outside, and they found me Pointing at a Blank Sky.

They thought I was crazy – but I knew what I saw. A SUPER bright light that TOOK OFF like nothing I have ever seen before, and totally vanished from sight.

Later that Night, on the News – People had called in from all over Los Angeles to report, the exact same thing I saw. Several years later, after YouTube came out, and I started to actually hear what Other UFO Sighters (if that’s the term) had seen – it all matched up with what I saw. Vehicles that SPEED off as fast as 2,000 Miles Per Hour.

That seemed about right.

I’ve watched all sorts of Documentaries and it’s clear that there has been several cover ups, for the purpose of keeping YOU enslaved.

I tell people “The Matrix” is my favorite movie – because it’s not just Science Fiction; they were trying hard to tell us something; The Critics who work for ‘the ones covering it up’ – decided to bash the movie to hell. Most people in our society never got it. They don’t realize, they’re living in a PRISON FOR THEIR MINDS.

The Disclosure Project was mind blowing – I remember watching it and thinking to myself, ok, it’s a matter of time now.

It would see, that time has come.

2 Living ET’s Working With US Government – Citizen Disclosure held April 29th – May 3rd 2013

One of my friends from high school told me about the New World Order in 1996, after he spent a year in Atlanta Georgia – I cannot lie, I’ve always been a lil on the fence with this one. However, since that time, more and more evidence has surfaced, showing me it’s actually a real deal agenda, which included meeting another friend in college, who picked up a book that some have read, called Behold, A Pale White Horse.

People in my circle get upset with me at the opinions I hold onto; Often because they simply have not been exposed to the things I have been exposed to. I try not to get upset with them, and rather choose to understand where they are coming from. Their opinions are their right. But their opinions rarely influence mine – because I base mine on experience.

I understand that Racism, is all part of the Agenda to control the Population. I studied it’s origin. I know why it was instituted, and how it’s been used to KEEP us divided for Centuries now. They’ve used it as one of several distractions, to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, so that we cannot SEE what others are up to.

I even view the Homosexual Agenda, that is often Denied by members of the Homosexual community, as a Plan to control the Population, by pushing homosexuality as a normal sexual option – they will steer more and more people towards doing things that do not produce off spring.

Division has always been a major weapon in Control;

They use the Media because they Own it. While Reconsiderate’s awesome tune Trustworthy speaks to some of this, my question for you is, what Media do YOU TRUST? YOU and I are part of the problem and…. the solution  as well.

One must wonder where this Story of the 3 Girls Found In Ohio came from – it’s SUPER crazy, and any conspiracy theorist might view it as a Media Made up distraction; a very Odd story – and yet, perhaps it’s just a sign of an Odd world that has been Created by people who are benefiting from the pain of others.

There are more VIDEOS you need to watch concerning this recent Disclosure.

But, I also recommend taking the time to watch “THRIVE” – where Foster Gamble, descendant of Proctor & Gamble – exposes much of the same information being exposed and disclosed in the video above. That There is a GROUP of people who are withholding information, and well being, from ALL OF US ………. and WE must make sure everyone knows what is happening. It is that time .. for us to wake up.

The best part of this video is the end, where he explains that the REAL issue the Muslims have with America, is that there is a GROUP from America seeking to control THEM – they don’t hate America he is suggesting; It’s funny that this is exactly where he runs out of time. War is ugly and no one wins.

We have too many wars going on – perhaps Revelations had it pegged – wars and rumors of wars – perhaps the END is Nigh

– or, perhaps …. the time for a New Beginning.

– Check out the Sirius Documentary here.

Be sure you watch the related videos on the Original site – don’t just blame all the problems in our world on the Government – WE have a role to play as well; and WE need to make sure we (the people) get back to playing that role.

We must stop BUYING products owned by the 1% that are keeping the rest of us broke, sick, and enslaved.

We must START putting our FINANCES into the hands of one another. We must Economically EMPOWER each other while at the same time, taking power back  from those we’ve been willingly giving it to. Get ready, 2013 is gonna be an interesting year.

Additional Videos from THIS disclosure weekend.

Dr. Steven Greer, who heads up the Disclosure Project, moderates this discussion:

He also talked about “Underground Bases” –

Update 4/9/2017 – Since this article was originally written in 2013, a Lot has happened. The Original videos I used have come down, and the lead dog of the Disclosure movement, Steven Greer has continued to ‘expose’ what’s hidden. Naturally, we have to ask ourselves if he knows what he’s talking about – is he fooling us, or not?  We later learned, that the Disclosure weekend was not ‘as official’ as it was sold to be. While the commentary was very eye opening, and much can be researched – it still left people with questions.

That being said, in 2016, Greer released ‘The Final Act” – here is his thoughts, on what he feels will make the acts of 9/11 look like ‘practice’. Since this talk, even more has unfolded around the world and perhaps ‘something’ could be unfolding. Let’s ‘stay tuned in’, and stay watchful at all times.