The mother of Kenneka Jenkins with Lawyers

Outrageous Kenneka Jenkins Reactions To Video Surveillance Let’s Me Down

The following is My response to the ongoing ‘conspiracies’ surrounding the apparent, accidental death of Kenneka Jenkins.

smh – we are really making ourselves look bad right now; Please – My people; Let us stop with this nonsense – the video footage is not edited; she is drunk or off drugs and this was an unfortunate accident. I know we want someone to blame; i know things often DO happen to us that are wrong – but this is not one of those cases; right now we are all making ourselves look bad; as we are going to Extremes to believe something worse than what really happened, happened. We need to put all this same energy into starting businesses, supporting one another, and investing in economic improvements for all; rather than playing internet detective, or pretending we are part of CSI; when half of us never edited a video in the first place to pretend we know what edited video looks like; I’ve heard black video experts speak on this; they say it’s not edited; I’m going with the Experts; not the cats who just wanna make a video and put it out for the world to speculate on; a woman lost her life; and perhaps our convo should be about the kinds of Drugs Our Young People are taking nowadays;

It used to JUST be trees and drank; Now they poppin Pills; and listening to songs that encourage all Kinda pill mixtures; drink mixtures; I mean ….. what are We putting our energy into right now? Trying to find a Ghost on Camera??? Not reclaiming Our Time and NOT taking ownership if our futures is what’s killing us all; and unfortunately took the life of our sister; Let us mourn for her; and lift up her mother who also, clearly is in deep pain; as she too wants to believe something ‘more’ happened; other than wanting to believe her daughter got WAAAY Too faded; and walked into an area of a Hotel she had no business in; POSSIBLY Tripped, passed out (from how she was walking) – and unfortunately passed away; No Black Men raped her – Her organs were not sold; My people … please …. Please let us get focused on doing the things that can really Change our situation; and stop spending our time pushing rumors, and gossip; please.

The Following is a collection, of some of The most ignorant videos I’ve seen put together in response to Kenneka Jenkins. These videos come on the heels of social media going ham on Joel Osteen, because everyone with a twitter is a detective.  The comment above, was ‘almost’ left on this first video, but I decided nah …. if we’re already going to these lengths to believe bullshit, we’re not going to receive this well either.

[*Update 4/3/19 – several of the original videos posted about this have been removed; ]

(I don’t care how loud you scream that you see people in this video – there are NO people in this video – and there is no Audio on the Hotel Surveillance footage. Again, I am embarrassed that so many of my people are keeping this story going. It isn’t a story.)

I mean, here’s one of the main painful realities of all this – We are not supposed to talk badly about our women ever. But I mean dammit, not all of our women have to be like this. what is this woman even talking about in this video and why is she doing it? Is this for Views?

Does she, or do any of our people making all these Speculative and Stereotypical videos actually give a damn about Kenneka Jenkins? More disappointing videos below.

OK so most of these people are no names, and have no actual influence. But – enter Tami Roman on Kennka Jenkins.

I’ve never liked Tami Roman. She’s one of the most ignorant black women to ever grace the television screen, which brings influence. I still remember when she falsely accused the only other black person on MTV’s Real World of trying to rape her. She literally ruined that man’s entire career and life. Any aspirations he may have had in life would forever be linked to that incident. Which is why I have several issues with her commentary here.

She goes in on the ‘friends’ and wants the friends to tell what really happened. She does not believe what the police said about how drunk she was. Tami literally makes this all about her, saying how SHE has never been so drunk to not know where she is, in the same video where she says these girls look too YOUNG to be drinking in the first place. That means they are probably not responsible, and yea, it’s possible SHE was drunker than you Tami… it’s possible she got so faded she did not know what she was doing, because she is not you Tami. You want her friends to get their ass whooped by their parents, but where is your parent to whoop your ass for the irresponsible and mixed messages you are putting out from your Platform, Tami??

I’m not sure what her comments were ‘after’ the surveillance footage came out but, if it’s like the rest of what I’m showing you I won’t be surprised. She is probably helping to lead the ‘the videos are edited’ conspiracy talk. I could be wrong there though …

I get it though. We’ve really been through so much. Organ harvesting may actually be a real thing, as black people go missing at very high rates in this nation, and it’s rarely discussed. That is partially why films like Get out, though intended to be a horror film, had comedic moments several black people could relate to. Going missing is a traumatic experience and you can see the evidence on so many black people through this story. Black people are not handling this story well, at all.

Our willingness to want to see black men as rapists who harmed this black woman is telling.  What’s most likely here, is these young black men were at a party, enjoying themselves, and left like everyone else did.  Sadly black people are front and center in stereotyping our OWN black males as predators. We are even suggesting we see men looming behind her in the hallways. Worse, black people are front and center in saying these black girls were “in on it” and were paid to help.

One of the ‘few’ videos that gave me hope. A person who Edits Videos, speaking on the possibility of the Kenneka Jenkins tapes being edited.

Again … going further.

The “man behind Kenneka Jenkins” in the hallway, is most likely a Reflection. That looks like a door, or a window and if you’ll notice as Kenneka Jenkins walks across the hall, so does that ‘shadow’ on the window, or door. This was in all likelihood a very Unfortunate situation.  The guy in this video says it’s a hall way sign, but it’s definitely not a person.

Do you see why I had to share this information with you now?  I’m about to include some more important information in a moment, including the Original footage and the first press conference from Andrew Holmes. I don’t actually know of Mr. Andrew Holmes but he was called all types of coons for coming out early and saying no one harmed this young lady. It was sad to witness because, I don’t think calling someone a coon should be taken lightly.

Oh I’m never on the you should never call a coon out train. We need to identify who is really working for our people, and who isn’t.

All I know is, what He said happened on the footage is what we saw. Nothing nefarious went on ‘in this case’, and the people pushing the narrative are not serving our community well. In fact, the real coons are the people who are refusing to look for ways to help lift up our community. This ongoing conversation that paints young black men and women in this negative light pulls us all down.

The conversation from Facebook Live with Jamal Green and Andrew Holmes is here, and I appreciated where he is coming from. As black people we are facing so much as it is. We have to find ways to work together. The mother of Kenneka Jenkins is clearly grieving, absolutely said she needs all the help she can get – and was saying what she ‘felt’. It was not a pre-written statement, but I saw her comments about his Press conference. She very well may have forgotten the two of them talking, and yet he probably should have gotten her permission to hold the press conference.

However, it’s a ‘petty’ difference. The point is he made sure he got the footage released to the public so WE could see if any one was involved in Kenneka’s death. There does not appear to be, and as a people we should now work to help the mother get through this time. Feeding fires, fueling conspiracy theories that do not have any actual legs, or calling black leaders who work FOR us coons, is not going to move our people forward.

I had to get these thoughts off about Kenneka Jenkins and hope you’ll understand how this truly is a low moment for us. We can and need to do better than this.

There are actual conversations we ‘should’ be having, related to this but, we’re having all the wrong ones, right now.

*update – November 4th, 2017 – My entire point of view on this case has done a 180 since the ‘release of photos of Kenneka Jenkin’s body’ which I will not link to on our site.  However as many saw the condition of her body was much different than when we last see her rounding the corner on the video, walking into the freezer, we presumed. The missing shoe, and partially undressed state she was found in, raises new questions for me. Stay tuned for an ‘updated commentary’ on Kenneka Jenkins. Many of the videos we shared above were pulled from YouTube, however I still stand by my comments about those videos as they were filled with too much speculation. Something Did happen though, and we still don’t know what!

**Update from April 3rd, 2019 – since posting this one, a lot has happened.