Coronavirus Could Inspire Change In America

The coronavirus could inspire much needed change in America.  I was looking into Singapore and how they are dealing with all of this. They have a reputation for being one of the Cleanest cities in all the world. And it shows – they have a SUPER LOW number of infections and last I checked – Zero deaths. (as of today’s writing)

If you can think back, an American (Michael Fay) was Caned (pronounced Cained) there, for littering. This was years ago!!! My parents went on a vacation there one time; they too told me about how clean it was out there — how they wipe down all the public bathrooms, the streets. All of that was about 20 years ago.

So it makes sense that when a ‘germ infestation’ breaks out, they would be ready to protect their citizens. They’ve also got out in front of it; and tested nearly the entire population so that people who were carrying, were moved away from everyone else. Singapore took great proactive measures to ‘stop the spread’ … .

— Many of my Wiser Advisers have pointed out we may be on our way into a NEW Era.  Where the Change came Sudden and yet as usual, is right on time — We do need to evaluate how we do things here in America. The coronavirus may lead to these changes.

coronavirus could spark change

This is a great time to evaluate how we move; how we plan and prepare; the way we care for others; how we share more love – and less hate; in a way …

I feel like the last 12 months have been speaking to us all.  We lost Nipsey about a year ago (coming up here in a few weeks) – we lost Kobe in January; and in so many ways, got Stark reminders of how precious life is. Reminders of how unpredictable the end can be and how important it is to live IN our moment. Doing ALL we can, WHILE we are here to do it.

Perhaps ‘closing down’ for a few, will help more of us grasp those messages. Especially if we haven’t had time to slow down and contemplate.

— My family started talking about Emergency Preparedness at our Club Meetings, also, about a year back. Several of our family members in Texas and Florida were hit by natural disasters; hurricane season was unkind.  It got us thinking out here in Cali, that we need to get ready for ‘the unknown’ …

We probably could have done an even better job with those discussions. Perhaps this coronavirus outbreak too, will help motivate us all to focus even more on making sure our Homes are stocked throughout the year, with items for ‘just in case’ situations like the one we are all in now.

More of what this coronavirus can teach us:

There would be far less ‘panic buying’ if people were preparing – like Ants do.  They store up in the Summer for the Winter. A good lesson from my childhood that I think we all learned; but tend to forget about, or shun as we get older.  We want that immediate gratification over that delayed satisfaction.

… and yet … Nipsey and Kobe told us – over and over – we gotta put the hussle and the grind in to get what we want; that what we want is at the other end of hard work; perhaps this time will inspire more of us to consider the Long Term; and not just the short; Perhaps more of us will start building wealth rather than just rely on that paycheck from a job, that we do not own or control — you may hear folks like me talk about that; and perhaps ‘now’ it’s easier to hear me; that’s how it went for me.

In College, a few classmates tried to recruit me into an MLM; I told them get the f*ck out my dorm room with that b.s.

Then all my partying got me put on academic probation; which meant I needed to get a job; helped me pay my rent and all was well; then my appendix bursts; found myself unable to work; and just one month off, put me in a real bad economic position; that’s when ‘side hustle’ conversations got my attention; that is when making sure you have multiple streams of income, conversations, resonated with me; “timing” had to be right; and maybe that time is right for you

It may not be ‘mlm’ tho; but that business idea you’ve kicked around with the homies and homegirls – don’t wait – get on it now; and know that when you begin the journey, the answers and assistance you need WILL arrive ‘along the way’ – as long as you keep going