The Black Vote Matters

The Black Vote Does Not Exist AT This Time

The black vote is only an idea at this moment in time. There is truly no such thing as a unified block of black voters. The traditional narrative that blacks vote democratic, is only a narrative. The reality is that there are, and have been several black republicans for quite some time. It would seem those numbers are growing, as many conservative blacks aren’t very loud.  The risk of a black person admitting that they are republican means being called, a sell out or a coon.

Even we have asked that question here on our pages – Are black republicans on something, or onto something?

For now, my book remains on the page of yea, they’re just selling us out. However the quagmire black people find themselves in, is that the Democrats really haven’t delivered. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that the moderate liberal may be even more of a danger to blacks than conservative racists are. Imagine that, for a moment or two.

Enter, thoughts from Professor Black Truth, discussing a recent ‘ad’ featuring Sam Jackson. Sam, a Moorehouse man, is not shy about his willingness to do anything for money. He’ll play any role, and read any lines for the right amount of money.  I’m not really mad at that. That is the boat black people are in, in this nation.  In so many ways, even cooning is rooted in the very need to survive in a nation that has always put black life in danger.

Black Truth, feels that black people were right to stay home and not participate in the election….  Listen to his commentary here.

I disagree with “Professor Black Truth” on this one.  The comment I almost left on his video, Instead I’m sharing below.

I usually enjoy ole’ Truth here; I entirely disagree with saying ‘blacks wanted Trump’ – no one black I know, who is about a black first agenda wants trump; as you said BOTH sides are against us; and black folks have to stop falling for wanting to be so anti, that we overlook the ways out. Are the dems for us? Nope; but the Conservatives, are absolutely against black people; They’ve been mobilizing since Nov 21st – Jeff Sessions is FULL Klan mode ready to endorse police brutality against us; The solution is for us to stop dividing our ‘black vote’ — it really shouldn’t go to either ‘party’ — We should be electing OUR own Candidates instead; with our Black Vote; starting in local communities, and slowly, climbing our way up; while ONLY Voting for candidates who promote Black Interests – the black people talking against our candidates, may want to have their Black Membership Card examined a little closer; Other communities do this now; Asians typically aren’t concerned with ‘government’ level policies; they control the politicians in THEIR own communities; Visit Orange County or Torrance; Or Carson. Where ever they live, they have a person in a seat, who’s working for THEIR interests – same with Hispanics; and this is what blacks Tend to miss; OUR politicians are in it for ‘self’, selling out, cooning, or some other form of betrayal to black people as a whole; We gotta find candidates who’ll serve us; and not their own interests and then get behind those people ; not an easy task; but it’s a task that can be done;

That comment, was in response to a comment by Truth Logic on YouTube

response to professor black truth on Ossoff

I mean, he does have a point though when he points out the fact that the Democrats haven’t done shit for black people. Republicans love to point that out on the internets as well. They also love to remind black people that the KKK was started by the democrats … and in so many ways it’s a reminder. Both of these major, political parties are white first. They’re fighting over which white people will remain in power over the rest of us.

Neither of them are really fighting to ensure that blacks, or any other group has ‘real equality’ within this system.

All while ignoring and overlooking just how hard ‘this system’ has worked to ensure there is No black vote. The black vote is just an Idea. Malcolm X spoke about how important it is that the ‘negro be re-educated about politics’, more than 50 years ago.  He said that the black person is used as a political pawn, and I’m not sure that has really changed. Ultimately, even though I don’t agree with black people ‘wanting Trump’, I get his point that we needed to send a message to the Democrats.

“Whites are so evenly divided that whenever they vote they have to go back and re-count the votes; That means that any block that votes together has the power to determine how things play out….. The Negro (Black) Vote is the key factor… however you put them first and they put you (the black voters) last! Because you’re a political chump!” (paraphrased from Malcolm X’s speech  “The Ballot or the Bullet” in 1964) – Hear it all below – from 50 years ago….


However what message is really being sent to black voters?

Also what about the large section of black people who, in spite of the sacrifices made, do not participate at all in the political process? The black vote matters, and absolutely has power but just isn’t what it ‘should’ be.  It has to be better than it’s been. There needs to be an actual political movement that organizes black people into an actual voting block.

Money has to be set aside for black needs, and that’s where I start to agree with Professor Black Truth. I feel that our voice has to be heard to make this nation ‘better’.  Over the course of my life I have been exposed to several incredible thinkers who have offered up evidence of so many ways black people have made America great! We cannot just be ‘silent’ and sit everything out. Without us, this nation is nothing more than a nation of bigotry, run by a nation of cowards.  While the nation still has a long way to go, in so many ways it is and always has been the influence of black people who’ve made a difference. To me, that’s what passing the torch is truly about.

I do agree, that voting ‘alone’ is not enough. We Must Do MORE than vote!

We do need an agenda behind the black vote, and in my opinion that is when ‘the black vote’ will truly become ‘a thing’.  I feel like we’re moving towards it after so many years of attempting to. We just have to keep reminding one another that every time we do move towards unity, they try to stop us.

  • From 2013 – Proof The Voting Rights Has Boost Political Representation – (credit image caption here: The Voting Rights act was passed because this nation used to not even allow us to participate at all. Many people today, say that by not renewing this ‘act’ it allowed Conservatives to Gerrymander their way into full control of the political landscape.
  • Modern Racism, Voting Rights, and More – we wrote about all of it then. The fact that black people were voting at all, was making a difference and they needed to put a stop to that. When we see these things happening, to me it shines a light on the importance of the black vote. Black people must fight make sure this vote isn’t meaningless. It cannot continue being used to keep power where it lies.

We do need to stop aligning ourselves with ‘one party’, and put black first.

When we do that, everything will start to improve for black people. People who are not black, but consider themselves allies, will be the ones who fully understand and support these efforts.

The ones who stand in the way, will identify themselves as the enemies of black progress.

The black vote will shape this nation into a better place, and all black voters must stay aware of what to look for, as they move forward.  Always.

*update – 9/11/2023 – Can the black vote put Cornel West in the White House in 2024?