conservative whites created this house of cards

The Irony Of Reopen America Protests; Conservative Whites Caused It All

Some strange Irony here…

Got into a ‘debate/argument’ with a white lady who’s part of the ‘push’ to #ReOpenCalifornia :: like many of these whites from Orange County – an Affluent area of California, they are pushing a narrative that THEY need their jobs back too.

I for one; am skepitcal; I know too much; The average white person in America brings in over 100k per year and the white folks in Orange are Above Average; I don’t believe they need their jobs; I don’t believe they NEED the beaches open; they just want them open; they want their way; and that’s the main force driving them.

Meanwhile ‘they’ say all of this is a hoax; there is no virus; the government just wants to lock us in our homes; and the “elite globalists’ are coming to take over …….. again; Ironic; b/c the very Protesting they are doing; along with the Policies they have supported for over 100 years now – have all created the kind of society that CAN Be toppled and taken over.

I’ll try to explain in as few words as possible.

– I’m talking about conservative white people; by definition, ‘conservatives’ are against Change – they want things to go ‘back’ to how it was; hence ‘maga’ – to them; a time when whites were on top and in charge of everything; that was Great to them.

– they HATE diversity; they are against any policies that lift blacks up; from Welfare programs; Educational funding; that might result in blacks being EDUCATED and able to compete with them on jobs; against Affirmative Action that might put blacks in Jobs ‘they want for themselves’ — anything that might put black people on Equal footing they are against;

Conservative whites, think ensuring we have economic equality for all races is … reverse racism.

– they’re against Raising Minimum Wages; against Reparations for Black people – against Police Brutality which robs the black Community of Intellectual Talent which could LIFT blacks up – they SUPPORT the over-policing of black communities which results in blacks being locked up for crimes they did NOT commit; and they support Unfair Sentencing which often see’s blacks go to prison for crimes they DID commit; for far LONGER ‘terms/sentences’ than what whites get who commit the same crimes – —-

— then in spite of nearly EVERYTHING They do being about race – Conservative Whites say none of this is about race — some evil shit.

— these very same Conservative Whites :: have helped Create the KIND of society where CEO’s make STUPID money; while EMPLOYEES struggle from paycheck to paycheck — they wanted MONEY In politics, which allows Corporations (aka global elite) to BUY our Politicians, passing laws and polices which benefit the OLIGARCHS — and NOT the people —

— YET THESE Same mfs wanna talk about the globalist taking over; WHILE HELPING THEM DO IT — They’ve supported Property Owners Raising the PRICE on everything; ensuring people will STRUGGLE TO pay rent; these same white people are Feeling the BRUNT of what THEY Caused and Created — While trying to blame the Media; and the Democrats; anyone but themselves.

All while calling the coronavirus a hoax; and ignoring Scientists; they’ve made absolutely every single aspect of life into a ‘political issue’ — Including saving our Ozone Layer; Reducing the imprint of Oil and Coal in our society; they’ve done everything THEY can think of to KEEP the Globalists In Power; Over us all — They won’t even be HONEST about how so much of their motivation is driven by racism;

They’ll talk about how the KKK was started by the democrats; which is true; “Conservative Democrats” – the Dixiecrats who ‘changed their political affiliation’ when Lyndon B. Johnson upheld Kennedy’s “civil rights’ bills, that gave blacks the ‘right’ to vote – many switched sides even before that; and yet that’s who THEY are; they are the Klan; they’ve helped make a society where we do not have Equal Pay across racial lines; because they want to see WHITES on top; even if it’s not ‘them personally’ — a philosophy that has backfired; and their dishonesty has them … seemingly … unable to connect the dots.

All of this dysfunction and division in America makes us ‘prime targets’ for a Russian or Chinese Invasion.

If infections spike because of these protests, it will further weaken the homefront. As our hospitals will become overwhelemed, healthcare workers will be infected, and will die.  Our military is already facing outbreaks and so are the police – this will threaten our ability to defend the homeland. Trump, their ‘guy’, the savior of conservative whites, not only dismantled our pandemic response team, who could’ve helped prevent this from reaching our shores, he also axed our cyber security team.

We’re wide open and vulnerable – while conservative whites blame all the problems on everyone but themselves.