black businesses in america

A Discussion On Black Businesses in Black America

Here at SoPoCo we do not shy away from discussing topics that other websites and other ‘authors’ are too afraid to confront.

That explains why most of our writers have been MIA – honestly, many are just too afraid to tackle these serious topics – like the one I’m about to get into now; A discussion on Black Businesses in black America.

The lack of black owned businesses was one of the motivating factors that caused me to look into business ownership back in 1998. The next decade would be an eye opener for me, as time after time, the very black people I wanted to help, would shoot down the very idea of working together. I came across a video a few weeks ago that really hit home. It’s a video that holds nothing back, and speaks the Truth – Black Men Are Not Spending Money In The Right Places.

While this video does focus primarily on the fact that black men are not bringing resources to the table; and often cry broke when it comes to investment.  But, always have the latest shoes; TBA (theblackauthority) also touches briefly on black women. While it’s great to know black women helped with Tyler Perry’s Success, a glaring light was just placed on the black community. Showing where WE spend our money; Clothes and Entertainment.

As he spoke about Black men becoming philosophers on the black community, but are unwilling to do anything to fix the issues in it, I thought about the reasons we launched SoPoCo. Me and several other black men sit around all the time discussing the problems in our community. Initially it felt like a good idea, to launch a platform for us to bring those issues to the rest of the world and get some real discussions going.

But as you see, most of them are not writing anything at all.

This is the common problem I have faced since  being in business for myself.  I wanted to help black people out. Partnering up with black people is tough – especially when You are black.  There are so many issues within our community, that it is nearly impossible to fix them all. The video above mentions how blacks refuse to practice Group Economics.  That’s exactly one of those problems right there. It’s not an easy fix.

We’ll spend our time and money supporting white businesses. But we refuse to invest in one another.

Why is that?

Why do so many of us RUN From the opportunity to work together?

When will WE wake up Black America?

Perhaps KingC is too controversial. Many are afraid to openly discuss these issues. Out of for fear of how others will look at them.

  • Sadly, they don’t understand – Others already look at them a certain kinda way; regardless of what they say; or don’t say.
  • In a related video, Professor Griff was speaking on why Hip Hop is no where near as “black-centered” as it used to be.