Forcing Blacks to LOVE America: A Very White Privileged Thing To Do

The white privileged of our society are in rare form these days, around athlete protests. If you are one of those ‘rare’ people who truly do not understand what it is, pay attention to the entire conversation. We know this started when Colin Kaepernick decided to sit down, and later kneel during the National Anthem. He was drawing attention to the fact that black people aren’t as ‘free’ in the land of the free as others are. This is still an issue we must continue to work on, yet we’re not working hard enough.

Too many innocent black lives have been lost, while waiting for white moderates and the white privileged of America to care. They don’t, still, even now after so much evidence to justify these protests. But also, so are the responses to the protests. The very fact that so many white Americans and, non-black Americans have ‘decided’ these athletes are ‘against America’, proves it.

They want black people to LOVE America, even if America does not Love black people.

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If America loved black people, it would do more to SOLVE the issues it created for black people. So many of these issues, America loves to say they are not responsible for. Again, in spite of overwhelming evidence showing, that America is. Afterall it was America who enslaved black people, and later allowed Jim Crow laws to oppress black people. Throughout it all the white privileged of America sat back in ‘silence’. That silent majority has always done nothing, while America has terrorized, brutalized and literally parasitically lived off of black people.

They’re getting a cut on the action, and pointing out that part really pisses them off. If you’re black you better not suggest white people have privilege. You’re out of line if you point out facts, about white people benefiting from all the harm other white people do to black folks.  Several jobs in our nation exist purely to allow white folks to earn money hurting blacks. Which comes to the entire profession of being a police officer in this country. Again, historically this ‘profession’ began as ‘slave patrol’ and evolved into what we see today.

It’s still a ‘slave patrol’, that literally preys on black communities. The vast majority of police officers are white, and are married to white women. They have white children, live in white neighborhoods where the average income is ‘very white’. That means, at least $150k per house hold, and so all the ‘school’s their kids go to are state of the art. They’re getting the ‘best’ of everything as several of the people on the School Board are white. Also many of the politicians who’re getting money for these schools are white. They’re all working together to funnel most of that money to white schools, in white neighborhoods where white kids attend.

So as a white person their ‘view’ of America is Very different than it is for blacks.  Apparently they are ‘too intelligent’ to consider this reality, when they speak out against black lives matter protests. They do not live in a world where ‘their life’ doesn’t matter. Meanwhile blacks absolutely painfully & regretfully do. The national anthem reminds black people that they are black, in a Very White America.

The white privileged of the world never consider that police are not ‘patrolling’ their white neighborhoods. Police are not looking to lock them up, and so while whites commit the same crimes as blacks do, often at higher rates, they are arrested at lower rates. Simply because the ‘system’ allows white police officers to choose where they will arrest people. Most of them, decide to pick on the people who are less likely or able to fight back.

Because when you grow up in black neighborhoods your experiences with the police are Very different. You’re not going to see them as friends because none of them are friendly. Most pull you over for various reasons and use it as an excuse to ‘look for’ more. You learn to try and avoid contact with the police, as you know you’ll be railroaded if you get on the wrong side, of their laws.

Laws, which often do not apply to you as a black person – but the white privileged never have to stop and think about that. TO them, everything is equal now and blacks who say other wise, are lying. Think for a moment, how disrespectful that point of view is, yet so many white privileged have it. Most of them believe cops Only pull over the ‘bad guys’. They’ll cite the stats of ‘black on black crime’ to paint a narrative of blacks as ‘dangerous’.  Therefore, police have every right to fear for their lives when they encounter a ‘dangerous black person’.

That again, is their view – their white privileged view.

white priviled view of the world

It allows them to make these irresponsibly inaccurate descriptions of entire races of people and feel nothing. No white persons are going to shame them for feeling that way.  Jobs will still employ them, especially since they know the owner. They can say that everything is all the same, and blacks don’t have obstacles in their path anymore. Their right to express those racist uninformed and unsympathetic views of black people are fiercely protected. While a black person’s civil rights to protest the treatment of black people in this nation, is ferociously opposed.

Furthermore, demonstrating the ‘true power of Racism’, the Quarterback who started this all was blackballed. Because ‘racism’ is more than just not liking someone. It’s the power to do something about it. That’s that same power police have, as the badge and fraternal order all work together. It’s a literal shield, that is often backed by the voices and opinions of white people in this society. They’re ‘no longer silent’, and many are out of the closet. None of them have ever really liked black people, and they’re continuing to use their Power to do something about it.

That is where this ‘frustration’ for them comes in, because they can’t seem to just “make” black people LOVE America.

White privileged have been telling black people to Leave if we don’t like America since 1865.  The moment the chains came off, white people have felt that black folks are ‘free to go’. If blacks don’t like being hung, raped, murdered unjustly, put in jail for bullshit reasons, they can always go. No time in this nation have white people ever held a ‘movement’ among themselves to change how they treat black people. The civil rights movement, which whites participated in, was mostly led by blacks.

Black people inspired it, organized it, and yea – thankfully white people with some sense helped out. Yet, those white people were ‘cast out’ and called nigger lovers for that participation. The white race has never truly atoned for their sins or sought to change their ways.  Racial hate has been ‘tolerated’ in white culture, all of this time.  The confederate flags have been allowed to wave, and confederate statues erected to stand.

All are reminders of when white people could ‘legally’ get away with murdering and harming black people.

Then, as black people look around today, all we see that yes – white folks are still up to their old tricks.

But the white privileged do not want to be thrown into that mix! They want black folks to pat them on the backs and acknowledge that they are NOT racist. All of them have A black friend, and in spite of how they feel about police killing black people they’re not KKK members. Besides, they’ll make sure to point out, the KKK numbers are dwindling. I mean, white privileged will talk your fucking ear off about how not all police are bad, not all white people are bad.

Ask those same white people about why Eric Garner died and they’ll say ‘I really don’t know about that.’

Because the white privileged don’t have to have opinions on those matters. They can remain silent, when they see fit.

It doesn’t matter to them that Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman. They’re more concerned with us not making it ‘a race thing’.  Even though it was totally a race thing.

The ‘legal system’ of America was not set up to provide justice. It’s a system created to protect people with money from power hungry governments. That same system, literally was built to ‘feed’ off the poor. So no funds were in the Garner household to hire lawyers and seek justice. They could not sue the officers that murdered their loved one, and ‘the system’ failed them as well. They decided no ‘wrong was done’, even though it totally was.  The same ‘system’ did that with Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and Terrence Crutcher.

Those are just a few names we know, that made the news.  These things are happening to black people every single day in this country, that the white privileged want Black people to Love.

They want black people to feel the same way about this country as they do.

This country does not protect, or respect black people like it does them.  It never has, and white people keep trying to pretend that all is well. No, there is still a whole lot of work to do.  Entire generations of racist white people in this nation need to be eliminated, ‘if’ you want blacks to Love America. (Elimination does not always have to be violent; but that mindset has to go!) There is great economic inequality along the lines of race, that must change for blacks to Love America.  There is far too much Segregation and Separation in America that must change, for blacks to Love America. Much of that is attributed to the before mentioned economic inequality, that leads to ‘white schools’ and ‘white neighborhoods.

white privileged millionaires
White Privileged Americans make up 76% of all Millionaires in the nation. We live in two very different Americas

Chris Rock’s timeless ‘joke’ about this, continues to be one of the best examples that we live in Two Different countries.

We live in Two Different Americas.  “The black man gotta FLY to get something that the white man can walk to. I had to perform Miracles to get my house. I had to host the Oscars to get my house. … Do you know what a black dentist would have to do to move into my neighborhood? He’d have to invent Teeth!”

None of this conversation goes into historical Redlining, or discriminatory practices in real Estate.

Great efforts go into (and always have) harming black people. Yet, white privileged of America never experience these things. It’s not even a ‘thought’ to them, and their privilege is showing. When it comes to this entire conversation of ‘silent protest’ during the national anthem, white privileged Americans show why it’s needed. Clearly none of them give a fuck about thees atrocities happening in this nation. The last thing they give a fuck about, is the predicament America has put black people in. They want to be entertained by niggers, not taught lessons by them. And if they don’t love America and how this nation continues to treat them, they can and should get out of here!

What an ugly mentality to have, that so many are loudly and proudly expressing. They want blacks to be quiet, stop causing a fuss and accept these conditions. In spite of how uneven the playing field continues to be, they want blacks to stop asking for it to change.  How dare we black people have anything critical to say about their, beloved America ….

They seem to Embrace this position of Oppressor with glee …

It’s like when Hillary called many of them Deplorables, and they went on to embrace the label. For those of us who look back on slavery, and the demonic mindset of plantation families it isn’t a leap to see Evil in the modern racism of today. It’s a spirit that was allowed to exist and persists. This spirit of evil tells white people that blacks need to be ‘grateful’. Especially when those blacks are millionaires, because at least they’re ‘better off’ than most blacks are.  It’s that let me remind the ‘house nigga’ at least he’s not out in the field, evil spirit that’s still with white people.

It’s a virus, and a disease so many have inherited from their forefathers and foremothers. (all too often we downplay the role white Women play in all of this. 54% of them elected Trump; and all KKK/alt-right/American Nazi’s have a White woman by their side -)

It’s a ‘privilege’ to behave in this evil spirited manner, knowing that other whites will justify your actions. When you know others won’t say you’re wrong, you’ll do wrong – it’s Absolute Power that Corrupts absolutely.

As protests against how this nation ‘continues’ to mistreat black people will continue – the evil spirit of white privilege will show it’s ugly head. Until we start punching it in the mouth, it’ll keep showing up to spew it’s venom and hate. It must be fought, and it must be stamped out – but ultimately that fight belongs, to white people.

Only white People can end racism. For now, white people are the only ones who can do something about how Police treat black people. If they won’t, blacks will continue to protest, march, and demonstrate until change comes.