Bill Cosby: Black people must do more

Black People Must Do More

Meanwhile … this message: Black people must do more.

I know that I’ve stated here that White people must do more to help end Racism.

However … Black people Must do More.

That’s not news. Not really …

Bill Cosby started saying it a few years back and caught hell from the black community; while being applauded by the white community for his comments; largely suggesting that black people need to do a better job of taking advantage of the doors, that were opened by previous generations.  (*Update 7/5/19 – Ironically this hell Bill Cosby caught ended up landing him in prison, due to support from asleep black people.)

Then there’s this guy … Thomas Sotomayor, who says a lot of what Bill Cosby was saying, but says it with cuss words 🙂 – He goes much further than Bill went and suggest that most of the problems in the black community lay at the feet of black women. ( *update 7/5/19 – Let’s discuss how true or false this may be, related to how black people have more work to do  – links will be added below)

His commentary angers most black women – to the point that he ends up in Twitter fights; but the question remains – Does he have a point?

Here’s ONE of his “Epic Rants on Black Women”

Hilarious rant … and he’s got way more where that came from.

(*Update: from July 5th, 2019: this video must have been removed, as Tommy’s channel was removed from YouTube. Also, as time went on, Tommy began to do more than just implore that black people do more and be better. He started, actually praising white society, as if they were better….  black people can critique our selves without praising those who helped create our conditions. Check out what we had to say about Extra Woke Black Folks on July 4th and Juneteenth) Let’s critique better …

Black people love church: ….. then I came across  Pastor Ray Hagins.

His sermon entitled, “There will be no rapture and Jesus is not coming back” … aimed largely at the Black Community due to the reality that most black people have a strong Church Presence. THIS is perhaps some of the deepest stuff you’re going to see. Black people have to do more than pray and wait for a savior to come!

35 minutes in it gets DEEPER Than you ever thought it would.

Ok, I really don’t wanna type anything else right now.

Watch this entire sermon; and let’s get ready for THIS conversation to unfold.

Black people MUST do more than pray.  (faith without works, is actually dead …)


MUST stop Sitting back and Waiting for things to get better on their Own. Things are NOT going to GET better for black people on their own….

Ok, that’s all I have to say …

for now.

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7/5/19 Update – links related to our discussion;

Along with the commentary on Extra woke black folks celebrating July 4th, we want to highlight semi-recent news, with a rapper named Blueface. He and his mother recently got into an altercation which she filmed and put on the internet for the world to see. As more information came out, it turns out his mother did not tell the world the full story. As it came out, she looks like the villain in this story. Begs to ask just how influential are black women in the lives of black men? Can black mothers help, or hinder their black sons?

Also below, more ‘drama with the women’ … an ex girlfriend, and his baby mother …. who are not black. Taking the discussion to another level, than just black people doing more…