Ciara Miller Takes On White Victimhood Over Service Dog

Listen, I want you to know I agree with Ciara Miller about Dogs in restaurants. White people and black people have entirely different views when it comes to dogs. I absolutely do not understand why that is, but for some odd reason this is the case. Apparently, Ciara Miller was attempting to enjoy her meal when a dog came in, and it’s ass was in her face. (*update 7/9/19 — this is truly a story about how black ‘culture’ is different from white ‘culture’ when it comes to animals… especially pets. It’s not about objecting to how white people go about doing their thing with animals, but an explanation to white people, that black people are not the same way, when it comes to this subject. Several commenters seemed to want to debate the ‘legality’ of pets, who help owners in various conditions. Ironically, those comments also serve as evidence of white victimhood. The people in the comment section are going out of their way to ‘feel attacked’)

Right In Front of My Salad?

Ciara Miller and White Victimhood

Within the black community, dogs are generally considered to be unclean animals. Dogs lick their ass and their balls all day long. Many of them are known to sniff poop, and other dogs asses. Unlike white people, black people generally do not take their dogs with them everywhere. Because dogs are viewed as unclean animals. White people on the other hand, tend to treat dogs like a family member. They kiss their dogs in the mouth, allow dogs to lick their faces. Many white people even sleep with their dogs.

So I can understand a white person thinking, ‘this is no big deal, it’s just a dog’. Ciara on the other hand is thinking, why in the fuck is a nasty ass dog In here while I’m trying to eat???

I guess Ciara Miller decided to leave. This is her right as a citizen of the United States, and she took her daughter with her. Meanwhile, in typical ‘aggressor’ white people fashion, she was confronted by a white woman as she left. The white woman chastised her for leaving because, that’s a Service Dog. I understand the white lady said “the dog has more rights than You, Nigger“.

Which, explains why Ciara Miller was so upset in the Clip that has gone ‘viral’ – but in case you missed it.

As the argument picks up, we see white victimhood on full display. We also see another issue that white people display happening in the clip. Firstly, Ciara Miller is talking ‘to’ the white lady that confronted her, when Other white people decide to jump in. Not only that, these white people take the white lady’s side.  There is a white man at the counter while the yelling is going on, and you can see he rolls his eyes, whenever Ciara speaks. Later that white man jumped on Ciara as well – because clearly the black woman is wrong.

In the eyes of white people at least, that is how it goes. Even her white husband looks entirely embarrassed that his wife is causing this scene. He does not get in the white woman’s face and tell her to stop speaking to his wife in that manner. The white husband does not defend his wife, from the white man who yells at her.  This entire time, he’s trying to get his wife to ‘just stop’ and leave these … good white people alone.

Naturally these white people are the Victims! As we’ve explained before in the White Victimhood Formula: They start shit THEN play victim.

We are above this. We are better than this.  (mouthed these no good white people, after attacking this black woman for Leaving?!)

Just as we have pointed out before, white people always initiate the issue. A black person is minding their own business, leaving without saying a word to anyone else. A white person takes it upon themselves to police that black woman, and tell her what opinions she should hold. That is a violation of that black woman’s right to exist and ‘be’. White people never seem to care about this, and all the white people ‘she’ was with took her side. Even the white guy behind the counter was shaking his head at this, silly black woman.

“Why doesn’t she just leave? She doesn’t need to tell us white people to keep our opinions about her to ourselves!” –  all white people in the video

More commentary on Ciara Miller vs. White Victimhood –

Yarima Karama asks the question, was Ciara Miller’s husband practicing ‘White Code’? – The answer is absolutely yes he was. Most likely we will hear about them divorcing in a few years because it’s clear, her white husband does not have her back.  What kind of man is going to allow anyone to attack his woman in public?

Unfortunately this happens too often throughout our society. As we have pointed out time and time again, whenever an altercation occurs and race is involved, white people side with white people. White people don’t care who is right or wrong. They’re only paying attention to Power. At no point in time will white people willingly just allow black people to feel like they are on the same plane. I’m sure her husband had words with her for her behavior, as they left.

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