Colin Kaepernick needed More Support

Why Colin Kaepernick is Missing Black Athlete Support

Unless you’re under a rock you’ve heard that Colin Kaepernick cannot get a job in the NFL. We all knew this was coming after his stance to protest the National Anthem. He pointed out this nation’s racist roots that are celebrated in our anthem, and used his platform to speak out against Police Brutality. The backlash against him has been nothing short of historical to watch unfold. He is clearly being blackballed when washed up, reportedly Bad leaders like Jay Cutler are getting signed to play QB, but he can’t.

We even witnessed historic levels of cooning on display from none other than Ray Lewis, as he spoke about his role in helping Collin Kaepernick remain unemployed.

The black community is thankful for Shannon Sharpe. He is seemingly the only black sports broadcaster who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. All others have been disappointing, just as has been the lack of support from his fellow black athletes. So why is that happening? It’s very noticeable, and I’m actually glad we can all see what is going on.  As Shannon Sharpe so eloquently points out, the NFL gives chances to all sorts of players. Ray Lewis, and Mike Vick are two very recent examples of NFL players who were involved on some level with a crime.

The only thing Colin Kaepernick did was non-violently utilize his civil rights as an American citizen, using his free speech to speak out against wrong doing and injustice.

But that is doing way too much in America!

America loves black people as long as black people don’t rock the boat.  They prefer the kind of black people who fall in line and stay within their ability to control.  The society we live in has free’d black people from slavery, but the chains are invisible.   Now the chain is that job or that business opportunity that a black person wants. They can only get it, if they meet the requirements and qualifications. It’s an intelligent way to discriminate against the undesirables.

The reason it’s intelligent is because often, it brings black people into the role of the Oppressor.  These problems are caused by others, but blacks are often used to carry out their wishes.  So here you have a black athlete standing up for what is right. But, not enough black athletes will stand with him, to ensure his ‘job’ is protected. All of them have been programmed to look at how he’s being treated and realize the same can happen to them. It’s psychological now, but it was back then too.

Colin Kaepernick Lynched by NFL
Why aren’t black athletes supporting Colin Kaepernick? The simple historical psychological warfare has real implications

On the plantation the white man would hang slaves where other slaves could see their dead bodies.  It was a message to the rest of the blacks to stay in line, or else this would be heir fate.  Kaepernick is being lynched, and other black athletes are getting the psychological message.

I like Snoop Dogg’s comments about this situation, way back in November of 2016.

Again, kudos to Shannon Sharpe for the realness here.   The Castro T-shirt didn’t help, and even his decision not to vote on November 7th, didn’t help.  Both actions sorta contradicted his message, and that’s where Snoop’s comments come right into play here. Colin Kaepernick needed a ‘team’ to support him, and help him with his goal.

Where is the support team? Well to put it simply, there isn’t one and most likely won’t be one anytime soon.

Back when Muhammad Ali took his stance, other black athletes came to his defense because they realized how they were all in the same boat. Most black people had a spirit of togetherness during those times, as several laws were against black freedom and mobility. After many of those laws changed, and after a few decades of living in a new ‘equal society’, too many blacks were experiencing success for the first time.

Like, this is history in the making, as many black people were held back for so many generations in this nation. By the time blacks could finally get out there on their own, that’s what several did.  We have left one another, just as they planned.  Colin Kaepernick is simply protesting at a time in our history where too much has happened before.

Now, every group practices Racism (stick togetherness) except for blacks.

Black people went through a WHOLE lot in this country, and it’s impacted us.  The current conditions tat continue to happen to so many of us certainly don’t help.  It’s all part of their plan though.  The Same families that ran plantations are in control of the nation to this day. The families that didn’t own slaves, but owned businesses that ‘did business’ with plantations are still in control of this nation today.  Many of the same ‘systems of control’ that were always in place then, are still in place now. They have just, evolved and improved over time to look nothing like they used to while accomplishing the same outcome.

Check out what DeRay McKesson said about Colin Kaepernick, on the Desus & Mero show (Viceland)

“I’ve been most surprised by the silence of other athletes during this” – DeRay McKesson

Interesting comments from DeRay, who regardless of what people may think of him, is out there talking about these issues.  Some say he’s just in it for the money, and perhaps that’s the case. When he says he is most surprised by the silence of others, it comes off as if he either does not know why, or just wants to remain politically correct.  Unfortunately calling out blacks for not showing support to other blacks, doesn’t always result in them showing more support to other blacks.  Many will just dig in further, or nod and say yea that’s a good idea but go right back to what they’ve been doing. Because the black community is constantly being pulled apart.

The support Muhammad Ali got from other black athletes was similar to the ‘support’ the black panthers had. It was a reminder of the support Civil Rights movements had, and even was an extension of that movement. Today, you might look at ‘black lives matter‘ as the modern civil rights movement focused on how blacks are treated.  But, the difference is that today, that movement isn’t getting unified support from the black community. The same thing is happening to Colin Kaepernick as he also isn’t getting unified support.

CoInTelPro has worked … just as they planned.

Who thinks DeRay McKesson will actually get a chance to speak with Roger Goddell about The NFL’s Stance on Police Brutality?  In so many ways, the actions of the owners sorta are telling us what their stance is.  Also who thinks this Kaepernick blackballing is only making the issue more of a distraction than it would have been had an NFL team just signed him?

Lastly do YOU understand why black athletes are literally afraid to say anything??  Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Joy DeGruy on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Disorder?

We are seeing how it all continues to play out, and plague the lives and progress of black people in this oppressive land.