George Zimmerman Above The Law

So THIS just in ::: George Zimmerman Threatens His Wife Shellie with a Gun ::::

I am not surprised. George Zimmerman thinks he is Above the Law.

And all of you who supported him are to blame for this one.

I said this to friends during the aftermath of the George Zimmerman Trial, where GZ was acquitted for the murder of an innocent young black teen…. “I’m sure if we look at Unsolved Murder Cases of black boys shot in Fla. the Gun will trace back to GZ”

His father is a Judge afterall.

He literally has an ‘above the law’ mentality about him, that makes him feel like he can get away with anything. Unlike many of his supporters I actually paid attention to the reports about his past. I do not believe this is the first time he’s been abusive to his wife.  His myspace page leaked out, showing his brash behavior… the man is just not a good person.

There are tons of shitty people like this living in our world.

However, when he killed a black person – and black people wanted to say See, more racism …. I think there was a White Backlash.

I think people of Caucasian decent decided to take his side – and ignore all of the Facts.

No one cared about the law at this point; while it’s true not all of white america flocked to GZ’s side – what is true is 99% of people in his corner, during that trial, were white.  Everyone ignored the obvious lies that he was telling to the police, and they ignored the reports of him calling 911 on blacks – at a rate that just isn’t screaming out “Sanity” — and yet, they let this man go – JUST to prove he wasn’t a racist.

It’s a shame, that racism means so much to these people that they’ll let a MURDERER walk.

If he would’ve shot his Wife today, and her father – I’d put the blame squarely on those Jurors that let him walk.

I’d put the blame on all the people throughout this nation that hate black people so much, that they cannot show any empathy when a black child loses their life for No Good Reason.

Yes, I’m still pretty bothered by the whole thing.

I “thought” lots of black people were bothered as well so I invited them here to speak on this issue; and others related to it.

But black people have been mistreated by so many, for so long, that even when given a platform to speak out – many still choose to stay silent.

Many feel, that speaking out will not change anything.

And that upsets me even more.

Now, about my statement …. “I’m sure if we look at Unsolved Murder Cases of black boys shot in Fla. the Gun will trace back to GZ” …. I Could Be Wrong. But I don’t think so.

Let me explain that Tag for a moment.

A few months ago I wrote some thoughts on a book I came across that, to me seemed to be espousing nothing more than Man-hate – for capital gain.

The author found out some how, got upset – and he and his fans flocked to SoPoCo to let me know that I was out of line for the comments I made!

Sadly this author did not understand what this platform was created for —- People in America sure love to Muzzle each other; We claim we love this country and want to protect our freedoms, but are real quick to want to keep others from having ‘Freedom of Speech” – this actually does allow for people to go on thousands of websites and call black people Niggers – this also gives people the “right” to go on a blog they own and suggest the author of a male-bashing book is quite possibly a homosexual masquerading as a married man.

I know several.

I even have a few relatives that pulled that one.

It’s Also something that is practiced often in Thailand, of all places – where most men are engaged in a homosexual relationship; and simply marry for children.

Now …. is it possible that when a person calls blacks niggers, or I suggest someone is a homosexual – that we are Wrong?

Of course it is possible.

See, the freedom of speech issue is only a problem because we have a society of people who do not Listen.

Lazy listening and no desire to research or find truth; is our main problem as a society.  We just take people … ‘at their word’ ……… especially if they’re not black.

Meanwhile, as a society we have a habit of doubting the word of black people — This is not Good listening.

We don’t seem to want to FIND TRUTH for ourselves; instead – we want Truth to be handed over to us; and we don’t want to THINK about whether it’s truth.

This one simple issue, causes a Ripple-Effect of wrong doing, and malice throughout our society…  it causes people to mistreat other people; and to do NOTHING when people have been done wrong; because no one is interested in the Truth.  Truth is often REJECTED – rather than Embraced.

All that matters to most people is, “relative truth” …. not “absolute truth” – speaking of which; watched a pretty awesome film, (finally) this past weekend – Cloud Atlas. It was put together by the creators of My Favorite Film, The Matrix Trilogy – as well as one of my Favorite Runner ups; V. What an interesting film this was; and yes – TRUTH was up for discussion – as well as the concept of Karma – so here’s some truth for everyone reading this.

In spite of who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’ – the Ultimate Truth always comes to Light – Eventually, if we are patient enough – we WILL Know the truth; on all matters – and when we rise up to Protect those that do Wrong – that protection will crumble; and those wrong-doers will meet their fate.  When GZ got off, it was hilarious that he now felt his life was in danger; that some crazy person with a gun may want to take the ‘law into their own hands’ – when that’s exactly what GZ did to Trayvon Martin.

Except Trayvon hadn’t shot anyone….

He didn’t have a history of being arrested for Domestic Violence.

He didn’t have a myspace page where he bragged about getting OFF in past court cases.

All Trayvon had – was a bag of skittles.