George Zimmerman thug on Trial

The Zimmerman Trial Begins and The Watch For Justice Along With it

I got the joke.

The Defense in the George Zimmerman Trial was basically trying to suggest that it’s impossible to have really NOT heard who George Zimmerman is – (specially in today’s Social Media Age) and yet this was how the jury was selected; Suggesting that there is something wrong with the selection process from the very start. I’d actually agree there.

The biggest issue I have with this is – they selected a Jury of His Peers – who are all more than likely going to be sympathetic to him and his point of view. It won’t matter to them that a black youth lost his life. We live in a nation where Black Youth lose their lives all the time and no one seems to care or raise a fuss about it. With there being no Black jurors there is a real possibility no one will view this from the black perspective. Yet another black youth will have lost his life – in a society where nothing is being done about it.

The Zimmerman Trial may be yet another time where it happens again.

I’m reading a story over at YahooNews – (Profanity, Theatrics and A Joke On Day One) and they’re already starting to lace the minds of people with Seeds of Sympathy – Suggesting The Defense Lawyer used Science – while the Prosecution was leading off with “theatrics” … John Guy, the state attorney began his opening remarks with Profanity. Why?

He was quoting the words of the defendant; as he spoke to the 911 operator about Trayvon Martin using language that seems to be coded with racism.

It won’t appear that way to people who are not black.

If you’re black, you understand what’s being said; If you’re not black – there’s enough room for Denial.

So – I’ll be honest, I’m a little worried about Justice being Done in the Zimmerman Trial – however it Does seem that at least the Prosecution gets it; and is going to attempt to portray the black perspective, for jurors who possibly have no idea what that’s like. Chances are high they or their loved ones have never been treated like criminals for what they were wearing; or the color of their skin. What seems like a clear cut case to me, has almost already been tried in the courts of Social Media Opinion – as people have shown support for George Zimmerman, making this case touch off many nerves across the nation.

I’m praying for, and waiting for Justice.

As Tyrion Lannister said on his Wedding night …. “And So My Watch Begins”

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