American Problem We Ignore Racism

An American Problem: No Indictment in Eric Garner Case; No Surprise

Do you know what a pattern is? lists several definitions for the word Pattern. The one that best fits this news of No Indictment in the Eric Garner case, is the #5 definition. It says “a combination of qualities, acts, tendencies, etc., forming a consistent or characteristic arrangement”….the “Characteristic Arrangement” that seems to be going on here, is that age old problem we’ve had in America for far too long. It’s as much a part of America as every good thing we choose to celebrate. While I disagree at large with Charles Barkley’s recent comments about our “American Problem” there was one thing he mentioned that I Do agree with. We refuse to have meaningful conversations about these topics. Maybe the perception of the black community is purely misperception.

Or… maybe there is a pattern. Time and time again, unarmed black men are shot and killed by the Police or some form of Law Enforcement. Let us not forget that George Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch, who ‘wanted’ to be Law Enforcement, but wasn’t. He still got treated like a law officer. This mistrust of the legal system and how it is linked to the ongoing pattern of racial injustice is a Problem. IT is our American problem. When those on other side of this issue, black or white refuse to acknowledge that this problem, this pattern, is happening they are contributing to the problem.

The President gave a few thoughts on the matter; while at a press conference in

This is an American Problem – Barack Obama

Police Brutality happens to White People too – The case of Kelly Thomas. Police were indicted and the case was sent to trial. However the police were found not-guilty.

The father of Kelly Thomas made it clear that what happened to his son can and will happen to anyone. What I think may have been overlooked by most others who commented on this story, is the economic status of Kelly Thomas. Please consider the economic status of Charles Barkley as well, who’s comments I also want to examine. When we deal with the problem of racism and we look at modern day ‘patterns’ and how they resemble the overall goal of Slavery (economic oppression of people) – you can easily see what is wrong with our system.

Are things getting better? That’s the narrative that those who are benefiting from the system want to promote. Charles Barkley worked hard to maximize his potential so that he would be able to compete in the NBA. His career worked out very well, and he’s become economically successful in this Society. For him to get on television and say some of the things he says, is actually just more evidence of the effects this system has on people.

The system has always provided division along the lines of income.

The system has always been about haves and have nots. The haves get freedom, justice and equality. The have nots, get not.

This is our American Problem.

American Problem We Ignore Racism

We’ve been in a Cold War of sorts; refusing to reform the system to truly benefit all; and create Real Opportunity for all.

As this pattern continues, the feelings of resentment and anger continue to simmer, often ‘beneath the surface’, as Congresswoman Eleanor Norton Holmes spoke about this past Monday, along with other members of the Congressional Black Caucus (On Ferguson and Race in America). This pattern continues to create divisions, and those who are impacted by it are reacting like anyone would. The answer is not to condemn the victims of a bias system bent on maintaining inequality. The answer …. is to fix the system of inequality.

I was recommended to check out a website that I’m going to pass along here as well; Michael Bell was shot in front of his family by the police and as is their usual modus operende the Police let themselves off. Read more about this case @ – because once again, this does happen to white people too. This is an American Problem. We must do something about this system. Let’s discuss changing a system that allows police to murder citizens of our Nation.

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