dashcam footage shows Philando Castile was Murdered

Dashcam Footage Proves White People Are Problematic

The Dashcam footage for the murder of Philando Castile, by the police proves once and for all that white people are the problem. A jury, mostly made up of white people looked at all the evidence, which included this dashcam footage of the murder of Philando Castile. That same jury, decided they saw ‘nothing wrong’ with what The police officer did.

I literally just left a comment on a family member’s page who shared the entire video, which I still have not seen.

(FB comments on the newly released Dashcam Footage)

I haven’t even watched it ‘fully’ …….. everything since Trayvon … has been unsettling af. While listening to a lot of Commentary out here ….. I’ve heard a few Ideas that Seem to Sum up “Part” of the problem —

The Jury Pool seems to be a major issue. For some reason, There are too many White Jurors that are Called to serve on Jury’s, and until this nation solves it’s racism problem;

Jury Racial Make Up has to be Law. Cases involving black life, must have Blacks Dominating that Jury Box; or else the Trial cannot be seen as lawful –

Meanwhile, OJ Simpson is about to get out of jail; maybe – and white folks around the nation are up in arms – swearing up and down he’s a Murderer — yet these same white people Do Not feel these POLICE officers are murderers — So ‘the outcome’ of a trial Clearly has no impact on how they Feel about black people; They have exhibited for Too many years that They (White people) are Incapable of Serving “Justice” when Black Life is Concerned.

I’m not sure what ‘steps” need to be taken; but That seems like the right direction to go in; White people must be removed from Jury Boxes that involve black life; We cannot allow them to tell us “that’s racist” — screw how they feel …. our lives are on the line. (Sorry for the rant)

White people are the problem. There just aren’t enough good white people, to balance out all the harm the bad white people are doing. While the police officer who murdered Philando was not ‘white’, he does qualify for what is known as white privilege. This privilege often does extend to non-white people who have decided to serve white supremacy.

That is a lot to unpack for anyone who does not ‘believe’ in it though.

It’s like anything when it comes to Religion. For white people, white supremacy is their religion. It isn’t Christianity, although it makes for a nice ‘cloak’.

As a Warning to you :: The images in the video are graphic and do contain the Murder of a man.

So I won’t share those images on this site, even though it would garner ‘views’.  I also won’t post any links to the video which is floating around on social media.  I’ll say prayers for the family, although when I pray I really mean hope. I believe, that some day things will change but am not ‘waiting’ on magic to save black people.

Black people are going to have to stop playing nice, and quit trying to get along all the time. We are going to have to be okay with upsetting white people when we speak about these issues. Regardless of how ‘good a negro’ you are, white supremacy never accepts you. It goes against their religion.   Even white privilege, may extend itself to your black ass for a time period. However when they tire of you, and want a ‘new nigger’, they’ll just go find one.

When they do, they’ll set your black ass out on the curb, with the trash.

(Supposedly one of the hold-outs who wouldn’t agree with the Not Guilty was a white juror; according to these reports; Possibly true, but also possibly a lie as well. White people will lie for one another to avoid charges of Racism.)

This is what white people have shown us, over and over again.   To the white person(s) reading this now, who are upset by these words …. so what. Do more within your own communities to change how your white people are treating us. Stop asking us to recognize you as a good white person so you can FEEL better about yourself.

If reading this makes you feel like you aren’t doing enough, then feel that.

Don’t be like most white people who are totally against what they refer to as ‘white guilt’. They have given that term a definition as well, because they know this helps communicate messages to the rest of the white race. You’ll hear what white guilt is, and decide that you don’t want any of that. Besides, you didn’t own slaves.

What the fuck does that have to do with Juries that are unable to convict Police who Murder blacks?

Apparently …. the same people who didn’t value blacks, had children, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Those same ideas that made them think it was okay to own slaves in the first place, is alive and well in their descendants.

So it doesn’t matter if your white family, supposedly didn’t own slaves. That’s a claim white people will make, but will never prove. If you ask a white person who says that, to prove their family never owned slaves, they won’t. They’ll block you on social media, report you – or change the conversation.

Because they are the problem.  They are unfit to serve in any capacity that involves ‘leadership’ or ‘law’ or ‘justice’ when it comes to black pepole …

This dashcam footage was released ‘now’, because the trial is over. Evidence, like this video is now available to the public.  The Jury saw it first, had a chance to rule in the favor of what is right. That same Jury, made up mostly of white people, did what white people always do. They looked the other way.