tnt crew on donald sterling's racist remakrs

Donald Sterling’s Racism Rises Again

Once again, Donald Sterling’s Racism Rises Again!

Donald Sterling has a history of making racist comments. He’s got a reputation here in Los Angeles, as a slumlord due to the poor conditions of his apartment buildings. He’s even been caught saying he does not rent to black people. YET most of his money comes from the backs of black athletes. So why is Donald Sterling so Racist?

Once again, here we are, trying to understand it. Racism is SO Steeped into the American System that it really and truly is second nature.

TMZ is reporting, that Donald Sterling told his current Girlfriend NOT to bring blacks to Clipper Games.

Warning — The IGNORANCE from Donald Sterling is seriously Out of CONTROL here.  BUT here’s the Recording –


Every Clipper needs to Quit after this conversation has leaked.  He Feels So STRONGLY about his gf being around blacks – This conversation exposes how ignorant racist people are. This conversation takes us into the mind of racist people who often, remain in the closet nowadays. See I’ve been fighting racism since I was young. I’ve been in several online debates and arguments with Racist; I’ve known for several years now, that racism is NOT dead.

I am constantly told by white people, who know racism is alive, that I shouldn’t feel all whites are this way – and honestly I begin to wonder if they are just Covering for all the white people they know who absolutely are THIS ignorant. I mean, just last night I came to hear about Cliven Bundy. Granted, while it sounds like what the government did may have crossed a line – I don’t feel so bad, once Cliven Bundy began to tell us what he “knows about the Negro” –

How many more of these incidents have to arise before we all admit that Racism hasn’t gone anywhere – and that White people are just not doing enough!?

This is not Donald Sterling’s FIRST Racist infraction – Why does this Racist Motha Fucka Still Have a Team???

Rarely will I ever allow Snoop Dog (or Snoop Lion) to speak for me but ….

I’m pretty sure that is how all blacks feel after learning, from the mouth of Donald Sterling that blacks are his enemy.

How many white people feel the way he feels?

I mean, he was just caught on Tape – most of us never hear these conversations. We think they go on but we don’t know for sure. They use that against us too. They say we have no evidence, no proof – and yet, Donald Sterling’s Racism rises again!

Remember when He was caught literally practicing discrimination against black people in his Apartments?

Does the NBA Care??  He’s been sued 3 times for Discrimination.

WHY DOES THIS MOTHA FUCKA have a TEAM STILL???  I might have an answer.

It comes from a book, written by William C. Rhoden – Called “Forty Million Dollar Slaves”

This is the truth ladies and gentlemen.

Slavery didn’t really end; it simply transformed. Blacks do not have to fear being whipped by Massa anymore. Today, blacks just have to fear being pulled over by the Police and arrested for a crime they didn’t actually commit. Blacks just have to worry about being able to find work, and provide for a family, with a felony on their record all because they couldn’t afford a lawyer to fight the charges, and had to rely on the public defender. Blacks aren’t aware that the public defender actually works with the District Attorney to get convictions; and has no interest in practicing law correctly.

We have replaced slavery, with the Industrial Prison Complex.

While most blacks enjoy a false reality of freedom – it can be taken away from them, at the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, the only ones outraged by all of this – are blacks.

The ones who can do something about it, are not being affected – so they don’t really care. OH They’ll jump up to say “Hey, not all white people are racist!!!

But does that even matter?

Do all white people have to be racist, like Donald Sterling, and Cliven Bundy, and Paula Dean, and Michael Dunn, and Dog the Bounty Hunter, and Phil Robertson, and SOOOOO many more who we’ve caught on tape, saying racist things – For white society to continue to Oppress blacks?

Do all white people have to be racist, to ruin the quality of life for black people?

Do all white people have to be racist to make life Uneven and Unequal for blacks??


All that needs to happen, is for white people like these Racists, to continue getting support from white people.

… which often happens.

I never forgot how white people came to the defense of the guy from Seinfeld after his ‘You’re a Nigger!!! meltdown’ – To this day, people will say he wasn’t a racist. Even while talking to his GF, Donald Sterling says he’s not a racist – blacks are just his enemy…. Cliven Bundy says he’s not a racist either, he just feels blacks were happier as slaves. Kinda like what Paula Dean said too. And while George Zimmerman is only half white, clearly he didn’t feel that Trayvon Martin was ‘acting weird’ because the teenager was black – and since ‘racism’ came up in the trial, the jurors HAD to let him walk; and take his side of the story – all because, they didn’t wanna admit, that Racism provoked his motives.

White people must stop SUPPORTING racist white people.

It’s the only way.

It’ll also, most likely, never happen in my lifetime.

When white people overlook Cliven Bundy’s racist remarks, to stand up for his ‘rights’ – it flies in the face of all black people who he’s offended.

It tells black people you’d rather support his Rights to steal from America; (which isn’t a right) – than stand up for blacks and for justice.

When white people overlook Donald Sterling’s racist remarks and history of Racism – To Go to his Clipper Games; They’re spitting in the face of every minority – every person Donald Sterling looks down on. They are supporting him. They’re saying ‘It’s ok if your ideas of blacks are from the last century, we still like you!”

This is the problem.

It’s incredibly difficult for white people to separate their ‘like’ for a person, from their ‘dislike’ for that persons ideas.

Especially when that person is white, like they are.

Most of them have not reached that point of understanding, that they cannot LIKE people who hold those kinds of views.

You know, like homosexuality which is so often compared to racism.

Whites will ex-communicate any white person who does not adopt the modern day views on homosexuality; Unless of course, you’re a Conservative.

Liberal whites will over look racism, but you better not be anti-gay marriage, or else!!!!

If only whites would treat racism (towards blacks) with the same vigor as they treat anti-homosexuals; Maybe things actually would change!

Till then, shit like this will continue – Because Only White People Can End Racism.

We’ll see what Adam Silver (the new NBA Commissioner does)

We’ll see what White America does … if they keep supporting this Racist sack of shit – aka Donald Sterling;

We will see.

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tnt crew on donald sterling's racist remakrs

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