Awesome Points from Jessie Williams on Michael Dunn

Black Life is just as precious as White Life.

The fact that we, as human beings continue to Wage Wars speaks volumes about how ‘we’ view the value of life. We will erase life at a whim, and for any reason we feel justifies it. Yet, as is the case with most wars, the People pay a price for the Leaders they are following; while the leaders themselves, escape Justice.

Ran into some good thoughts from Jessie Williams, one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, as he commented on the Michael Dunn Case – “This is a white problem, not a black problem.”

“Feeling threatened, is not the same as being threatened….

This statement from Mr. Williams resonated with me.

We have to get more white people to address these issues that arise out of their cultural fear of black people. The views that many white people hold, which I am well aware are NOT held by all white people – are still held by enough white people for these kinds of situations to arise – and for this to be the outcome. Being ‘afraid’ is not good enough reason for non-blacks, to kill black people.

Earlier in the month, I spent an hour watching commentary from Dick Gregory – as he dispelled the myths of black on black crime – the reality is, “You Kill where you live.” –  White people kill white people. Chinese people kill Chinese people. Hispanic people kill Hispanic people. And black people, kill black people.  So while the Trayvon Martin case, was used to drum up the old black on black crime conversation; the reality is black on black crime is a silly conversation to have; Crime is crime.

What makes these crimes stand out – is the Real Racial Motivation behind the crimes.

In other words – black on black crime, is not motivated by race in as much as it has to do with the elements of Crime; which happen in all communities, regardless of race; and race is usually NOT the motivating factor; But when George Zimmerman decided to provoke Trayvon Martin into a situation where he ‘claims’ he feared for his life; and then used that fear as justification to murder an innocent black teen – Or THIS case with Michael Dunn feeling ‘afraid’ of 3 black youths – and using that as his reasoning to justify firing 9 shots into a vehicle – This is real racial motivation.

These are two specific cases, where race clearly motivated the perpetrators of these crimes. The ‘views’ that these gentlemen held (and most likely still hold) about black men is the entire problem.

The time is overdue, for us to examine Hollywood, Television, Media, and Music – and begin eliminating the usage of Blacks as Criminals – creating this false fear within non black people.

More MUST be done to paint the Humanity of black people on screen, for whites to see.

This is where my personal views about the Homosexual Movement come to mind; The push to ‘normalize homosexuality’ has eliminated the Emergency need to revamp White America’s views of black people. we never really got a chance to FINISH our movement for Civil Rights; To be viewed as true Equals in this society.  Almost all of the attention, efforts, and funding have gone towards the ‘equalization’ of homosexuality.

Any Cries for the equalization of African Americans has been met with the response, that “everyone has issues, and yet other races have overcome – Look at the Jews; Look at Japanese people; Look at Mexicans; why do you black people need ‘special treatment’ …?” — and now, we even have to put up with “homosexuals are treated just like blacks; black people should be more understanding of how homosexuals feel;” —- When I think of the ‘hate crimes’ that have happened against Gays in our country; I think of the immediate efforts made to end it. Today, harming homosexuals just because they are homosexual will land you in DEEP SHIT.

But you can Kill Black People – and get away with it.

You tell me how that’s right….

michael dunn

More “commentary” on the Michael Dunn Case –

“Justice is not handed out straight anymore” – Jaleel White

“Michael Dunn Got Away with Murder” – Juror, from the case known as Valerie

Due to the mistrial, clearly not everyone agreed that Michal Dunn was justified in his actions – which echoes part of what I wrote earlier; Not all white people hold these harmful views of black people that would cause them to actually See this case, from Michael Dunn’s side. Thankfully one of them spoke out. Yet, this is what we need more of in America – White people are just as much a prisoner of Racism as Blacks are; and until we stand together to fight it; This kind of nonsense, will continue – and will keep us Divided as a nation; rather than, United.

In Closing. I know I write often about homosexuality on this site – and it would seem that I am unsupportive of the ‘new movements’ to change decades of ideas and beliefs on the subject. The simple fact is, I view it as a distraction that takes away from more important issues. Especially, issues that determine the ability of black men and women, to be TRULY FREE in this society. I think that deserves more attention; more of a spotlight; and more of a rallying cry; because until black people are TRULY Free; no other group in America can have real Freedom either.

(interviews provided by Headline News on YouTube)