Duck Dynasty Markets to Racists

According to an article on Yahoo News, a spokesperson for Phil Robertson spoke out on his behalf, saying that Duck Dynasty Markets to Racists.

For those who are out of the know, Phil Robertson, a member of the hit A&E television Show “Duck Dynasty”, recently came under fire after making what seem to be, anti homosexual statements.

We live in a time where every one MUST be a 100% supporter of homosexual relationships, And especially gay marriage, or else!!!

We live in a time where the “gay rights movement” is often compared to the civil rights movement – and the struggle of blacks in America.  I’ve personally wrote about how this movement negatively impacts blacks; This story is a prime example. Everyone heard about the anti-gay statements made by Phil Robertson BUT there was almost NO objection or coverage of the offensive statements he made, concerning blacks – till today.

A Spokesman by the name of David E. Johnson, made a statement which makes a lot of sense to me, in explaining why there are people who were NOT offended by his remarks.  Here is his statement,

“Racial comments are often career killers — as are scandals involving children and animals; Yet, looking at the demographics who are attracted to ‘Duck Dynasty,’ we see an older, more conservative, and evangelical audience. These people will take the comments with a grain of salt. This is because Phil Robertson and the ‘Duck Dynasty’ brand is one that is viewed as politically incorrect and says what is on their mind. So, in that light, the comments are unlikely to do damage — unless African Americans begin emerging and demonstrating he has discriminated against [them]. Barring that, overall, his comments and the controversy has in all likelihood strengthened the brand”

Makes a bunch of sense to me – In other words, Duck Dynasty markets to Racists – people who already feel the same way He feels about blacks; and homosexuals.

Objecting to homosexuality should not be treated with the same kind of punishment as Objecting to African American’s right to Freedom and equality.

However, stories like this expose that this is exactly what is happening. The comments He made, about blacks being happy under Jim Crow laws, and “not seeing blacks mistreated” – are far more outrageous and far more offensive than his remarks on if homosexuals should be allowed to marry.

As several others have stated, his comments on homosexuality are Old School Biblical Views – nothing more; and while many will argue that at one point in time, KKK members used the bible to Justify Jim Crow laws, there is an Educated Group of people who will respond, telling you that only Ignorant Christians fell for that nonsense; while those who actually READ the bible could see they were merely twisting words around.

The bible however, is very clear about homosexuality – and comments on beastiality, adultery and more – are all found in the exact same chapter of the Bible.

But when we treat these comments as if they are MORE OFFENSIVE than what he said about Blacks …. we as a society silently Condone the ONGOING mistreatment of blacks in Today’s Society; which often finds black people in the SAME POSITION They were during Jim Crow; Treated the same way, while language is used in a tricky fashion to pretend we do not ‘see’ what is going on.

That’s how most racism has always been Justified – by Turning the Blind Eye and pretending it’s not actually occurring.

So while the mistreatment of blacks in America continues – Homosexual Lobbying groups continue to GAIN Power – off the struggles of African Americans whom the Gay community FORGETS to fight for; See, If the LGBT groups were AS upset over Phil Robertsons comments concerning African Americans, I’d feel entirely a different way about their movement. Instead, their movement seems to Trample on the Rights of blacks, while USING The struggle of blacks to gain MORE freedoms for themselves; including the ability to Silence anyone that does not fully agree with their views.

All without saying a WORD about the ongoing mistreatment of blacks -Black people are often unfairly and disproportionately targeted by the Police; Black people often do not have the Economic Means to fight back when the law accuses them of Crimes they did not commit. Black people are constantly viewed in negative ways by non black people; and treated like less than human – and by simply Denying that it happens; or claiming not to see it – it happens WITHOUT anyone (non-blacks nor gay rights groups) objecting to it.  Black people catch hell from all sides too. Hispanics and Asians often discriminate against black people in much of the same ways that whites do, all while sticking together to deny seeing any mistreatment. So even when a story like this comes out; a Printed Interview in GQ Magazine – the Lesbian and Gay community DO NOT SEE what’s said about Blacks; ONLY what’s said about homosexuals.

I thought we had the Same Struggle???

When you see NOTHING wrong with his comments on Blacks; You come off as a Hypocrite who clearly could care less about Black people, what blacks have gone through – or what blacks CONTINUE To go through – at the hands of a society that is solely interested in the benefits of non-black people.

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