Paula Dean and racist whites like Bill Maher using the N word

Should Paula Dean Have Lost Her Job For Saying The N Word

Let’s discuss Paula Dean for a moment …. Fired from her ‘job’ for using offensive language. Like far too many race related topics this sparked a debate. White Americans like Bill Maher feel very entitled to do whatever they want. Even if it means making offensive remarks to black people. As usual, the desire to police black people instead of white people is strong here. Instead of fixing themselves, there is always a desire to point at black society.

If black people use the N word, why can’t they?  Then rather than accept the reasons given for why they can’t, they choose to be obtuse.

Clearly Paula Dean is a racist. She is from the south however.  It’s not like white people from the south have a reputation for Not being racist. So it’s not really a shock or a surprise to me. It seems to be a shock to the Young Turks though; and I’ll just go there for a moment and say that their shock seems to revolve more around her Admitting racism; rather than the fact that She’s Telling The TRUTH about Racism … and especially the usage of the Word, Nigger.

The We all do it, so it’s Ok excuse ….

I was watching Bill Maher the other night; He had a black guest on when He phrased these super interesting questions.

“Should Paula Dean have lost her Job for saying the N Word?” … and

“Now that Paula Dean has Lost her Job for saying … the N word … should All people including black people lose Their jobs for saying the N word as well?”

>>>>>>>>>> I think these are very interesting questions.

If we can ALL be REAL for a moment; The word Nigga – DOES come out the south; and Paula Dean has been Calling black people Niggas all her life; I believe that – I know white people in the South TO THIS DAY Still call us Niggas; I know White people in California Call black people Niggas too. Hell I have been called a Nigga SEVERAL TIMES in my life by White people; ONLINE and OFFLINE too.

And I’m black – WE say Nigga all the time.

The truth is, the word NIGGA is in our vocabulary and it’s pretty damn hard to get rid of. We all KNOW we shouldn’t do it …. BUT we REALLY know we don’t want White people doing it.

So how can we come together as a Nation and STOP The usage of this word?

WE know that when WE use it …. We don’t use it “the same way” — at least that’s what we tell ourselves; and while we May use it at times to indicate a Similar Struggle, a Bond that we All share; an Experience that NO Other race gets to experience — Perhaps the only way to stop US from using it, is to take Our jobs away too?

It’s an interesting thought; I’m not sure if that’s the answer — but it’s interesting;

What if white people LOST their Jobs for saying the The N Word (which ends with an ER … not an A) —- WOULD that actually make white people Stop and THINK before calling black people this ugly term?

Would this actually HELP black people stop referring to one another with a term that Obviously Does NOT fit us.

Or would white people use this to persecute blacks, and unfairly allow whites to maintain employment, as tends to be the case. Most laws are never enforced equally in America.

When we Consider ALL The things Black people have done; Starting with the GREAT Pyramids in Egypt – Creating WRITTEN Word – GIVING the world Math and SCIENCE – Only to have it STOLEN from them; BE STOLEN – and brought to America to help Make this the Greatest Nation on the Planet — WE Black folks Clearly are Not Beneath anyone.

YET — This WORD …. just won’t go away.

The truth is, as I’ve always told people – When LAWS changed in America, our IDEAS did not. So the same White people who felt Blacks are 3/5ths before America changed its Laws, STILL Felt that way after the laws were changed…. and THIS is the real problem.

Our Nation has NOT done a GOOD JOB of Healing.

I’m sorry – but the Gay Rights Movement, and now the Illegal Immigration Movement – are simply Ongoing Distractions that KEEP America from healing the ONE Divide it’s always Had. The Division of White people … and Black people.

No offense to Everyone Else; But that’s where all this NONSENSE started; THESE are the TWO Groups that MUST resolve the conflict… BEFORE we start worrying about everyone else….

Because today; Everyone says Nigga.

I was in one of my favorite hole in the wall Taco Joints, and saw two Latinos calling each other Negga … I was like ‘whaaa?’ …. maybe 5 years ago I was crossing the Street on sunset Blvd, and saw two White guys calling each other Nigga; I was like “waaaahhh?”

At some point; White folks are going to have to stop Ignoring this problem and hep us deal with it. let’s not badmouth each other, call each other names – We’ve done enough of that.

Healing has to begin.

When we Ignore a problem it does not go away; It gets Worse.

The fact that EVERYONE is calling each other Nigga — is keeping an aspect of our Country around that I think, on some level, we all want to really move on from; But you and I cannot move on from something we’ve allowed to Linger.

Paula Dean was honest; She’s done it all her life; Like most southern white people – regardless of what they may Claim on Facebook; Paula Dean just got caught saying it on TV — perhaps Her losing her job was the right move; perhaps EVERYONE should lose theirs too;

The only problem is; We already know this ‘nation’ would LOVE to revoke black jobs; at any moment – for any reason — If you’re not black you probably don’t believe that; BUT ask anyone who IS black — and they’ll tell you the truth (unless they grew up in LaVerne)

So perhaps we need to Roll it out in Phases; For the first 10 years Only white people lose their jobs – along with Asians, Hispanics, and all non-black races – who are caught using the word; perhaps we need to get OTHERS to stop calling US that first; and THEN we can stop calling Each other this ugly, self-deprecating, insulting word.

I know … I know … no one wants to be punished for what happened 200 years ago; but if we don’t do something … it’s going to continue; The fact that we’ve never really had any REAL punishments for people calling blacks the N-word – post Civil Rights Movement – is why this issue and several others related to it; are still NOT resolved today.

Studies show that Black people are Financially in the Same Spot they were in 30-40 Years ago;

While other races have progressed financially; the black race has not; perhaps these Attitudes that are Still around are STILL influencing Policies; just like Black people keep saying; that there are no jobs in Black Communities; No money is put into Schools in Black Communities; perhaps it’s because The people in Power (who are not black) still View Black people as Niggers ………. just like black people KEEP trying to tell the world ….

I mean if the NBA is going to FINE people for using ‘homosexual slurs’ – if our nation is that serious about how we treat people based on their sexual orientation — perhaps we need to Finish the First Issue – which deals with how people treat people based on the Color of their Skin, instead of their Character as a Human Being.

Perhaps we should be Grateful for Paula Dean – and how her revelation can HELP shine the light on an issue that black people have said is STILL going on; but are often told “look, the President is Black now, so stop saying things are not fair anymore” —

No one says “look, the President was born and raised in Hawaii by his White grandmother and grandfather and only saw his black father once as a kid, so really he’s about as black as Bill Clinton” — It’s not like we elected Tavis Smiley or Cornell West as the President ….

Here’s the CLIP from Bill Maher discussing whether or not Paula Dean should have lost her job for saying the N Word – as well as posing the other question about blacks losing their jobs; Rappers for example.

You hear the guest mutter about how He isn’t sure; but don’t get him started on Rap — he even mentions he does Not like Gangster Rap; echo’ing his generation, like Mr. Bill Cosby has done – shining a light on an aspect of the black community that not even all black people support – and yet its Part of our community; and is all a remnant of the past – Just as this N-word is.

By ignoring the black community – these issues continue to Plague the black community – and perhaps it takes issues like Paula Dean being so Honest about Racism to get the Rest of this Nation to really sit down and have a Real conversation about it; a conversation most of white America has chosen to avoid – for far too long;

Black people do not “Own” enough establishments to determine if a white person that refers to blacks as N-Words is allowed to earn a paycheck; so it’s not like black people can Force White people to stop; and while whites may want black people to stop as well;

It’d be nice for white people to understand that the black community didn’t create this problem on their own; so expecting blacks to fix it on their own is just not rational at all.

White people own the establishments and can help – but many choose not to be involved.

Because white people, as usual, do not want to police themselves. White people are not interested in correcting any part of their culture.  This is a chance for us, as a Nation to come together and start doing the right things by this issue – Just as whites joined in to Help aid blacks during the civil rights movement. Whites love to cling to this ‘claim’ but that same support is needed today. If it was ever truly support to begin with, which many black people have come to believe, it was not.

Many white people may not ‘feel a responsibility to help’ – and I can understand that; however if they continue to do nothing at all – This Issue will continue to Plague our Nation.

And it Opens up the Door for the Gay Movement and Illegal Immigrants Movement as well.

Much of these debates probably would not be happening if we fixed the Black and White issue first.

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