And We Are Back With Hemp and more SoPoCo

We are Back Too much Controversy may be to blame for the ‘lack’ of active contributions from our Staff here at SoPoCo.

This is one of the issues we face as a ‘society’. People know we should be talking about this stuff, but the people are afraid!

Like, Hemp.

the Hemp Plant discussed at SoPoCo -

We are afraid to actually champion all the awesome benefits of Hemp – all because, most people are using Hemp to get High.

Truth be told, it’s all part of the cover up – and oh, there are so many!

Hopefully you’ll watch and thoroughly Enjoy this Video – it’s educational, and full of things you can go and research ‘on your own’ which is a real key. Don’t ever just take any information at face value. use the internet for what it’s really for. INVESTIGATE – inform yourself and then, inform those in your circle. Set an hour aside, and ZONE IN on what we’ve just shared. See how many people don’t know what the fuck they are talking about when it comes to HEMP – and confront your own ignorance. Then be thankful for this information as it WILL Set you, and so many of your brothers and sisters in society — FREE! Knowledge is Power!

I was watching a different video where an advertisement was playing – got my attention; for a website that eventually WAS selling something but, at least they gave me a lot of information first. It was about, the American Parasite, aka Candida. I’ve been hearing about this more and more lately. I have eczema and a friend was talking to me about how this parasite, ‘might’ be the real cause of it.

After watching this video, which breaks down how big corporate greedy giants (no surprise) have been putting parasites in our food, that cause us all sorts of health issues. Then of course, these same greedy types RUN the health industry, and profit hugely from our sickness.

It’s all a game – including and especially, the Cannabis (hemp) Laws. Clearly it’s a beneficial plant but all of it’s uses would take money out of the hands of big greedy corporate criminals … the same ones who’ve basically been running the show since America got started. Fight the Power.

Yet another controversial topic, that far too many people run from – or simply speak out of Ignorance about; great way for us to return right?

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Stay tuned as there may be more activity on the site soon – We ARE looking for new writers to contribute to content on this site; and also new AREAS are set to appear soon – Thanks again!!

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