twitter is pro-nazi white supremacist platform

Twitter Is A Pro-Nazi White Supremacist Platform

You may have heard of Nazi White supremacist platforms like stormfront and 4chan. Well go ahead and add Twitter to that list as well. Twitter is a pro-nazi white supremacist platform.

twitter is a pro-nazi white supremacist platform
Photo of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter – apparent Nazi Supporter

Our twititer handles, @kingceo_sopoco and @sopoconow were Suspended, because we recommended Punching Nazi’s.  White supremacists on twitter got upset, and flagged our accounts. Because Twitter supports Nazi’s and white supremacists, they suspended our twitter accounts. They will not talk to us about it, because that is how Twitter is.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time it has happened to me. I’ve had business related accounts suspended from Twitter as well. The first time, I was attacked by a ‘troll gang’ of white people who were anti-the industry I was part of. I asked one of them a question about it, and got trolled by over 30 people. They flagged me and Twitter suspended my account.

Over a year ago, the reported on Twitter’s Nazi Problem – and the reality that they do Nothing about them; Making the problem worse –

Quoting them “Yet it’s often the Nazis themselves who benefit from the ability to report harassment on Twitter. Users who publicly challenge Nazis, white supremacists, the alt-right, or their associates find their accounts quickly suspended, silenced by a barrage of harassment reports. Being banned for fighting with Nazis has become such a common occurrence that it’s now a meme.”

That’s what happened to me. I had the nerve to tell Nazi’s that they are Unamerican and do not belong in this nation. I responded to one with “#PunchANazi” – and then this happened.

Twitter responded by quickly suspending my accounts and any account I logged into from this I.P. Address. Why would they do that? Simple. Twitter is a Pro-Nazi White Supremacist Platform. 

There was another White supremacist who jumped in that thread, also reporting me for saying “punch a nazi!” ….

David Galiel is a white moderate nazi white supremacist. You’ll see on his/her page that they are against Trump. It would seem at the surface, that they’re against the things Trump stands for, such as unadulterated racism. But like most white moderates, David is just in search of power for self.  They take up issue with every ‘other issue’ with Trump, and Conservatives, except for racism.  This is the problem with all white moderates. They are not really against racism, nor are they for ‘rights for black people‘. White moderates just want to be in control of the game. Both are just as racist, and pro-white. David Galiel especially, likes to hide behind ‘the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’. They Tout, ‘his stance was non-violence!’  These white moderates always ignore MLK’s talks on white moderates.

That is why David Galiel had a fit when I started talking sense…

After he told me i was wrong to promote punching nazi’s, I went on to ask why America fought a whole War against them. David Galiel did not respond to those questions with answers, because he was snitching on me to twitter. Since Twitter is a Pro-nazi white supremacist platform, they took David Galiel’s side. You’ll see that Twitter told David I was not in violation, but suspended my accounts anyways. Interesting right?

(evidence Below: that i was trolled by David And Cassius dio – whomever that is; This shows that since my account was reported more than one time, by more than one twitter account it aut0-flagged me for violation. Twitter’s support told David Galiel I was not in violation (because I wasn’t), but since additional report(s) came in, I was gone. It’s a flawed flagging system Twitter uses. If there is any ‘human support’ involved, they are all, clearly leaning white supremacist Nazis… Otherwise they’d ban the accounts flagging users who are not in violation. Clearly the ‘violation’ is not being a white supremacist Nazi, since twitter is a pro-nazi white supremacist platform.)

Read their conversations ‘about me’ – here

You can find more tweets that ‘involved’ me and Nazi discussions by going here –  Even though my tweets are no longer showing, it is still Pretty clear which side I’m on.

Meanwhile, obviously Twitter is less concerned with Nazi’s and white supremacists using their technology to spread hate and harm black people. They are perfectly okay with allowing these hate filled terrorists to communicate their ideas with others. Twitter, is NOT okay with people reminding others that this is America.  (then again Americans are only white … apparently) – We ‘supposedly’ are enemies of Nazi’s … at least that is what I thought. Because I took a stance that Nazi’s are not something we should put up with, Twitter suspended my account(s). When white supremacists report your account, the platform takes their side.

Perhaps that is the real reason Trump loves using Twitter so much??!

Trump may have known that Twitter is a Pro-Nazi White supremacist platform all along. It would explain so much about why so much hate is spilled towards black people. Tariq Nasheed, who’s commentary is featured on our site often, is trolled every single day by white nazi supremacists. Every single thing he tweets, you’ll find white people in his mentions harassing him. They abuse other users on twitter, and Twitter does nothing to them.

Instead, Twitter suspends accounts of the people who challenge them. The dailydot article I linked up has several examples of this.

That same article goes on to talk about another person who was ‘targeted’ by Baked Alaska.  He is a known alt-right white supremacist and his ‘troll gang’.  It’s a story of an Antifa Activist who decided to use Twitter to fight nazi’s and hate speech. As is the trend, He was suspended and the Nazi’s are just fine. Read about Daniel Sieradski getting Booted from Twitter for Fighting Nazi’s. Below is a related tweet, and you’ll see Daniel’s account is still suspended.

All of this was in 2017. It’s 2018 and this shit is still happening.

Twitter support sends vague messages which makes you wonder if they even bothered to research why they suspended you. You get the feeling really fast that if they are reading your tweets, they decide to leave you alone if you’re white. If you’re not white, and speaking out against white supremacist views, hate, racism, then your account is as good as gone. Clearly, Twitter is telling us who they are. We just aren’t listening.

Actions always speak louder than words. The articles I’ve already included go into great depth showing Twitters support for Nazis. You see case after case of people who fight nazi’s being punished instead of nazis. The only thing I’m not seeing, are people who’ll just go ahead and draw the conclusions others seemingly do not want to draw.  When twitter cares more about how Nazi’s feel than the people they are harassing and targeting, what does that tell you?

Twitter is a Pro-Nazi White Supremacist Platform.

Nazis and white supremacist find a ‘safe space’ on this social network. Here they can, network and connect with other dangerous white terrorists. They can silence the accounts of opposition. On Twitter they can get connected to other hate groups, and carry out their evil missions. Twitter is running a massive dishonest seo campaign saying the opposite. They’re writing press releases to tell you that they are addressing these hate groups. However the opposite is true.