#ShutUpTariq featuring Coon Some_BlackGuy

Shut Up Tariq Is More White Trolling On Display

Shut Up Tariq is a clear example of more white trolling on display.  We wrote about how White Trolling goes the other day on SoPoCo.  Not suprised by the development I’m going to cover now.  #ShutUpTariq was ‘trending on Twitter’ this weekend. Out of no where, white trolls who are usually upset at the things Tariq shares have lost their minds. They want Tariq to stop talking.

Truth, triggers these evil minions and once again they are rearing all of their ugly heads.

From what I can tell, a black guy is even involved with all of this. Some of it was ‘spurred’ by a post Tariq made about the kinds of people who attend VideoCon.

Here is what He said that set them off:


VideoCon is a convention for video games and the people who love them. This is a community that, by and large is made up of whites and Asians. Sure, lots of black people play video games but, it’s not as popular of a niche. Besides, video games are very expensive. The economic conditions of black people have never created that kind of environment for ‘Gamers’ to thrive.

So, unfortunately a lot of black gamers end up being ‘labeled’ as sell outs, who are unconcerned with their ‘black brethren’. Usually that is the furthest thing from the truth, but it’s always true for a few.  That’s the ‘condition black people are in’ in this land, and it filters out to every single part of this nation.

But this isn’t about black nerds and how they are viewed within the black community.  (That’s a post for another time) There just happened to be a black nerd, hanging out with a lot of white and Asian nerds, who decided to take ‘exception’ to something Tariq wrote.

Their response to that tweet was “Shut Up Tariq!” – and like the robots they are, they followed suit. Many of them even Celebrated being able to ‘get it trending’….

(More about @Some_BlackGuy in a moment ….) – In this photo is also “Sargon of Akkad” – who is mentioned in THIS article about VidCon which talks about racist supremacist trolls within their community. (Backing up Tariq’s initial Claim further)

“Why do we still have to talk about the harassment of women?” Sarkeesian had a career’s worth of examples to choose from, but ended up going with the one literally right in front of her. She answered, “Because I think one of my biggest harassers is sitting in the front row.”

Garbage human (as she aptly branded him) Carl Benjamin–known online as Sargon of Akkad–makes a living posting misogynistic and otherwise hateful videos on YouTube, many of which target Sarkeesian. And he was sitting in the front row of her panel.

Another incident from this weekend included a Hispanic Security Guard who was harassed at VidCon.  The Hispanic Guard talks about his experience and more of that is here as well.

Both of those back up the claim by Tariq.

It’s true, that people of all backgrounds were going to be in attendance at VidCon.  However, it’s totally possible to be black, Asian, or Latino AND a white supremacist.  That is the very issue with white supremacy, and why it’s been able to prevail. People within other communities willingly give in, and work to uphold it.  So as we’ve mentioned on these pages before you’ll find ‘coons‘ in every race.

So the very notion that they took offense to what he said, makes them all look guilty.  It’s sorta like how Donald Trump has been making himself look guilty through his actions over Russia. He won’t show his tax returns which would silence all rumors that he’s in Russia’s pockets. He fires the FBI Director (James Comey) for, investigating Russia.  Nearly everyone in his cabinet had ‘secret meetings’ with Russia. Yet they all deny any collusion with Russia.

Similarly, if these people are not white supremacists why are they behaving like them?  They are literally trolling everything Tariq posts. Which is ironic, because the Black Guy (Proudly taking in his role as the Token Negro of VidCon) seems to be their MVP.   He has been going out of his way, to tell white people he’s a safe negro.  He even made a video with a white video gamer girl saying there is no racism. So what happenes next?

Trolling white supremacists start calling her a Nigger Lover. Because, there is no racism.


Tariq tweeted about the incident, and wouldn’t you believe it. She’s more upset at Tariq for pointing out that there IS racism, than she is at the white people who called her a Nigger Lover. She too, is telling Tariq to shut his black mouth! (we all know that’s what they really wanna say…. or worse!) Tariq talks more about VidCon, and his upcoming movie 1804 [*Update 11/5/17 : Tariq’s YouTube ended up getting pulled down so His commentary on Vidcon17 and the ‘trailer for 1804 – went with it – Inserted updated commentary below]

(*update 11/5/17 continued … White Trolling is cyber KKK lynch mob reality; and I agree with the above commentary. Tariq Nasheed has a right to tell ‘his followers’ whatever he’d like to tell his followers. It’s wrong, juvenile, and ‘VERY white’ of them to think they can Control what Other people say. WE see white people want to have influence over Black NFL Players Kneeling. They’ve purposely turned that into an issue over ‘respect for the flag’, and have ignored that it’s about Police Brutality and Injustice. The same way these ‘white trolls’, and this sell out coon, decided to team up and work ‘against’ Tariq, all because they don’t like what he’s talking about.  White Trolling, disguised as victimhood is a real problem, and must be taken seriously.)

Let’s talk about @Some_BlackGuy for a moment….

He is undoubtedly a Coon. He’s the kind of negro that white people use as an ‘example’ for how the rest of us should be.  They want us to be docile, and silent about our treatment. The term “Some black guy” is literally how white people talk about black folks. Usually, it’s how they describe us in condescending ways to one another.

“Who told you that?”

Answer: “Some Black Guy”

You see, they don’t even bother to learn our actual names. Racism for the most part is all about showing as much disrespect as possible to non-white people.  They ‘gang up’ in groups to do it and so many of their ways stem from that motivation.  This includes, referring to black people as all sorts of ‘names’, other than our birth names.  The fact that a black guy would then, endear himself to that term, speaks volumes for how he views himself, within this prison of white society.

He has decided to just be ‘some black guy’ and not even care if white people know who he actually is.  He is fully embracing his ‘role’ as the Token. This is the kind of black guy that is Dangerous for black people. He’ll endorse any action white people take against blacks. This is a modern day Stephen from Django.

@Some_BlackGuy Certified Coon
A Certified Coon move is hanging out with white supremacists holding pu a KEK flag, at Vidcon — while claiming it isn’t a white supremacist rally. These are the Shut Up Tariq folks.

I once read somewhere that, White culture needs black culture to define itself.

White supremacy isn’t even always about ‘being white’… but more so about being against what ever is black. So it’s hating rap music, because black people rap. The only time they like Rappers, is if those rappers are white. Eminem, Beastie Boys, and these days Post Malone. This happens with most movies, as white audiences tend to avoid black films.  They simply refuse to spend their money to go watch a bunch of black people on the screen.

White supremacy even does this with Sports. Basketball, is dominated by negros and so it’s their least favorite sport.  Most of them love Baseball, and Hockey because of how many players are white. This is also why the NFL is the king of all sports in America. For most teams, the Quarterback is a white guy. Historically we all know just how poorly black QB’s have been treated. None of this is by accident, because it’s all ‘part’ of showing as much disrespect as possible to black people.

So while Tariq says a lot of things that clearly anger white supremacists, this new move shows desperation. They’ve got a black guy saying it’s okay, so they’re fully empowered now. If you actually see the tweets in that hashtag (which I won’t link to from here), you’ll see what I mean.

The same people tweeting Shut Up Tariq, think Philando Castile deserved to die.

Those same people think Bill Cosby really raped 60 women, and that Mike Brown also needed to die. The Shut up Tariq people make sure to stand with the Police every single time they murder an unarmed black person. Generally you’ll even find them defending the likes of Dylan Roof on their twitter and other related pages. Here’s a white guy, who decided this tweet by Tariq went too far. How Dare he not just allow racist white people to make racist ‘jokes’ …. right?


That was a tweet about the White supremacist in Portland who stabbed and killed two white men, defending Muslim girls he was attacking.  Dylan Roof made ‘jokes’ about killing black people. White people around him didn’t take him seriously.   They never do anything about the white people they know, who make racist jokes. Several of those people who make those kinds of jokes eventually take up a gun, and start shooting.

Yet white people tolerate these folks within their ranks.

I’d ask why, but I already know the answer to my own question. Nothing is ‘funny’ about the things white people are saying. I’m not even laughing at this “shut Up Tariq” movement either.  If the things he’s saying on his twitter bother them so much, they should simply block him.  Instead, they are displaying that they feel threatened by the Truth he’s sharing.  Most are calling him a race baiter for bringing up racism. 

Because they want black people to be SILENT about how we are treated.

KEEP Speaking up Tariq!

Meanwhile the rest of us need to surround our brother with protection from these white supremacists, who actually do want him to stop talking. They’re really mad he makes Films that educate and uplift black minds. Tariq is showing black people just how true it is, that white people fear us.  If we’re unwilling to be docile sell outs like “Some Black Guy”, we pose a threat to their dominance. (*update from 9/23/17 – Ciara Miller Takes On White Victimhood Over Service Dog)

*update: 11/5/17 – White supremacy always keeps a ‘few’ negroes around to carry out their wishes. It’s always been that way, that’s why there’s always a few in the films.