white moderates now focus on antifa

White Moderates Vs. Antifa Instead Of White Hate Groups

As usual, white moderates are fucking up progress for America. This has always been the case. It’s easy to forget because whenever white society quotes Martin Luther King, Jr. they go to his I have a dream speech. Clearly, white moderates want to make sure that dream never turns into a reality. That’s probably why they never go to his quotes on the one thing that Keeps his dream from becoming real.  In his Letter from the Birmingham Jail, MLK clearly stated that white moderates are more dangerous to black people than the KKK.

Let’s take a moment to laugh …. since this shit is so serious. Michael Che on “Black Lives Matter”

“For September 11th, gonna get me a t-shirt for white people that says All Buildings Matter” – Michael Che

White moderates are the ones who gave us ‘All Lives Matter’. To them, focusing on issues that happen to black people ‘takes the issue off of others’.  No one is ever concerned that talking about all these other, seemingly unimportant issues takes all of our focus off of the Main one. America’s Original Sin, racism is rooted deep into this nation at every level.  We could actually create a better nation, that takes ‘the Dream’ serious. But, white moderates are actually quite okay with the Positive peace, absent of justice.

Negative peace, is what Antifa is bringing and we can see how white moderates are reacting. Instead of taking out time to focus on the problems with white hate groups, they’re taking on Antifa. Let us return to one of the most heroic voices of our time, Bree Newsome.  Some of these tweets, are legendary – and should be contemplated on deeply.

White Moderates always Look the Other Way


….. Assuming the US Survives 50 years from now.

I have written about The “Fall of America” which does seem inevitable at this current moment in time. As Michael Che pointed out, through humor, we cannot seem to agree on anything these days. We cannot agree that our police are out of hand, have been for quite some time, and they must be punished when they murder.

Over and over, that conversation is shifted to how ‘police murder everyone’. That’s because white people do not want to talk about police murdering blacks.  It’s that white moderate bullshit striking at every level of society, keeping the status, quo.  We really should seriously invest in All Buildings Matter t-shirts.

Even then, perhaps people will find a way to ‘miss the point’.  These tweets from Bree Newsome on White Moderates should probably be made into a “moment” on Twitter.  Along with a few others later she perfectly illustrates how white moderates have been with us, all along. They, like house negroes within each non-white race, who sell out their own people for personal interests are only, interested in themselves.

Life is good for white people in America.

Most won’t admit it when challenged, but the truth is they’re not struggling financially. The ones who are, are – but they are few and far between. All studies on wages show that white men and women earn far more than blacks do.  Even Asian Americans earn more money than whites!  So naturally, you’ll find Asians taking the white moderate stances. Neither of them want anything to interrupt the great lives they are living.

If making life better for others, means any inconvenience to them they are 100% not for it. White moderates are absolutely complicit in ongoing police brutality. That’s entirely what was meant by the “White People are Problematic” article written on here a few weeks ago. In spite of all the dashcam footage we have of civil rights abuses, nothing changes.  Whites aren’t outraged enough, to demand changes.  In fact, too often what we hear is somehow, the black person was at fault.

In spite of evidence that the KKK has infiltrated the Police, and that these hateful racist ideas are poison for us all – white moderates remain silent.  They have a bigger problem with those who protest. They believe Black Lives Matter are as bad as ISIS but do not see the KKK in that light. White moderates think Antifa is wrong to punch nazi’s because apparently, some of the nazis are very fine people.

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