Why All The Katy Perry Outrage Yesterday?

Yesterday, or … Last Night, there was a Tribute to the Beatles – and apparently, some Controversy and Outrage over the way Katy Perry chose to sing one of their famous songs – Yesterday.

Here is Katy’s performance of the famous song –


It’s frontpage on Yahoo – how ‘bad’ of a job she did; because she changed lyrics around … it’s the oddest reason to be outraged I have ever heard of.

The song, was initially sang by Men. Katy changed Man, to Girl….

and while singing the part about the girl leaving; Katy decided to sing about a man leaving ….

and they’re outraged?

What is REALLY going on behind all that outrage? American stupidity on display once again – that’s what.

Apparently the “Twitterverse” went crazy with wild tweets about how bad of a job she did; and how she should never be allowed to sing Beatles songs – and it just is an Ongoing commentary on how the Internet exposes the truth about American society – and oftentimes, the world. Mostly America though.

You see, I’ve been online for a long time; and I can vouch for it, by stating that you will run into some of the VILEST people on earth, while you are browsing and using the internet; Most of them happen to be Americans. It’s sad how WE treat one another ‘behind the screen’ – Twitter is becoming more and more synonymous with how random fans treat celebrities, than anything else. Celebrities are getting more and more Tired of it too – Check out Samuel Jackson going HAM on a local los angeles Entertainment Reporter, for CONFUSING him with Lawrence Fishburne – take notice on how he compares the Reporter, to “the people on Twitter” …


More Comments on Famous Black People Who Look Alike To White People  – but, back to this ‘outrage’ over Katy Perry’s rendition of Yesterday.

I’m so far removed from ‘the matrix’ that I did not even know there was  Beatles Tribute going on. I won’t pretend to be much of a Beatles fan either; although I have heard some songs from them that I really like – and I can understand why they made as big of a splash in the world of Music as they did; inspiring so many of today’s musicians in literally all musical genres. I still remember when Jay Z released the Gray Album – which was his Black Album ‘remixed’ using beats from the Beatles’ White Album – just another example of them influencing several genre’s.

That being said, I don’t think she did that bad of a job.

To me, it would only make sense to switch the lyrics around. If she didn’t change the words, she’d be calling herself a Man and would be singing about a Homosexual relationship — Ohhh …. there you go! No wonder – The outrage! Afterall, as Theo Vaughn Points out for Yahoo’s News – She DID kiss a girl and like it – why NOT sing about being in a homosexual relationship too right?  I mean these days, every opportunity to make a statement about homosexuality MUST be made – Right?

I mean, I JUST heard about the guy coming out of College, who came out of the closet; and apparently he came out to his team mates last year; and so NOW the discussion is on whether or not the NFL Is ‘ready’ for a Openly Gay Player – it’s almost like the conversation continues to be FORCED — and it’s really not occurring ‘naturally ‘ – which I’ve always felt causes it’s own problems – because more and more Heterosexuals are feeling the need to Declare their Heterosexuality; while Several who don’t agree with the views of people promoting this lifestyle, are feeling more and more like their Rights to Speak about it, are being trampled on.

ahhh … there goes the media again.

We have to unplug people – somehow – from their addiction to treating the mainstream media as if they are actually credible anymore. meanwhile, We have to deal with Twitter, and be more OPEN about what it says about us; because when People can be anonymous, as they are in the Yahoo Comment Sections, YouTube Comment Sections, and Twitter – people say what they are “REALLY” Thinking; and it’s often VERY UGLY!

Why are such UGLY Thoughts manifesting in the minds of one another?

I guess this is all part of why the Gay Agenda is pushing so hard to make homosexuality ‘normal’ – because gays are sick and tired of being the Butt of Jokes – no pun intended there – seriously;  I do think there is a fine line between joking, and hate however – and that our ability to discern when someone is joking, vs when they actually hate us – is not nearly at a level where it should be.

These are serious topics that require ongoing discussion, and growth – it’s ok if we have flaws; but it’s not ok to ignore them, and not work on improvement – and yet the kinds of discussions we need to have require more than 140 characters; it also requires us to be Willing to listen to what other people are saying; and not be so quick to talk. In fact, perhaps more importantly – is the realization that not all Opinions are worthy of ‘serious consideration’ and several people hold (and openly share) those kinds of Unimportant Opinions.

The people who are outraged over Katy Perry, should find more ‘serious’ things to be out raged about – This …. is not one of them.

katy perry

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