White Supremacists Love Trump

White Supremacists Fox News Producers Called Out

We all know that Fox News has been totally pushing white supremacists agenda. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the Fox and Friends crew all lean towards pleasing the white supremacist base. They’re all violently against anyone black being in power, support the police 100% of the time, and feel black lives matter are terrorists. They only allow black people around them in subservient roles. Even the position Ben Carson was given is a powerless position, and he often takes a powerless tone when speaking. He plays his token role perfectly, to ensure that he and his wife are living well, while the rest of black America prepares for the wrath of  Jeff Sessions…. (more on that in a second)

Let’s deal with Fox News Producers who got called out by Bob Beckel. While discussing the decision by the Trump administration to bomb Syria, and whether or not a regime change is coming, Beckel decided to ‘not let it go’ … Good for you Bob. Good for you.


He’s referring to ‘the latest’ from Sean Spicer. He lied about Hitler using chemical weapons on his own people, and referred to death camps as Holocaust Centers.  However, Greg Gutfeld couldn’t ‘let that go’ either. One of the tactics we continue to see from white supremacists, is they get each other’s back!  We just saw that Bill O’Reilly got the support of Trump the other day. We saw how the President refused to address the hate crimes taking place against the Jewish community (telling the Jewish reporter to sit down!)

Be Humble. Sit Down. Yea, this is pretty much how this administration has been talking to people. Gutfeld jumped in, to say that Spicer ‘just made a mistake’, I hope you caught that. I hope that part goes viral because, this was not the first time Spicer and this white house has been disrespectful to the Jewish community.  Just wrote about that. There was the statement the white house issued that omitted Jewish people. Then we shared the clip of Sean Spicer saying ‘it was just a mistake’.

The tactics white supremacists use are pretty blatant.

The problem though, of course, is the media ‘as we know it’ – just doesn’t go there. That’s one of the main reasons that New media is threatening the status quo, aka Old Media.

Fox News, is old media, where the producers purposely choose not to discuss when ‘their man’ drops the ball. Clearly though, just to make sure the failure isn’t discussed over their airwaves, Gutfeld was given a mission, or had a producer in his hear telling him to jump in and save the day!

We all know, that this save will keep most of the people tuned into Fox news from seriously thinking it was anything other than a mistake. Bob Beckle may have just risked his job, because you can’t have that kinda insurrection at Fox! It’s okay to sexually harass your co-workers, but you better not correct the producers, on air!

Peep this video out though …


Ironically, from that same show, Gutfeld was arguing ‘against’ silencing ‘free speech’. He says, in his lil speech here, ‘why shout her down if her words are baseless? The fear of her facts, speaks volumes. But the goal here isn’t to challenge the speaker but but to prevent any speaking at all (as he would know). Debate is secondary to Silence!’ Activists called her anti-black, capitalist, imperialist and fascists all to camouflage their lack of depth”

…..Yet he does these very same things to Bob Beckle, trying to ‘silence’ what he was saying?

Gutfeld absolutely does not want anyone talking about how this administration is habitually showing disrespect, to the Jewish community. He jumped in immediately to cut Beckle off, before he went too far.

But that’s Fox News. They’re disrespectful toward all non-white communities. They cater to ‘their base’.

America first … and all that jazz. Which, we all know is ‘code’ for white supremacists first. We’ll know where race relations stand in our nation, when people stop being interested in racist outlets like Fox news, and even worse outlets, like Brietbart. The racial climate will be improving when memberships to forums filled with kkk and white supremacists are no longer popular, because the truth is they’re vast.  Vast enough to where big networks continue to cater to their interests. (i.e. the ongoing Confederate Flag Discussions, where their ‘legacy’ is defended.)