staying tuned in is the only way to stop pure evil

Tuned In. To Those Who Stay Watchful

Shout outs to everyone staying ‘Tuned In to Politics’ – I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea; I’ve known that for years though. That’s also exactly why we end up with the people in office that we end up with. So many people, are and really always have been pretty Unplugged when it comes to all things political. It’s overwhelming though. It’s so much going on, so much to keep up with, and so I get it. I’ve never looked down on people who aren’t ‘into’ politics. I just figure, that’s a sign that their ‘game’ is going the way they planned it. It’s overwhelming for that very reason. They want to make it difficult, boring, confusing, and often, upsetting.

I caught part of President Obama’s last press conference today and he mentioned that the difficulty of our Voting process is linked directly to the history of this country, and it’s desire to keep non-land owning white men from having a say so in how the country is run. So, that hasn’t changed. There are just ‘more’ people involved in the process than there used to be. The Goal never changed. The more that can be done to discourage non-whites from caring, from paying attention, from voting, from economically contributing, is all ‘part’ of accomplishing the ultimate goal.

So, shout outs to everyone who knows where the stream is flowing, and swims against that stream anyway. Shout outs to those who stay involved because you inspire the rest of us. You are quite possibly the only ones keeping pure evil from carrying out all their wishes. Because you are tuned in!

That’s truly how I see it. If you’re a white male and actually believe everything on this earth belongs to the white race, that is pure evil. That is the belief system of the ‘founding fathers’ we hear so much about, from the alt-right. We now, have all the proof in the world that they are who we thought they were too. Pure evil.

staying tuned in is the only way to stop pure evil

There is no nice way to say it.

However, because of the sacrifices of Martin Luther King, Jr. who’s life we celebrated this past week, and so many others who were part of the Civil Rights Movement, more than ‘just white men’ can participate in this ‘nations’ system of government.

That does not mean they’ve made it easy.

So, props and shout outs and kudos to those who go over, under and around all the obstacles. Hopefully more of us will come to your aide. Hopefully more of us will get tuned in. Lots of progress happened in this evil nation in a short amount of time, but we must stay watchful. Now is not the time to take our eyes off of all the work that is yet to be done. Evil mutates like the virus that it is and changes its form. We must remain tuned in, and help those who are working to keep evil at bay!

Seeking to build a world where we love, and take care of one another is the kind of world I’d love to be part of. Pure evil feels that only some people deserve to be loved and taken care of. Shout outs to those who stay tuned in, who work to keep this world from being what pure evil wants it to be.

You give the world hope.

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