When White People Stopped Liking Barack Obama

To me this was the moment when white people stopped being a fan of Barack Obama. When he stepped to a podium at a press conference to speak on what happened to Professor Henry Louis Gates.  President Barack Obama was addressing issues that America has had with race and he was criticized for it, to the point where he had to issue an apology for his statements. He had to apologize for speaking the truth. Yet, black people around social media are openly criticizing President Obama for not doing enough FOR black people. Ironically, a lot of the arguments I hear seem to me, to come from how white people feel about him.

White people didn’t like this.

They wanted President Obama to just come in, and be the first black president but never speak on race related issues. They got upset that he would dare call the police stupid. Insulting police officers is highly offensive to white people. Look at how many of them hate Beyonce to this day for her superbowl performance. Look at how the black lives matter movement has been treated by white people.

All lives matter exists, only because black people had the nerve to speak out about how police get away with murder.

So when Barack Obama started to talk about these issues early into his presidency, white people stopped liking him. In so many ways, it was white people liking Obama that got him elected in the first place. I argued that he had no chance of beating out Hilary, a white woman. I told my friend who was heavy into politics that there is no way a black man beats a white woman.

He did. Because white people liked him. Blacks voted for him in larger numbers than most of us had before. If we are going to be real about why that happened though, it’s because white people already signed off on him. They approved him, until they didn’t.

White people stopped liking Barack Obama when he began speaking about Race Relations in America. Had to issue an apology – “I could have calibrated those words differently. I continue to believe there was an overreaction in taking Professor Gates to the station (with the obligatory) but it also sounds like Professor Gates overreacted as well.”  – Then he went on to continue to speak on the ‘fact’ that race-police relations are a problem in America.

“African Americans are sensitive to these issues.” – President Barack Obama

This is the speech that gave us the “Teachable Moment” quote. White people gave him a hard time for that as well. They said things like how dare he think he can teach US anything.

I almost want to venture and say that Tavis and Cornell fell out with Obama around the same time as these remarks on police acting stupidly. They couldn’t arrest the professor for breaking into his own house, so they came up with another charge – acting disorderly.

That is an example of what the Obama Administrations Department of Justice would reveal on their reports of the Baltimore and Ferguson Police Departments. They exposed a pattern of extorting black people in poverty stricken communities.  BOTH reports, show that police often over charge black people who often cannot afford good lawyers. Several people employed by police departments around the nation are essentially living off the backs of black people.  (Sound familiar? Because it is….)

White people stopped liking Barack Obama because he pointed this out. What Other President has done that?

His administration pointed this out.

Listen to what he said about black lives matter. (updated 4/11/17 – presser from July 7, 2016)


Regardless of what you may feel about ‘black lives matter‘, the official organization and all it’s chapters around the nation, they are bringing attention to a real issue.  We can solve issues when we know what the issues are.  While people argue about who funds these ‘movements’ and how their websites don’t really seem to address all of the issues, at least the issues are addressed. That being said, he speaks out ‘against’ attacking police IN this presser.

White people didn’t hear any of that though.

They just heard him have the nerve to compare them to the abolition movement. Which suggest a form of slavery is still around; and white people Hate hearing any black person talk about slavery! (get over it! that was 300 years ago! Look at the Jews and the Asians! They were oppressed too! what’s wrong with you black people? why can’t you pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps that you don’t own????) – Don’t you go telling them that the police are stealing our bootstraps from us. That’s not the narrative they want to hear!

I’m going to use Fox News to show you how white people stopped liking Barack Obama; so much of what people who already didn’t like him had to say, spill over into the viewpoints of those who ‘claim’ they voted for him. How quick to abandon the ship!

In spite of me showing you Barack Obama speaking against any violence towards police – white people decided that he endorsed violence towards police.  They decided the lone shooters are spokespersons for all of black lives matter.

Because they have to justify their narrative.

The way that they’ve treated black people has to be justified so all of them can feel better about themselves. Meanwhile, black people get caught up in that and form opinions and points of view ‘based on how white people feel’. Several black people are against black lives matter. They hate President Obama and are the loudest ones to say he hasn’t done anything (or enough) for black people.   They will tell you about all the rich people he’s friends with, and how he’s responsible for how bad race relations are. These same black people go to work every day at a white owned company. They’re basically just trying to make sure they have a house and don’t have to hit the fields.

As for me, I’m proud that we had a president who appointed people to address real issues that this nation has. They didn’t tackle all of them in 8 short years. They’ve had 100’s of years to put their plans into place. He only had 8 to try and undo the damage their plans had already done. I’ll be giving him all the credit I can, for all that he did, while he could.

Thank you, President Barack Obama.

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