Trump Presser proves He Will Be Nothing Like George W. Bush

Today’s Trump Presser gave us a preview of the next 4 years. See… Bush… or W. or Gangsta Bush as I always call him.. grew up around politics so he at least knew how to ‘act’ when it came time to play the ‘role’ of the President. This new ‘direction’ the country voted for, by either Directly casting a Vote for President Piss On me (now we know why he’s orange) – to all you 3rd party Voters who swore Hillary would be just as bad, is certainly going to be interesting because … we can already see, he’s NOT going to act the role. At all.
Who knows what trouble he’s about to get the USA into.
For all ‘my people’ who felt like their votes would not matter; when we look at how ‘small the margin’ of victory was, it’s pretty obvious what happened. All the racist white people, including the ones in the closet came out in droves, stuck together and nominated this #MAGA guy; b/c they have a fantasy of the past, and how great it was when the white race was on Top and in charge of everything … and they brought all their Token Negros (aka Coons) along, who are afraid that living outside of Massa’s Plantation is dangerous; and the fear of leaving the plantation is still in their DNA – and all similar types found in other cultures who have faced similar struggles in a society that USED to openly Practice Pure Evil; but now only Does it ‘on the sly’ ….
Flint Michigan, is pure Evil.
The way Police Police, is pure Evil, for the most part.
So much of what goes on in war, Is Pure Evil.
So much Pure Evil goes Unreported by News outlets run by people who benefit – because they are Pure Evil Too. But we’ve heard about the Epipen, and Raising Insurance Rates, rising costs of medicine, etc… Evil.
We go Soft on the past – and refuse to call it what it was.
The people who Felt it was Okay to OWN other human beings; were Pure Evil. They were Servants of the Devil; Let’s stop sugar coating it b/c what has that gotten us? When pure evil is laid out in plain sight, like what we saw at the Trump Presser today, and all the things we continue to see them do, we are allowing it all.
Yes, unfortunately SOME of y’all are actually Spawn of the Devil’s Servants; this is the fact that some of you have to live with; and “hopefully” You are working to Undo the wrong your ancestors did b/c It’s YOU who ends up having to deal with their mess…..I mean, isn’t that what’s going on today?
All this racism mess, is a direct result of Evil – it’s the mess they made, and left behind, and plenty of you sit around pointing fingers at who’s JOB it is to clean it up; while the mess festers, gets more more rotten; it’s swept under rugs; but molds the rugs; and the smell creeps through; and it’s stench remains with us ….
Till the spawn of evil does more to clean it up; right now, almost all of them are GOP members – who ‘thought’ voting for a Twitter Troll would Make the Nation ‘Great’ — because THEIR VIEW Of Great = All White.
I continue to Pat myself on the back for Eliminating nearly 100% of “Trump Supporters” from my Facebook; b/c as I look around at others who did not, all I see is them getting ATTACKED by evil racist pigs; whenever they post a news story on “THEIR page” — I even saw a lady tell a TROLL IN her comments, that HE is the reason she isn’t on Facebook anymore; and I thought, how sad. I even jumped in and said ‘don’t let this racist pig run you off Facebook; unfriend them’ — All you folks who continue to tell Us we should EMBRACE Evil people are WRONG …. Screw how you feel about it.
We are either going to Stand and FIGHT Evil; OR Let Evil into our homes; but that CHOICE is always ours to make; (I am getting to the Trump presser…)
…. and so in a ’round about way’ – for MY people (because again that’s who I’m really speaking to right now) – who feel that ‘voting’ is really about choosing between Slave Masters; I’ll grant you that!

Rock and a hard place …

But, until the decedents of Pure Evil are willing to do something about the situation we are in, it leave ‘us’ to have to do something about the situation that we are in. SO ‘our choice’ in this situation we are in, is to either make things easier for us or harder for us. Interestingly enough, we have influenced many of those descendants of evil, over centuries to do things, more and more. Many people have their opinions on the non-violent movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. However it’s tough to argue that his methods did not touch people in such a way, to where they could not agree with their parents or grandparents. He really did force others to be ‘ashamed’ of how this society treated those who were not white.
His methods along with thousands of other black men and women, helped move this nation to a better place. Many will look back at the 8 years of Obama’s time in office and all that he’s laid in place as great for this nation too. If, this joker of a president this nation has put in office doesn’t wreck all those plans, as he’s stated he wants to do.
As his supporters have wanted to do, for all 8 of these years….
As their representatives in Congress have stated they’ve wanted to do, for all 8 years.
At this Trump Presser, it was made clear today …  he and all ‘their kind’ just want destruction.

So, the result is – they came together and voted to put someone in office who, will do what they want… which, we’ve seen over several years, isn’t good. Pure Evil will be Unleashed! Starting with today’s Trump Presser.

As NPR pointed out early in their annotations, after Trump claimed to hold pressers daily, he stopped ‘because’ of fake news. BUT today, he just had to hold a presser because of how unprofessional news outlets have been, with their fake news. Then, he goes on to say absolutely nothing. Lies about his involvement with companies keeping jobs in the US.  He is just warming up – and while George W. Bush told some great lies during his run, it’s nothing like what we’re about to witness from Mob-Boss Trump.
Out the gate he wants “Obamacare” which is actually called the Affordable Care Act, to be replaced. They’ve had no plan for 8 years, and have no plan now. They want it gone though. Many have already pointed out why. They want things back the way they were before where you had to pay for life. They want those insurance companies making big money, they want big pharma to make big money. These are the same people who owned slaves, beat and raped human beings. They are the same people who called those acts, a way of life. These are the same people who get outraged over 4 black kids beating on a disabled white kid, but have a problem with Meryl Streep saying it’s not cool to attack disabled people. These same people are silent about the white football player who sexually assaulted a disabled teen, and got no jail time.

We’re dealing with pure evil, and we have to stop playing so nice with it.

Below are some incredible quotes from today’s Trump Presser.

We talk about the hacking. And hacking’s bad. And it shouldn’t be done. But look at the things that were hacked. Look at what was learned from that hacking. That Hillary Clinton got the questions to the debate and didn’t report it? That’s a horrible thing. That’s a horrible thing. Can you imagine that if Donald Trump got the questions to the debate?

Did this mother fucker really just, JUSTIFY Hacking???

I tell this to people all the time. I was in Russia, years ago, with the Miss Universe contest, which did very well. Moscow, the Moscow area. Did very, very well. And I told many people, “Be careful. Because you don’t wanna see yourself on television.” Cameras all over the place. And again, not just Russia. All over. Does anyone really believe that story? I’m also very much of a germaphobe, by the way. Believe me.
Did this Mother fucker Really JUST Try to LIE about the video, that we ALL Know is coming … because after all, he went 150+ days with NO press conference but RUSHED To do one today; and I promise you, he could not wait to tell us he’s ‘very much a germaphobe’ … that was the whole goal of this Trump Presser today.

I understand. They don’t want presidents getting tangled up in minutia. They want a president to run the country. So I could actually run my business. I could actually run my business and run government at the same time. I don’t like the way that looks, but I would be able to do that if I wanted to.

I would be the only one who will be able to do that. You can’t do that in any other capacity. But as a president, I could run the Trump Organization — great, great company — and I could run the country. I’d do a very good job. But I don’t want to do that.

WoW …  this Trump Presser has literally blown my mind …

 What a Narcissistic thing to say ‘about himself’ … and did he really have a Paid Person Come and make a statement about his ‘business’ AFTER stating that “He could run his businesses (The Trump corporation, a great corporation) AND the nation at the same time if he wanted to, but … he just doesn’t want to do that.” …
Did his statement lady-person really say, ‘the conflict of interest statement is not applicable to the President’ ….?
That’s who you voted for?
Racism, makes you stupid.
Evil plans were laid out before us all today. Most of the ‘mainstream media’ and others in society will continue to speak nicely about who these people are. This refusal to call a spade a spade will be costly to us all.
Because, racism makes you stupid. It has repercussions.