Trump Rumors in his first 60 days

Trump Rumors From First 60 Days Foreshadow What’s Coming

We don’t have to sit around wondering what a Trump Presidency would look like. These first 60 days have been full of Trump Rumors, Mishaps, False News stories, attacks on Real news stories and not much progress at all. Then out of no where, we launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria which only added to the bizarre, and set us up for what’s to come. In any good story, it’s known as foreshadowing. It can be a tool used to let us know something good, or bad is on it’s way.

Not ironically at all, in spite of all the Trump rumors of pure chaos in his cabinet, he made several silly tweets during his first 60 days.

The biggest of all Trump Rumors is that he colluded with Russia to win the election. This is a major charge, and if it’s true really could mean we have an illegitimate President. Rather than allow investigations to take place smoothly, there seems to be ongoing ‘distractions’ from the President and his staff. This ‘idea’ that Susan Rice, and the Obama administration were spying on him is what he’d like ‘the media’ to focus on?

That’s so odd, that the President is telling the media what stories to cover.

He’s clearly saying, ‘don’t look into Russia, look into Obama instead!’

That isn’t the first time this administration has flat out told the media to look elsewhere. The entire ‘Black Women At Work’ conversation came about, all because of how Sean Spicer has been speaking down to April Ryan. While asking about the Russian Investigation (that suddenly was cancelled), Spicer literally told April Ryan how to do her job. Never mind how condescending that was, it was pretty inaccurate, to tell a reporter not to ask questions, when that’s her job.

Oh but there is so much more.

During his first 60 days, he’s broken so many promises to his voters. After spending months campaigning and creating Executive orders to keep Syrian refugees from coming here (because they are terrorists), he bombs Syria, for bombing Syria??

Reaction from supporters ‘jumping off the Trump Wagon’ captured by this Twitter Account; are nothing short of hilarious!

Another account on Twitter, seeking to Impeach Trump helped a lot of us out by putting 12 of these damning tweets together. None of this makes the Trump rumors about ties to Russia go away!

These are actual tweets, none photo-shopped. For example (just to back it up further)

(Also, there are rumors circulating that Trump (or his staff) are deleting his Syria Tweets from 2012-2013.)

It’s a bad, inconsistent look at a presidency that continues to get worse, day by day.

But here’s the biggest problem. After reports that planes took off from the base bombed in Syria, it seems like the ‘strong move’ made to teach Assad a lesson, was all for show. People are starting to ask, loudly, if this is just more of a “hey stop looking into Russia” stuff.  Instead, it’s looking as if he did it, just to make it ‘seem’ like he’s not Russia’s puppet. Rather than quieting those rumors, he may have stoked those fires further.

Ironically, while Assad has been gassing his people for years, during Obama’s presidency, Trump was against this very action that HE took.  That is why so many of his voters are upset with his decision. It’s been a ‘political stance’ that so many of them have taken on this topic. This is a move that Hillary Clinton talked about, and it’s what Obama would have done too.

So with all of the crazy Trump rumors with Russia, discord in his cabinet, Steve Bannon being removed from the NSC, and people calling for Jared Kushner to be removed from everything he’s involved with – can we truly take 4 years of this?  Just last week, Michael Flynn was asking for immunity to testify. Rumors began to circulate that Donald Trump was considering resignation. Now, after dropping bombs on Syria, it looks like he may be taking us into a war.

Again, foreshadowing matters. All good stories have them … so it helps to pay attention to the signs, so that nothing surprises you along the way.

Have we allowed our differences, and our divisions along the lines of race to keep us from seeing the big picture? We may have allowed a group of thugs to come into power, who are now guiding the country into a fight, none of us really want to have.  We don’t see how being divided over how police ‘protect and serve’ communities of color, leads us to voting for politicians, like Jeff Sessions who want to ignore Black Lives Matter.

Bill Maher, accurately describes the Administration as a “Swarm of Bees” with so much shit going on. While all these Trump Rumors of Russia are happening, Jeff Sessions is saying ‘fuck you’ to black lives.  Bill Maher discusses the move with Jelani Cobb on HBO. (aired April 7th, 2017) *The Interview with Jelani Cobb keeps getting pulled down. Click here to listen To the Podcast from the show; His interview is after the Opening monologue – Here’s Adam Carolla talking ‘about’ that interview – for now. I’m not a huge fan of Adam Carolla – who tends to push white supremacist bullshit masked as ‘jokes’ often – and he does that here as well; but still shares some clips*

These comments from Adam Carolla are timely though.  IT’s the same kind of ‘denial of racism’ that racist whites engage in all the time. For example, as is pointed out IN This very interview that keeps getting pulled down (may have to actually record it myself for you all) – Jeff Sessions does not believe in Systemic Racism.

In spite of all the video evidence we have seen from Police killing unarmed citizens, lying on reports, and having their fellow police endorse those lies, he still doesn’t see it? Right. He’s well aware of what is going on, and obviously has no problem with police killing black people.

Again, the problem is not just that Jeff feels this way, it’s that several white people support this kind of mentality. Whites are supporting Confederate flag ‘legacy’ narratives, and arguing over who the first Americans were. All of this division, allows for ‘world powers’ to organize themselves against the interest of ‘the people’.

That’s the bigger, larger picture we fail to see, while fighting over little shit.

Update: May  9, 2017 – Trump Fires James Comey While Russian Investigation Underway