Donald Trump Considers Resignation Rumors are flying

Donald Trump Considering Resignation Rumors Now in Circulation

Is Donald Trump Considering resignation or are these just rumors?  This is an op ed so as you get into this, don’t start saying that we’re floating any fake news over here. The entire story of Donald Trump Considering Resignation is starting to swirl because of all the bizarre events that continue to unfold!

With the latest being former Trump administration member, Michael Flynn agreeing to testify so long as he gets immunity. That raises so many flags.

These tweets started to bleed into people saying that they have ‘heard’ Donald Trump is considering resigning, to people who are flat out saying Trump is considering it.

Several are saying this could just be more Fake News! (totally possible as I’ve never heard of the Palmer Report before.)

However, according to another tweet, Bill Palmer predicted that Michael Flynn would ‘flip’ on the administration…

So I had to go do some digging and look into whether or not this is really happening. As of now I cannot find any definitive leaks.  (Fake news from Real Leaks at the introductory Trump Presser.)  I can’t say for sure, that I know the ‘white house staffers’ who are being credited with these leaks, actually leaded this information.

I did found an amazing article (on which is tallying up all that has unfolded so far though! This ongoing timeline of events and predictions was put together last week, and several of the predictions for this week came true! A prediction is made for how the rest of 2017 is going to go. It even includes a ‘date’ of when we can actually expect Trump Will Resign.

This story is wild.

The crazy art is that it’s almost believable because the first 3 months have been nothing short of ridiculous.  According to that article, we can expect a full blown fake alien invasion conspiracy by the time it’s all over. He doesn’t see Trump making it to the end of the year. If things continue to get crazy, I’m not so sure either!

Are the rumors of Donald Trump considering resignation true or not? We can’t say definitively here. What we can say is that a lot of people have been hoping he would since the day he set foot in the Oval Office to meet with Obama.  Others, ever since the votes came, that night in November. (White Surprise over The Rise of Trump)

*Today, May 9th 2017 … making matters worse for himself, Donald Trump Fires James Comey while the Russia Investigation is underway.