The Mind Of KingC We Can Do Better – Guns, Abuse, and Charles Ramsay

When it first happened I knew he was going to go Viral – I told you all this was coming…. literally

Saw this hilarious clip on my facebook – Mike Epps doing his impression of Charles Ramsay.

He was so real and so candid in his interview that you knew autotuned remixes, memes, and Spoofs like this one, were coming; but then we Heard even more; The 911 Call, perhaps one of the realest calls ever – which has unveiled one of the wildest stories ever; while exposing just how bad the police department is in Cleveland – reminding us They could do better, throughout our entire nation.

The Full 911 Call can be heard here – and clearly you can tell that he wanted them to know he Just Came From McDonalds – so don’t look at him like he had anything to do with anything, and it’s a damn shame he felt that way; because it’s shit like that which Keeps Most People From Performing Heroic Deeds –

Now I know it’s custom and even … Politically Correct, to give props and adulation to  the Police. This is especially the case following that fateful day in September, 2001 – saying anything negative about the police is frowned upon in our society. However, I happen to feel like we have a society that spends far too much time Bitching and whining about what others can and cannot say; and not enough time Thinking about what’s Being said – if the Police Can Do Better, how exactly is that Negative?

The people, …. so hung up in fighting over the talking points they hear on their favorite newscast …

Speaking of newscasts, wow … seems like I probably WAS wrong about the Castro Brothers – and it’s all the fault of the news and how they covered it; yet another in a recent string of FLUBS by the national news, rushing to beat the other station by Reporting “it” before the others do and so often, they get “it” all wrong – Now the Castro Brothers are getting death threats, because of how the story was reported. Lots of people, felt like perhaps they were in on it too…. “Brother or No Brother, I would’ve turned him in” – Pedro Castro

That’s some Real Talk right there; Which is what brings me back, to Mr. Charles Ramsay – his 15 minutes has turned into a week; The truth is – what he did exemplifies the very meaning of a Hero; it’s not always who we expect – it may not be someone perfect – and hey I don’t really care if you believe what I believe; but from my experiences, God uses who He chooses to use – and no, sorry atheist people God cannot save every single person on earth; I’ve come to believe that He actually allows things to go on, so that we all can work towards becoming our “Better Selves” – because when we really Look at our society right now….. WE can all Do Better.

We have Not Arrived.

We have So much further to Go and we’ve been doing a lot of Sitting On our Asses lately.

We’ve been feeling a lil “Left Out” of the game as if there isn’t really anything for us to do; It’s bullshit really – there’s so much MORE each of us can do on a day to day basis; and each of us, are simply Not doing it.  “It” … being, the little things.

Being kinder to one another.

Being thoughtful, of not just ourselves and what we want – but also what others want; We might really wanna consider creating a world that leans more towards love and loving; and less … towards violence.

Our Society is pretty violent; and that’s one major thing I absolutely agreed with, when our current President, Barrack Obama said in his speech following the horrible events of Newtown, that we as a nation Can do Better. (here’s a reminder … please take a moment and listen.)

We all know what Better is…. somehow this speech sparked off a serious Gun Debate in our Nation; but really I’m not so sure that was the Presidents aim with this Speech; He was talking about … us.

He was talking about you and I – to be honest I know that when he says things like ‘an effort to prevent more tragedies like this’ – the firs thing MOST people thought was, “he’s coming for our guns!” — and then that became the talking points; I’d love to back us UP a bit, so that we can really get to the Old Theory, that people kill people; not guns.

It’s actually true.

It’s silly…… but it’s true.

The people are actually the ones who need the help. Somehow the story got burried – that the Shooters all have mental problems and perhaps MORE help could have prevented these tragedies; Instead the conversation is about taking Guns off the Street. People with mental challenges will find a way to do harm to themselves, or others around them. Rather than talking points to divert funding towards better facilities and help for those in need; we’re all fighting over guns – If the people were not so Violent, perhaps no one would feel a need for a gun? Why not address the overall issue(s) that causes people to desire a gun?

Well, it’s all the reasons our President laid out … we start saying it’s too hard, the solutions are too many –

WE need to do better. WE need to do more with our time. WE need to do more to make our world a Better Place. What is our PURPOSE?

That’s really what Mr. President was saying, before everyone put their Political SPIN On things; I think this was one of those rare moments when Pre-President Obama emerged again; free to speak from his heart and his mind; rather than the mind and heart of others. That’s all I’ll say about that – for now.

Thanks for joining me on a Monday.